So the sinking feeling I had in my stomach when I saw 300 new emails was right – the spaminators found their way back to my site.  Comments are again disabled unless you log in, which is problematic in and of itself.  If anyone CAN comment here, please let me know, by, uh, commenting here.  For now, enjoy sheer cuteness (and get this song stuck in your head all day):

PS. Cat – the jalapeno bacon was just store brand at our local grocery. I’m pretty sure it’s just law in Texas you have to have a jalapeno flavor of everything. Seriously, that was the best bacon evar. 😉

EDIT: Ok, think I tweaked the setting so new users can be added. Thanks for the tip, Cat. 🙂

EDIT2: Not so much. Will play around with it when I can. Argh. Spambots need to go to a special place in hell. It wasn’t even as interesting as last time. It was 300 messages about viagra. Not even creative!!!