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Day 5, 6 Days to Vegas

Wow, less than a week.  Freeeeaky!  The updates continue!

Maybe I dont wanna be THIS unfluffy...

Maybe I don't wanna be THIS unfluffy...

Project: Unfluffy Bride

Well, yesterday the week finally got to me and I broke down and cracked open the bottle of grey goose on the counter as an appetizer, and didn’t end up getting to bed ’til well after 1am.  Normally I’m not this irresponsible on a weeknight, and I had originally had a curfew of 11pm, but I just kept *notwanting*.  So I didn’t.

The good news:  I totally worked it in my calories for the day.  I may not have been in the 1200’s, but I wasn’t over 1500.  Besides being a little low on my fat for the day, I got at least the minimum of all the main nutritional stuffs I should.  I also did both a weights session in the morning and a nice, easy DDR session at night.

The bad news: I drank about 400 calories of vodka and ate a very meager dinner (a veggie burger and a fat free hot dog and half a serving of baked cheetos) so I am STAAAARVING right now.  Since I did it to myself though, my body can deal.  Pho is on the menu in about 10 minutes though, which is both low cal and filling, so I’ll be ok, don’t cry for me, Argentina.  It’s just been a rough, growly tummy morning.

The numbers: 152.4 (yay!), 1454 calories.

I have no idea whether I’m going to work some cardio in tonight, but that’s the goal.  I don’t think the rest is doing me badly at all.  Next week I might step it up *justalittle* because I will have some mandatory days off, but not much.

Hmmm, relaxing for who?

Hmmm, relaxing for who?

Wedding Stuff:

Since I’ve drilled down to a finite list, I’m going to stick with the bullet points.

  • Hairdo.  No progress last night, but I washed, moussed, blow dried mostly straight, and defrizzied it this morning.  I was laaaaazy last night but day 6 of unwashed tresses just wasn’t happening.  It did straight not horribly, but it still is kinda frizzy.  I’m going to give it a day to settle down and tomorrow it’s more heat abuse with straight iron and curling iron time.  I also have to remember that my hair does straight MUCH better in bone dry Nevada than muggy central Texas when I make my decision.
  • Makeup.  Just didn’t make it to the store.  Gonna do that this weekend.  I hope the color works!
  • Music.  We’ve been working through what we want and don’t seem to be butting heads too much so that’s nice!  Ideas for the processional/recessional in the ceremony: Jason Mraz – I’m Yours, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over the Rainbow, or maybe some instrumental steel drums/ukulele stuff.  Through dinner we’re going to play stuff like said music above, plus Beach Boys, Elvis, Buena Vista Social Club, Jimmy Buffet, Doh Ho, Gotan Project, and the like.  We still need to pick out all the “special” songs like our entrance and the bouquet toss and the like.
  • We’ve made a reception time line that I’m pretty happy with.  There was some drama and uncertainty around the “announcement” part (where we make our entrance), but we decided that just we will be announced, and then introduce/thank the whole wedding party during toasting time.  The timeline also gets most of the important stuff done by 4 so if some people need to hit the airport to get home that evening (since the reception was only supposed to be 2 hours), they will only be missing the garter/bouquet toss.
  • Centerpieces.  The estimate came back at 50 per centerpiece, so 400 overall.  Now it’s time to weigh how much I could save by doing them myself vs how much less stress it will be to have them done.  Plus, do I think bouquets that match my bridal one will be better than something less traditional and non-flowery.  I’m going to price things at the craft store this weekend and see if it’s even worth trying to do my own and decide by Monday.
  • Guest book.  Still need to hit that this weekend.
  • Parents gifts.  Got the frames (though one is scuffed so I’m going to exchange it), now just need to get an appropriate picture (now that my hair is no longer standing on end on it’s own).
  • Dancing shoes.  On the list for this weekend.
  • Victoria’s secret – I’ve been told that it’s really not necessary, so I think I’m going to skip it.
  • Going to also skip the robe in favor of a button down shirt – it’s less to pack.
  • Dance-y time.  There is another open practice on Saturday Sunday for free, and we have a private lesson on Monday.
  • Beauty time for Quix.  Time to do the final eyebrow pluck and do a test run with the nailpolish I bought to make sure I don’t hate it.
  • Pre-pack everything this weekend we want to take to make sure it all fits in our bags and we don’t need to either borrow bigger bags from the ‘rents or share the wealth and ask some of our friends to tote a wedding favor or 2 up there for us.

So, here’s the to do list:


  • Work on reception song list.

This weekend:

  • Go to Target (makeup), craft stores (for centerpiece pricing, guest book, and to exchange the frame), and go shoe shopping (dance shoes for me and Zliten).
  • More makeup and hair trial runs.  Realize that a simple, classic ‘do is probably going to be less stress and look better in the photos than something super complicated.
  • Take and frame the parents pictures and write out the notes that go along with them.
  • Pluck the eyebrows and do the nails.
  • Get as much dance practice in as possible.
  • Pre-pack at least once to get an idea of how many bags we need and if there is anything else we need to add to the target list.
  • Finalize reception song list.

Done by Monday:

  • Decision on the centerpieces
  • Know if we need to offload any items to friends/family

Next week: try not to freak out and deal with all the things that come up that are NOT on the list.  I really really have to thank my parents for dealing with all the family questions/issues/whatevs on their side, as I don’t think I could handle it right now.

Yeah, can tell I’ve been documenting at work lately.  I get super bullet pointy.   I do also hope to get a bike adventure in sometime too, as it is too gorgeous of a weekend to waste EVERY hour plotting and scheming wedding stuff.  What do you think on the centerpieces?  Should I spring for them to be just *takencareof* or go with the “Screw that, I can do it on my own – cheaper and BETTER!” attitude I’ve had with most of the wedding.    Any favorite/clever songs you can think of for the fun stuff like our entrance, cutting the cake, garter toss, or just your favorite beachy or wedding music in general?  Take care, blogoverse and have a great weekend!

Fail pictures today, because it’s funny.  And the day is FAILING to already be over.  Yep, that’s it…


Day 4, 7 Days To Vegas


Monday, Day 8, 3 Days to Vegas


  1. Whoa, Bullet List Queen! Lol! Umm that pic with the dude and exercising ladies really really freaked me out…
    Congrats on project unfluffy bride progress! you’re totally kicking booty…even if you’re kinda hungry…sorry 🙁
    Good luck with everything!!!
    I would recommend songs by Cold Play, U2, The Cure for the reception.
    – Annabel

  2. Sounds like you have everything organized or atleast on a list, which is good!

    Your list brought me back to my wedding 8 years ago, I too have alot of very long lists 🙂

    Oh and about the drinks, don’t beat yourself up to much, everyone once and a while we all just need to “live a little”, I’m sure you were right back on track the next day 🙂

    have a great weekend.

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