After departing the Horsehead Nebula, you’re not quite sure how you got to Galaxy M104, after asking directions at MANY, MANY space gas stations and taking a multitude of wrong turns, but you FINALLY have found the Sombrero Nebula.

You find the tiniest little planet with a giant neon sign that blinks SPACE TACOS that you can see from orbit, and you thank your lucky star systems you’re here.  You’re FAMISHED.  Of course, the line is around the block.  After a thirty minute wait, you FINALLY saddle up to the tiny takeout window, your stomach grumbles as you approach the bored looking alien teenager with blue skin, three eyeballs, and antennae who yawns at you and says, “Meh.  Whaddya want?”

You say, “Let’s do the space taco combo #4.  And also the shipment for the Horsehead nebula.”

“For here, or to go?” says the teenager.

Sarcasm is prevalent in the whole universe, apparently.  “Um, to go.  I’m not THAT hungry.”

He, at least you assume it’s a he from the deeper, but crackl-y voice that’s obviously recently gone through puberty, rolls his eye at you and mumbles, “whatever, just wait over there.”

You wait another few light years and then the teen brings you a plate of food and twenty giant bags.  Finally.  You tuck into your space taco and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT’S THE SPICEST HOT SAUCE YOU’VE EVER EATEN!

Your mouth is on fire, and the surly teen can only offer you jalapeno flavored soda or horseradish beer, so you need to go somewhere you can put out the fire in your mouth.  FAST!