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June Recap, July Goals

Posting is late due to extreme family time week, but here we go!

1. Make it through this month with my sanity intact.  Just sayin’.  Gonna be one of those months…

Oooooh yeah.  I just about had a nervous breakdown a few times this month, but I made it.   July seems to have slowed down a little so far, so there’s that.

2.  If 176.0 is May’s low – and I continue to eat and train the same way, survey says I should hit about 172-173.

Lowest this month was 174.8.  June was a challenge with 3 races, 2 of which were long enough to do the carb loading thing, so it been mostly a month of maintenance (June trended a wee bit lower than May, but not much).

3.  Calories, 1600-ish 5/7 days,  2000-ish 2/7 days, average about 1700-1800.  This seems to be about my comfort weight loss zone for the training load I’m doing right now, and totally fine as long as I  am eating good quality food.  To that end, keep average diet quality score above 20 each week.  To all these ends, continue tracking calories and DQ score, allowing for more calories/less quality the day before and of each race (refined carbs = good then).

I did not nail this all month, but the week I nailed it, I saw a loss (that was the week I got my low for the month, 174.8… hmmm… coincidence?  I think not…).

4. PR Pfluger Sprint.  At the very least, PR the swim, bike, and transitions if my knee is a limiter on the run still.

Missed my time by 30 seconds, but feel pretty good about my performance.  Essentially replicated my swim (though I swear the timing mat was WAY further than last year), exactly replicated my transitions to the second, and huge PR on the bike.  Before the run, I was ahead of my time last year by about 2 mins, the knee was indeed a limiter on the run.

5. BSLT 70.3 – finish before the cutoff.  I’m sure I’ll have more goals as I get through training this month but right now, it’s all about survival.

Finished well before the cutoff and survived.  The swim was awesome, the bike was hilly and challenging but fun, but I was ill prepared for the distance and thus made the run, which I was also ill prepared for, mostly miserable minus a few miles I was able to tough out a decent pace.  A fantastic long training day full of mental tough-making stuff though!

6. Clean out stuff and get rid of it with a yard sale.  Donate the rest to charity.  Take earnings from garage sale and use it to buy a cabinet to stash stuff in the workout room (thus addressing one room this month).

All done, minus the purchasing of the cabinet.  The room is in usable condition though, so there is that, and it shouldn’t take very long once we do purchase it.

7. Again, minimize spending.  Try to consider whether you ACTUALLY need the thing you’re buying or whether it just sounds fun.

Besides the massive amount we’re spending this week doing family stuff, we did pretty good on this.  Minus Zliten deciding to have a tooth that needed a not-all-the-way-covered-by-insurance root canal, so guess what goal is going to stick with us for another month or two? 🙂

8. Finish the book you’re reading.  Start the next one.

Check, and check.  Over 50% through.  Hoping for more today.

9. Balance training enough with not training too much.  Stay present and check in with the knee often.  Stiff for a day or two isn’t an emergency.  Lingering pain that doesn’t go away with a stretch and walk is bad and needs a step back.

I think I did pretty well with this.  Body was doing pretty good through Pfluger, then I pushed a little too hard, so I just immediately started to taper instead of squeezing in a few more distance workouts.  I held up through BSLT without being much worse for wear, so I’ll say success on this front this month.

10. Shift the schedule to the morning.  Wakeups this month and beyond need to start happening by sunrise many mornings to get training in – that means getting into bed just as it gets dark.  Embrace it.

Check.  The heat is a huge motivator here.  This week we’ve been sleeping in, but we were getting up in the 6 and 7 am hours without too much of a problem last month to train when needed.  One more week this week of slacking here, and then it’s back to getting up with the sun and logging lots of miles.

11. Do some social stuff.  Don’t go into a 70.3 hole.

We had a game night, we did dinner with friends and we hung out with friends one night, so we weren’t hermits, but not great.  However, I definitely need some social friend time soon.  I had a dream that we were in Vegas and I fell asleep at the bar before I could order my drink.  I think that’s my subconscious telling me to not be so lame.  July is already looking up, I’m counting family time as being incredibly social for a week, and we’re scheduling an outing with friends, we have a birthday dinner for other friends, and a game night, so it should be good.

12.  Actually go get the massages the chiropractor prescribed me – one this week and one the week after Pflugerville.  No excuses when the place right next to her office does 1 hr for 30$…

I got the first one, and it hurt so much I didn’t want to do the second so close to BSLT.  I may need to actually seek out a licensed sports massage type person to explain my various sports and ouchies to instead of just pointing to a menu.

13.   Remember to keep track of my calories.  Pre track if at all possible, but certainly keep on top of the totals before going too crazy at the end of the day.

Besides over the two out of town race days, I at least tracked, I even pre-tracked some when I had time.

June was rough, but I have high, high hopes for July!

1. Let’s try again to get to the low 170s.  Right now, 176-178 is the norm.  I’m hoping that it’s more like 172-174 at the end of the month.  I will do this by pre-tracking and logging DQ score all this month.  1500 on lighter training days, 2000 on heavier days, about 1700-1800 average.

2. I’ve made a training program through Kerrville.  Give it a second look for sanity to make sure it’s not too ambitious and incorporates in enough recovery, and vet it through the triathlete’s training bible and make sure it has the right dose of speed and force workouts later in the game.  Then, pen it in, strap in, and get ready for some weeks of swim/bike/run/weights (yes, these come back this month!).

3. Couples, the goal is to #1 keep my head positive and in the game the entire time #2 get up Carnage without clipping out and walking (should be no problem after last weekend) and #3 run the whole 5k, even that dumb long hill on the back end.  This will probably result in an auto PR, but that is not the primary goal this time, mostly to redeem a really mentally bad race from last year.

4. Be social!  I am intentionally easing up on July’s training a bit so we can do that.  We’re planning on going out, to like, a bar, with friends, twice.  One game night (at least, maybe two).  However, don’t be so social that it gets stressful and we want everyone to go away.  Strike the balance.

5. Minimize spending as much as possible.  I’m finally able to start putting money into savings again, let’s continue that trend.

6. Buy cabinet and finish workout room.  This month, it’s gotta be the kitchen.  Clean out the pantry, the fridge, and go through the drawers and do one more pass to see what should go away (we did some for the garage sale, but it was very quick).

7. I have been eating a lot more desert than I should, I think it’s part of what held back my weight loss this month.  So, starting July 8th, I will be doing ONE, 100-200-ish serving of sweets PER WEEK outside of these things: running/bike fuel, arctic zero, frozen greek yogurt + fruit in food processor, muscle milk + fruit.  Also, perhaps try one of those sunbutter+protein powder cookie recipes floating around the internet.  The idea is to not cut out desert, but move it to healthy, contributing to my DQ score things that taste good too.

8.  Back to batch cooking (easy stuff for July 8th week since I’ll be getting a late start, then July 15th on).  Out 3 times a week, max (and 1-2 is preferred).

9.  Having a sewing project evening/day.  On the docket: mend the stuff that has holes (also iron on the patches for my poor holey pants), make one size small guys shirt into a girl shirt (shorten the waist and the sleeves), make one of the dresses I bought into a skirt, and start the second set of pillowcases.  Not all of this needs to get done, but I need to at least do *something*.

10. Back to body maintenance, since I’ve been really bad about it this week.  At least 3 times a week: foam roll, shockies, stretch my whole body, stretches for my knee.  At least 2x day – ice my knee/butt (until my butt pain goes away).  Heat on knee before morning workouts if needed.

11.  Yet again, finish book.  Start next one.

12. Change up my shoes at least a few times a week.  The sandals I’ve been wearing constantly for the last two months are starting to have an odor.

13. Quarterly beauty maintenance – pluck brows, do nails, do toenails a different color than turquoise.

This is the first month in a while where I’ve actually had to cut myself off at 13 instead of stretch for more (not making the cut: figure out vacation plans for Nov, figure out race schedule through April next year, productivity at work, etc), so I think this week of rest has done me good, both mentally and physically.

Question: What’s your July goal?


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  1. Make you sure check all pockets/compartments before yard sale. Saw woman on TV the other day pleading for the return of $1,500 cash and a pair of $20k diamond earrings because she forgot the check the pockets of a jean jacket she sold for 20 bucks… or was that you?

    Happy July! xo

    • Wow, I wish I had the problem of misplacing my wad of cash and diamond earrings that are worth about the same as my car… hmmm… 🙂

  2. Goals? Finish 1 blog post, write 2 more. Not go crazy at work. Not make you crazy at home.

  3. Miz

    IM SOSO SOSO SOOOOOOOOOOO number one here too.
    Then in august I can focus.

    • Quix

      If your July is anything like my June… hold on for your life, heh. 🙂 Someday things will slow down, right? Right?

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