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Snip Snip

So, with my whole messy long diatribe of frustration, I ended up having a really nice weekend and am just feeling kinda better about the whole ball of wax.  I am still a little frazzled about the swimming thing, but since my goal is really just to finish the first tri race, I think as long as I can get in soon it’ll be ok.  I started this week feeling pretty good about the scale and am going to work hard to keep the trend going.  I did a few other things I’ve been meaning to for a while – gave myself a manicure and pedicure (a lazy one, but one at that), and finally got my beads out and tinkered with some necklaces and bracelets.  And, most dramatically – Zliten gave me a pretty snazzy haircut:

It’s short enough right now, so I’m going to forgo the salon until it get a little longer and then see what’s what.

So, here’s last week by the numbers:

Monday: 1550 in – 775 out (12 mile bike and 20 mins arc trainer) = 775 (major oops, but I really really wasn’t hungrier)

Tuesday: 1439 in – 0 out (day off) = 1439

Wednesday: 1459 in – 450 out (45 mins DDR) = 1009

Thursday: 1604 in – 444 out (35 mins elliptical, 15 mins abs) = 1160

Friday: 1780 in – 471 out (10 mile bike ride) = 1309

Saturday: 1593 in – 600 out (60 mins DDR) = 993

Sunday: 1600 in – 339 out (2 mile walk, 4.5 mile bike) = 1261

This is probably my best week besides the first one – no wonder I’m starting off the week in a good spot!  If I can navigate 2 days of social situations where the food presented to me is not really under my control, I’ll be in good shape.

More Numbers:

Average intake per day: 1564

Average output per day: 439

Average net calories per day: 1125

Deficit: 687 calories per day, or about 1.5 lbs per week

Weight this morning: 159.6 (-1.6 from last week, -3.4 overall)

I’ll take it.  Moving on…

This week:

Monday: 12 mile bike, 2 mile run as slow as I need to (breaking the heel back in slooooowly)

Tuesday: 30 mins DDR

Wednesday: bike ride of some sort

Thursday: 30 min swim, weights

Friday: off

Saturday: 5k race, obstacle course gladiator thingee

Sunday: 30 min swim, weights

While I would *like* to take more days off this week, it’s just not in the cards.  I have a stupid busy social calendar for this week – Tuesday we’ve got one of those yelp events downtown, Wednesday we have a work team building thingee of tubing down the river, and then the last night of trivia of the season.  And if I’m going to imbibe, I’m gonna have to burn at least a little both days, so it’s really like one workout split into two.  Or that’s what I’m going to go with, at least.

I had planned to swim Sunday, but I just didn’t feel up for it that day.  Consuming about 50% of my (too low) calories the day before in alcohol did not a happy Quix make, and I’d already moved my ass that day with a 2 mile walk and 4.5 mile bike ride, so I called it even.  I was going to go Tuesday but I forgot about the event.  So now, it’s Thursday and damned if I can keep doing this another week *grrr*.  I WILL SWIM!!!

Other than that, looking forward to doing the 5k race and obstacle course thing – apparently it’s a contest that’s also a tryout for American Gladiators?  Not as if I have the stuff to make it, but hey, I’ll give it a go.  It’s a very running lite week, and I don’t think I’ve ever raced a 5k with this little training the weeks before, but it’s a good experiment.  Maybe I’ll be so rested that I’ll PR!

Goals for this week:

-Be strong and consume reasonably through Tuesday and Wednesday.

-Get a mother fucking swim in this week.

-Continue this nice little second wind I’ve caught.  No more 160s!!  Roar!

-Ease back into running slowly and don’t hurt myself.

What’s up for you this week?


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  1. I like the new ‘do! It must have been in the air last week b/c I got my hair chopped, too. 4 inches, gone.

    Keep up the momentum and good luck w/the swim.

  2. MizFit

    love the hair.

    send him my way please.

  3. Manu

    I already told you last weekend, but I really really like your hair cut too! It looks very nice on you 🙂

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