You collect some rocks and await for the familiar train horn of a freight train.  You wait until you see the graffiti of the freight cars and lob some stones at them.  You’re not sure why, but it makes you feel better.  A lot better.  This train has about a million cars and you’re almost out of rocks when you lob one of your last ones at an opening in a boxcar.

“HEY,” you hear a voice shout, “that HURT you SON OF A BITCH!”

Even though the train is moving fast, you see a figure do a dive roll out of the train and start running your way.  Obviously, you’re going to hop on your bike and pedal away.  You just make it onto your bike and you’re keeping pace ahead of him, but just barely.  This bum can RUN!

You have a few options.  You can ride home (10), you can ride to your best friend’s house across town(11), or you can ride to your school which is just a mile away(12).