This being our sixth trip, Krause Springs has had a lot of time on this blog.

So, I’ll keep this one brief and just use it as an excuse to share some pictures about our few days in the woods 🙂

After my trip to Hamburg (work) and London (play), I got really really busy and just barely found time to steal away for this long weekend (and, admittedly, worked some during it). But, when July 1st hit, we packed up the Lunar Lander and made the far, far 45 minute journey to Krause Springs for Independence Day festivities.

The first day, Saturday, was for hot dogs, adult beverages, and just relaxing with my trees. I don’t think we really left the camper that day.

Sunday morning, I went to the butterfly garden before it got hot or busy. “Hey self,” I said to myself. “You’re really behind on photo editing. Why don’t you take it easy on the photos?”

One hour later

“How did these 100+ photos get on my phone?”

Sigh… at least I got to relax in my favorite hammock, and found my new second favorite hammock on the property!

This was also the day I typed, “THE END” on the crappy first draft of my first book! Thankfully, I put it away after that and didn’t spend my entire camping trip working on it.

Monday, we hiked the falls in the morning, again, before it got too hot or crowded. Then, after lunch and some outdoor guitar time, I started these geometric paintings in the Mondrian style, which I sadly didn’t finish until October’s vacation at the Arch. 🙂

We spent lots of time in the pool too. Sadly, I got terrible sleep that night because it felt like my skin was crawling.

Tuesday, the holiday itself, we spent much time hiding from the crowds, reading and napping and eating good food. When it was time, we watched a gorgeous sunset with the traditional avocado oil popcorn and waited for the big badda booms. It was a good show this year!

After another night of my skin crawling, and then actually investigating and finding the camper was indeed crawling with ants. We were supposed to stay Wednesday night but decided to take a last walk through the butterfly gardens, a dip in the pool, and head back that afternoon instead.

After a nice long shower and quarantining/cleaning everything that was in the camper, we had like the best night of sleep of our lives.

Next year, we’ll come armed with diatomaceous earth just in case.