Four words.  Thank goodness for autopilot.  You’re seeing sounds and hearing colors at this point.  You’ve finally gotten your head out of Uranus and into thinking about where Spaceapalooza is this year.  You remember it’s gotten more and more METAL every year, so you figure it has to be somewhere that just sounds… hardcore… so this place totally makes sense.

You run and you run and you catch up with the sun and it’s sinking, racing around to come up behind you again.  It’s the WORDS of the band Pink Floyd, but played in such a god awful death metal way that you can barely understand.  You were hoping for more of a Dark Side of the Moon vibe, but you got the mosh pit of the Black Eye nebula instead.  It’s rather harshing your mellow.

How are you going to find your prince?  While kissing a few frogs was the generally accepted way of locating royalty in the old days, you figure you have enough of a buzz going without licking any toads, so you go with the direct and obvious route.

You jump onto a rather sturdy life form with eight arms, purple skin, and super broad shoulders and launch yourself into an epic crowd surfing session.  “Hey, totally not drugs here for a space prince!  I repeat, looking for a space prince to hand off this package which is TOTALLY NOT DRUGS!”

A rather tall and lanky blue skinned fellow pulls you down from the crowd and shakes your hand.  “Hi, Prince Aquarius, nice to meet you.  GREAT cover there, no one would think this was drugs after you totally told them it wasn’t!  Right on!”

You lean in to speak with him privately, which is easy, because the band Space Goblin Slayers has just started their set and they are just as loud and obnoxious as the name implies.  “SO, ARE THEY DRUGS?” you shout.

He opens the box, and offers you one.  “Wanna find out?”

You shake your head.  “Maybe some other time.  So, we good?  I’m ready to blow this joint.”

He puts his arm around you.  “You can’t leave, we have to hang out!  This place sucks, and I know you’ve got a ship, let’s all go somewhere.  I want to get HIGH.  Like, so high.  Like, higher than anyone’s ever been!”

“Well, I have this toaster… yeah, nevermind.”  They are obviously not going to take no for an answer, so the Prince Aquarius and his crew end up in your ship.  Now, where to take them?