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Short N Sweet Summary

…’kay, not short like that toe, but whatever.


Every spring, it seems like things get crazy busy, and this is no exception.  Work has been for working very dedicatedly (yes, I made up this word).  I now have main things that take up most of my time, secondary things to do if I have time, and now tertiary things that are not a huge priority, but definitely help me be better informed and a better boss and decision maker for the game in general.  Ya know, fun stuff like actually playing the game.  I know, my life is sooooo hard.  While I’m not working more hours per se, each hour is action packed, and I’m a bit more mentally wasted when I get home – hence, less posts.

Plus – in Austin, you gotta make the most of every sunny temperate day by playing vigorously outside.  So, I’m out living, and when things calm down and heat up, I’ll write about it more.  😉


I’ve been lacking a bit of enthusiasm with workouts, but I need to remember that’s normal after a race.  Today, I do believe I am going to attempt to do hill repeats on the treadmill – which is also contributing to my lack of enthusiasm because I hate the hell out of hills.  I’m certainly not finding that I want to just lounge on the couch (well, any more than normal at least), but maybe 15 miles on every short week is a little aggressive.  Everyone needs some downtime.  I just need to make sure it’s peppered with some long and fast runs too so those muscles don’t completely atrophy.

Plan for this week:

Monday – hill repeats (1 mile warmup, 400m uphill/400m flat cycles, 1 mile cooldown) and legs @ gym

Tuesday – 30 mins arc trainer, arms and abs @ gym

Wednesday – 10k run

Thursday – DDR circuits w/full body strength (been a while, sounds fun)

Friday – all out 5k

Weekend – Birthday celebrations!

This should net me about 13 miles running, (with a practice 5k for next weekend), two cross training sessions, and two weights sessions.  Looks good to me.

Weight Loss/Food:

I had super salty chinese food yesterday (extremely low on calories but way high on salt) so I didn’t even bother with the scale this morning.  I’ll try tomorrow.  This week – simply put – I splurged a little.  It was my birthday.  I actually didn’t go crazy, but definitely wasn’t my normal version of healthy eating.  During this week proper, I plan to be an angel again, and then Friday/Saturday we have Zliten and friends birthday plans, and I will be reasonable, but reasonably reasonable, if ya know what I mean.

I was a little disappointed in how some of my clothing is fitting when I was attempting to get gussied up for going out on Saturday, so I definitely need to be vigilant and nip this extra 5-ish lbs in the bud sooner than later.  March is always tricky, but as long as I’m making some progress, I’m not worried about how slow it is.  Once we are over the birthday celebration part of the month, I’m gunnin’ for the low 150’s!!!

Ok, must run away and be productive now.  If I haven’t been by your blog lately, I apologize, and assure you that I miss you and wish I had 30 hours in the day.  So, I ask – what’s your birthday celebration theory?  Go all out and indulge, reasonably indulge, or it’s just another day to you?


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  1. zliten

    you run too much!

  2. MizFit

    Im home 🙂 and I saw the plaid skirts you covet upcloseandpersonal.
    you soooo need one 🙂

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