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Day 4, 7 Days To Vegas

Holy freaking cow.  One week.  I get on the plane in ONE WEEK.  I’m feeling good about how everything is coming along, but sheesh.  That’s very very soon.  Here’s a short update on everything.

Project: Unfluffy Bride

So yesterday I wrote I gained all the weight back that I was so happy to lose weighing in Tuesday.  I thought about it and realized there were two things I did differently between the two days.  First of all, I gave myself the day off working out on Monday.  Second, I had food pretty late.  Yesterday I decided to do both of those again (sorta).  I ate dinner by 8 and only had a hershey kiss after.  I also didn’t do any traditional workout, Zliten and I just went to practice our West Coast Swing for an hour.

So the verdict?  I woke up today at 153.8 lbs.  So no more working out ever again, because that’s the way I lose weight, right?  Well, in my case, maybe.  I thought back on this year, and the “rest periods” I’ve given myself from regular workouts have been approximately 3-4 days in February when I was sick and 2 long weekend vacations where I was walking 3-7 miles per day anyway (both Vegas and New Orleans).  I think I’ve earned myself a little siesta week or 2.  I think it may possibly been why we have fought so hard on this weight loss thing.  I’m getting plenty of sleep, but maybe not enough rest.

While there is still that little voice in my head saying “if you stop pushing hard you’ll never be able to get it back” it’s only a whisper.  I know I can train up to doing anything as hard as I need to.  I worked up to a half marathon and was scared I could never run fast again (my 5ks were barely under 30 mins pushing as hard as I can).  Now I’m at 26-ish 5ks, and worried that I’ll never be able to run more than 6 miles again, heh.  My little goldfish brain always fails to remember that it takes a while to train my body certain ways, and that I can beat any goal for which I properly train and give myself adequate time.

Anyhoo, I did weights this morning and am probably going to do some moderate cardio this evening, either some DDR or go for an easy run if I’m so inclined after work.  But I may not.  It feels good to give myself that freedom this week.

Wedding Stuff:

I said yesterday that working with this wedding coordinator is like working with a plank with a nail in it.  She has been the most frustrating, obtuse, and perhaps un-people-friendly person to deal with.  She sent emails to Zliten and then started berating me over my email about not answering her questions.  I was polite through the whole thing although I had NO IDEA what she was talking about, and then once we figured it out we explained to her that she had been sending emails to just him and I don’t see those, and asked if she would cc both of us on all further emails.

The next email, again, just went to me.  No apologies, no small talk, didn’t even acknowledge she had screwed up.   Sigh.   Like the little button I have from some of the events – this is so going in my yelp review.  Right now though, we’re pretty much done dealing with her unless we have last minute guest additions, and I am still deciding on the table linen colors (depending on the centerpieces).  Seriously, I hope this is the only time in my life where I spent more than 2 minutes worrying about table linens.

So I think the to-do and deal with list (oh, my lovely, lovely lists) is down to a finite and tangible amount of stuff:

  • Hairdo.  My problem with this is I’m now on day 5 of no washing.  This product gives my hair amazing longevity and I’ve been VERY LAZY about washing it.  I’ve also not been drenched in sweat so much.  Tonight is washy time and I’m going to try it dried straight to see if I like that better.  However, I’ve been INCREDIBLY pleased with the curly stuff.  I want to know EXACTLY what I’m going to do with it by Monday and practice it every day next week.
  • Makeup.  I’m pretty set on what I want to do, I just have been using this lipstick with a beautiful color – but comes off if you even look at it funny.  I think I’ve found something suitable in my normal cover girl stay-forever lipstick stuff, just need to pick it up this weekend.
  • Music.  We still need to put the music we want for the processional and recessional on a CD (as we don’t really want the traditional stuff, I want island-y stuff).  We need to have some similar stuff for the reception during dinner and before dancing.  Then, we need to make a fun dancy playlist.   This is going to take a bunch of time this weekend.
  • Reception timeline and coordinating that with our Master of Ceremonies.  Since our reception was extended last week (without even asking – we had reserved 2 hours and they gave us 4), we’re going to do most of the “fun stuff” at the beginning and then spend the last 1.5 hours just dancing/drinking etc.
  • Centerpieces.  I’m going to plan on just getting my own (and am prepared with some ideas), but if the flower arrangements come back as a cheap/easy thing to do, then we’ll go with that.
  • Guest book.  Just have to pick this up this weekend.
  • Parents gifts.  Think we have it figured out.  We’re going to buy nice frames, take a goofy picture of us with an “We love you” sign, and write a note that these will be replaced with our favorite wedding photo after the fact.
  • Dancing shoes.  I got great shoes, however, they’re not great for dancing.  I found a pair in my collection that I don’t HATE, however, I’d like something more appropriate.  Gonna go shopping for that this weekend.
  • Victoria’s secret?  Maybe?  This weekend if I can fit it in.
  • Sort of want a robe to get ready in before I put on the dress, but probably can just be ok with a button down shirt.
  • Dance-y time.  There is another open practice on Saturday for free, and we have a private lesson on Monday.
  • Beauty time for Quix.  Time to do the final eyebrow pluck and do a test run with the nailpolish I bought to make sure I don’t hate it.
  • Pre-pack everything this weekend we want to take to make sure it all fits in our bags and we don’t need to either borrow bigger bags from the ‘rents or share the wealth and ask some of our friends to tote a wedding favor or 2 up there for us.

And…I think that’s it.  Sounds like a lot, but it’s a list.  And if it’s on a list, I can check it off.  And I feel good about that.  Pics today from, because when are LOL cats not appropriate.   Until tomorrow! 🙂


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  1. How jealous am I that you have a partner who likes to west coast swing??? SO FUN.

  2. We’re learning together. 🙂 I think it works because we both suck (we’re very competitive). It’s really cute when I do something silly and he’ll lose count and start giggling.

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