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Once Upon a Time in Reno…

(yes, I’m going to give the neuroticism a break today – enjoy!  Please also ignore any funky formatting and pretend it’s just *artsy*.   Yeah, that’s it…)

…there was a boy named Zliten and a girl named Quix.  They both worked at the “other mall” in town for after school jobs their junior years in high school.  Quix worked at Hot

High School Senior Quix

High School Senior Quix

Topic.  Zliten worked at Sweet Factory.  These stores were right across from each other.  Zliten liked the crazy clothes and rebellious items in Hot Topic, so he was often in the store browsing and purchasing the wares.  Quix had to get her candy fix occasionally, so she could be found in Sweet Factory getting a few sour ropes or some sour balls (I guess that shows what a sour girl she was).

After running into each other, Zliten found another reason to go into Hot Topic – to blush at the silly girl with the dark hair in the leather pants and try to make awkward conversation.  Being that this silly boy, beyond being a little socially awkward, also was sporting a bit of a mullet, she would try to avoid him (and send other coworkers over if she needed a candy fix).  He was relentless, but she was probably the most stubborn person you would ever know.  One night at a party,

High School Zliten

High School Zliten

she fixed him up with one of her best friends and they started dating.  Then, a few months later, she started dating the dreamy looking guy at the Orange Julius stand.

None of her friends or family liked this guy, but being the stubborn girl Quix was, she stayed with him, on and off, for about 3 dysfunctional years.  Zliten and said friend went away to college together across the country, broke up a year later, and scattered.  Zliten came back to visit a few times to see his mom, but was living a few states away and liked it that way.  Quix dreamed of a guy who was awesome and romantic and wouldn’t treat her like poop and would sit out on her balcony and ask the stars if they would please please send to her someone like that.

Then one day, Quix was hanging out with said boy, then ex, trying to do the friends thing – by the way – which only seems to work with responsible, patient people. It happened to also be the day that Zliten called

College Zliten: or Heath Ledger, you decide.

College Zliten: or Heath Ledger, you decide.

my cell (gotta love the brick I had in 1999) letting me know he was in town for a few days and wanted to escape his dwelling for a bit if anything was going on.  Being not patient, nor responsible people, Quix and Jerky McLiarPants started screaming at each other not too long after, and she left all upset.  She just needed to talk to someone, and his number was the first on the list having called just a bit ago, and she invited him to coffee.

It just so happened that Quix’s play was closing that night, and she was hosting the wrap party at her next door neighbor’s house (don’t ask).  She got him two tickets.  He

Sadly, the ONLY college Quix pic I have thats online.

Sadly, the ONLY college Quix pic I have that's online. That would be me with the whip.

brought a date, she was trying to catch the attention of the male lead that she had been crushing on ever since the play was cast – but the two ended up together.

Fast forward through all the college awkwardness, and we both picked up and moved to San Diego two weeks after I graduated.  Because it sounded like a neat place to live and it was anywhere but Reno.  Not because we had any prospective jobs or ways to make money.  But we found a little box, and got temp jobs testing video games after the credit cards ran out, and found out we were living in a great place to make a run of having that be our career, so we

Now we race together...

Now we race together...

figured that would be awesome.  Who wants to go back to graduate school and deal with academia politics when you can legally dream up ways to kill people (‘s avatars)?

Through that time, I was proposed to with onion rings and ring pops and the like.  There was never a question that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Zliten – but I always imagined *things* about getting married.  For some reason, I had the age “30” in my head.  And getting my own life together first – including having a job title I was proud of and – probably more importantly – I was not getting married fat.  Totally vain, I know.  I could be immortalized in time skinny and together... together...

poor and think “gee, glad I got that awesome job promotion the next year” and proudly hang the pictures up on the mantle.  If I was rich and fat, they’d just stay in a box somewhere.

I finally agreed to a promise ring, which slowly got too small as I got bigger.  Then, after things snapped into place in my head and I started project: deporkify and we had enough cash saved up to do the ring right, we finally got engaged.  We bought the ring on a cruise to Mexico in March 2007,  and then we surprised my mom by Zliten proposing at dinner that night.

I worked dilligently on losing weight and then last year, we finally set a date.  May 9th, together... together...

2009.  And then we kept changing our minds on what sort of wedding we wanted and didn’t set anything up in time, so then, we finally set another date last December.  October 4th, 2009.  And you’ve gotten to experience the frantic whirlwind since then.

So tomorrow, my dear Zliten and I, love of my life, king prince of silliness, hop on a jetplane with FOUR bags in tow (but hey – it all fits – YAY!) and a few days after that, we become Mr. and Mrs. Zliten.  After 10 years (almost exactly to the date of the play closing), 3 states, 7 apartments/houses, and a whole lot of fun times, we’re finally making it official.  Sure, I may not be at my “goal weight” and I

...wear hats together...

...wear hats together...

struggle with the fact that I could do more/be more and I’m stagnating at work, but the truth is, I’m not doing too badly.  And it’s not as if this is the best I’m ever going to be in my life, oh no – just try and stop me.   There are promotions to go after and races to run and get PRs and muscles to tone and all sorts of wonderful adventures yet to be discovered.  Just with another ring on my finger and my wonderful husband at my side.

Have a wonderful week, blogland.  I will be back with many pictures and stories to share.  Though I have been told that it is absolutely inappropriate to tweet at my wedding (lolz, getting married now bbiab, kthx?), feel free to follow me on twitter or friend me on facebook if you think it might be interesting to hear how Vegas is going, I tend to update those a lot on vacation.  Anyone want to share wedding day memories?  How did you meet your significant other?  Inquiring minds want to know…

...and will be getting married here together in just a few days.

...and will be getting married here together in just a few days.

Day 9, 2 Days to Vegas

Holy crapoli, it’s going fast.  Didn’t I just write this for yesterday?

Project: Unfluffy Bride

Well, my calories got away from me yesterday.  I forgot that what we had on tap for dinner was a 700 calorie beast (tuna macaroni and cheese with lots of peas and broccoli) and while I had a pretty light lunch, I snacked before and since we didn’t eat until after 8:30, I was full on hungry again and ate my full half of dinner as I forgot to make the salad that went with it.  I clocked in at just over 1400 calories so I didn’t do myself TOO wrong, but I would have liked to be closer to 1200.  Ah well.  Today is for being better.

Then again, I worked out for about 2 hours yesterday in 3 inch heels.  More on that below, but I definitely earned my dinner.  I also got up this morning and had a euphoria-inducing 3.3 mile run, so I think I’ll survive (I definitely relished the run).  I’m pretty happy that it’s TOM time up in the house (yeah, I know, just in time so it wouldn’t muck with my wedding day, thank you body of mine!) and I’m not even at the “oh crap” weight of 155 (I’m at 154.8, but still – 2 weeks ago I was pushing 158).  I might not have seen under 150 before getting married because timing sucked, but I really think once I get back from Vegas I’ll be well on my way there.

Wedding Stuff:

Our private lesson hour was yesterday, and I showed up in my new sparkly shoes of hotness, and have to report that I was pretty much on them NONSTOP for 3 hours (2 of that dancing, 1 walking around doing dinner, etc) and just toward the end they started to be uncomfortable.  And that was the first time breaking them in.  Totally worth 60 bucks.  I also made sure to dance in a floor length skirt, and didn’t seem to have trouble with that either, so super double bonus.

We told the instructor what song we wanted to do (Fly Me to the Moon) and asked what our options were.  We tried out the basic steps to foxtrot and east coast swing and settled on swing.  After learning west coast, east coast is much easier, at least for us.  It just made more sense.  We learned the basic steps, outside turns, inside turns, cuddles, how to walk on the floor and have him pull me in with a little twirl to start the dance, and a little dip for the end.  In an hour.  We have a lot of practicing to do, but we left feeling pretty confident that we’d be able to get it down.  Triple step, triple step, rock step.  1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6.  And, the 90 minutes of actual dancing I figured we did burnt almost 600 calories.

We also spent the evening combing through the reception dance playlist and eliminating stuff that just didn’t work.  It’s amazing how many songs have just a few curse words in them that you wouldn’t expect.  And since we have kids there, we’re trying to keep it all family friendly, so that has to go.  We’re trying to do a good mix of stuff for everyone and also be stuff WE want to hear.  I love having the control of being able to play what we want, but it would sure be a lot less work having a DJ do it.  Tonight, we go through the dinner play list the same way.

I didn’t actually pre-pack with the dance stuff going on, so that is tonight.  I think that’s the last thing I’m really nervous about – how to get all the crap we need into our little bags.  I’ve even pared down to 3 pairs of non-wedding shoes (I usually bring AT LEAST 5 pairs no matter where we are going or how long the trip is) and am planning to pack ONLY the clothes I need instead of a few “maybe” outfits to fit the rest of the stuff needed, but still.  I’ve got about a full bag of wedding favor stuff, and then there is all the stuff I need to get me ready.   We’ll make it work somehow.  Just don’t know exactly HOW until tonight.

I really think it’s all coming together.  Nothing crazy has come up this week yet.  Just need to keep working on the music and packing and I think we’ll be able to get on that jetplane a-ok and all prepared.

Got something you think I’m forgetting?  Want to tell me to stop stressing about not having anything really left to stress about?  Hit me up.

Monday, Day 8, 3 Days to Vegas

OMG, it’s all happening.  I’m just so ready to be on the plane and have everything, for the most part, out of my hands and done.  Only 3 more days of work left.

Project: Unfluffy Bride

Well, you can’t eat (or at least I can’t eat) 1200-1300 calories all the time.  That’s ok.  I don’t think that’s really good for one’s well being anyway.  Thursday, the stress of the week got to me and I had some cocktails on the patio.  Friday night, I had this INSATIABLE craving for pizza, and between dinner and breakfast/lunch on Saturday, Zliten and I polished off a medium (which is, IMO, extremely responsible pizza eating).  There may have been some baked chicken wings too, but I’m not telling.

Then Saturday night was our friend’s son’s birthday dinner – and their mom (an awesome gourmet chef) was cooking.  She’s only in town a few times a year, and you just don’t refuse it.  It is buttery, salty love.  We headed over and there was homemade appetizer “pizza”  (dough brushed with olive oil and garlic, cheese, and the most amazing tomatoes and peppers).  Then dinner was roasted pork shoulder, some sort of barley side dish, asparagus, and blt salad (just like it sounds – lettuce with hunks of tomato, bacon, and some sort of homemade thousand-ish dressing).  Then for desert, no churn super chocolate homemade icecream with homemade whipped cream on top.  And to top it off, some more whiskey.

Then, the next day, Zliten was getting angry about his taco craving so we went to mexican and split a plate of fajitas.  By the end of the day, I put my foot down and made a big batch of chicken tortilla soup so I could have a nice, lo cal dinner.  As horrible as it all sounds, I did watch my portions pretty well and didn’t go nuts on anything.  I didn’t mention the fruits and veggies I squeezed in.  Of course I could have done better but I could have done way worse so no guilt here!

I also did not exercise at all.  So for those of you counting last week, it was DDR and weights on Tuesday and Thursday, and recreational dance on Wednesday.  I guess you can count a ridiculous amount of running around stores doing errands Saturday, but I don’t.  Oddly enough, it felt good and natural and neither my mind nor body was screaming for me to get my ass up off the couch and do things.  My weight was also the lowest it’s been in months on average.  Therefore, it was totally deserved and good for me.

Here’s the stats-

Calories in for the week:

1271, 1275, 1278, 1451, 1392, 2208, 1494.  Average = 1481 per day

Calories out for the week:

700, 300, 700  = 1700 Average = 242 per day

Average net calories for the week: 1239.

Weight: low = 152.4, high = 155.2

Hey, hey.  I felt like I did NOTHING for the week.  I knew it was good for me, but I felt like a lump on a log taking 3 WHOLE DAYS OFF IN A ROW.  Getting used to eating so low on weekdays was a little stressful, but the fact that I was able to let loose over the weekend and still pull those numbers – I like it.

I HAVE to do a little more with my workouts this week.  Just a little.  Tonight is a private dance lesson, I am doing weights again on Tuesday and Thursday, and I am going to try to do 30 mins cardio on Tues/Wed/Thurs since I plan to just not even worry about it once I get on the plane.  I’m packing workout clothes and I have shoes that I could hop on the elliptical with, but I really don’t think it’s going to happen.  I had great fantasies of starting my wedding day with a nice early-morning run, but now that my hair has to be at least a day old, I think I’m going to refrain from sweating that day, thxuverymuch…

When I return, I think I’m going to keep on this (1200 during the weekdays when I can stand it, a little more on the weekends, lighter on the exercise) until I start half training again.

Wedding Stuff:

I think I can ease up on the bullet points.  I’m now down to just a few items left on my to-do list.  Here’s the updates:

Hair and makeup are settled.  I was able to find a perfect lipstick (for 7 bucks), and after much ado… I decided I’m going to wear my hair completely down, with a big orange flower poking out the side.  The method to my madness is that I’m going to wash it the day before, apply mousse for volume, dry it straight, and then use the flat iron and some de frizzy stuff to tame it.  Then the morning of, I’m going to flat iron and de friz again, and then use  big curling iron and make some waves, and spray it so it holds.

The reason I went with it that way – I kept trying these elaborate styles that looked great from some angles and not from others, or they were REALLY prone to looking good for a little while and then they’d be in danger of falling out.  I didn’t want to spend the day worrying about what my hair was doing.  I did a half up do which I was somewhat happy with and showed Zliten and he liked it well enough, and then I took it all down, stuck a flower in it, and left to go party.  After hitting the bathroom, I realized I really liked what was there.  I asked Zliten what he thought and he said he liked my hair best right then out of anything I showed him.  And really, who do I want to look pretty for on my wedding day?  My groom, of course.  And I can’t say that I’m unhappy that it’s low maintenance – my makeup routine takes about 10-15 minutes, and now my hair the day of should take about 20 max.  I’m still going to leave myself 2 hours, but it’s nice to know that it should take me less than an hour to go from 0 to bride.

The reception timeline and music are pretty much settled.  I’m going to spend the rest of the week paring down the playlists as I have about 5 hours of dinner music and 5 hours of dancing music.  Considering we’ve got a 4 hour reception in total, that’s too much.  Might as well pick the stuff I really like so it has a better chance of being played.  The master of ceremonies has been notified with the timeline and what to do.  I think we’re pretty set here!

Centerpieces have been drama but it’s all better now.  We went and looked at craft stores, and I found the PERFECT 7 dollar candle holder.  Then, I talked to Zliten’s mom and she offered to pick them up and bring them since they are driving.  THEN, she couldn’t find them at their local store and went around looking for other things but to no avail.  I was bummed.  Then, I went online yesterday and found out I could order them from the website for FIVE bucks each and rush shipping was only 10 bucks more.  So for 70 bucks, the centerpieces are dealt with (I even ordered 2 extra in case something broke).

Lets see, what else… The guest book and the parents gifts are taken care of.  I got some REALLY SEXY dancing shoes that cost 60 bucks, but I will SO wear again.  They are silver and sparkly and strappy and hawt and COMFY (ok, so they’re not tennis shoes but I walk and dance my way around the house for 10 minutes and not want to rip them off).  I was going to post pictures but you will just have to wait!  I did my nails and am very happy with the color (sort of an orange-y coral color – not orange enough to scream halloween, but not pink enough to make me vomit).  I did the great eyebrow pluck and since I forced myself to be patient and go slow, I’m VERY happy with the results, just gonna do one more retouch one morning when I see if there are any stray hairs I missed.  Our private dance lesson is today and after that I think we’ll be prepped to dance!

The only thing left really is to pack.  I’ve started a list but didn’t actually get to taking stuff and putting it in bags.  That’s tonight, I believe.  So much stuff, so little bag space. 🙂

It is all happening.  Crazy!  I’m much more excited than stressed/nervous now, so I’m liking that.  See you lovelies tomorrow.

Day 5, 6 Days to Vegas

Wow, less than a week.  Freeeeaky!  The updates continue!

Maybe I dont wanna be THIS unfluffy...

Maybe I don't wanna be THIS unfluffy...

Project: Unfluffy Bride

Well, yesterday the week finally got to me and I broke down and cracked open the bottle of grey goose on the counter as an appetizer, and didn’t end up getting to bed ’til well after 1am.  Normally I’m not this irresponsible on a weeknight, and I had originally had a curfew of 11pm, but I just kept *notwanting*.  So I didn’t.

The good news:  I totally worked it in my calories for the day.  I may not have been in the 1200’s, but I wasn’t over 1500.  Besides being a little low on my fat for the day, I got at least the minimum of all the main nutritional stuffs I should.  I also did both a weights session in the morning and a nice, easy DDR session at night.

The bad news: I drank about 400 calories of vodka and ate a very meager dinner (a veggie burger and a fat free hot dog and half a serving of baked cheetos) so I am STAAAARVING right now.  Since I did it to myself though, my body can deal.  Pho is on the menu in about 10 minutes though, which is both low cal and filling, so I’ll be ok, don’t cry for me, Argentina.  It’s just been a rough, growly tummy morning.

The numbers: 152.4 (yay!), 1454 calories.

I have no idea whether I’m going to work some cardio in tonight, but that’s the goal.  I don’t think the rest is doing me badly at all.  Next week I might step it up *justalittle* because I will have some mandatory days off, but not much.

Hmmm, relaxing for who?

Hmmm, relaxing for who?

Wedding Stuff:

Since I’ve drilled down to a finite list, I’m going to stick with the bullet points.

  • Hairdo.  No progress last night, but I washed, moussed, blow dried mostly straight, and defrizzied it this morning.  I was laaaaazy last night but day 6 of unwashed tresses just wasn’t happening.  It did straight not horribly, but it still is kinda frizzy.  I’m going to give it a day to settle down and tomorrow it’s more heat abuse with straight iron and curling iron time.  I also have to remember that my hair does straight MUCH better in bone dry Nevada than muggy central Texas when I make my decision.
  • Makeup.  Just didn’t make it to the store.  Gonna do that this weekend.  I hope the color works!
  • Music.  We’ve been working through what we want and don’t seem to be butting heads too much so that’s nice!  Ideas for the processional/recessional in the ceremony: Jason Mraz – I’m Yours, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over the Rainbow, or maybe some instrumental steel drums/ukulele stuff.  Through dinner we’re going to play stuff like said music above, plus Beach Boys, Elvis, Buena Vista Social Club, Jimmy Buffet, Doh Ho, Gotan Project, and the like.  We still need to pick out all the “special” songs like our entrance and the bouquet toss and the like.
  • We’ve made a reception time line that I’m pretty happy with.  There was some drama and uncertainty around the “announcement” part (where we make our entrance), but we decided that just we will be announced, and then introduce/thank the whole wedding party during toasting time.  The timeline also gets most of the important stuff done by 4 so if some people need to hit the airport to get home that evening (since the reception was only supposed to be 2 hours), they will only be missing the garter/bouquet toss.
  • Centerpieces.  The estimate came back at 50 per centerpiece, so 400 overall.  Now it’s time to weigh how much I could save by doing them myself vs how much less stress it will be to have them done.  Plus, do I think bouquets that match my bridal one will be better than something less traditional and non-flowery.  I’m going to price things at the craft store this weekend and see if it’s even worth trying to do my own and decide by Monday.
  • Guest book.  Still need to hit that this weekend.
  • Parents gifts.  Got the frames (though one is scuffed so I’m going to exchange it), now just need to get an appropriate picture (now that my hair is no longer standing on end on it’s own).
  • Dancing shoes.  On the list for this weekend.
  • Victoria’s secret – I’ve been told that it’s really not necessary, so I think I’m going to skip it.
  • Going to also skip the robe in favor of a button down shirt – it’s less to pack.
  • Dance-y time.  There is another open practice on Saturday Sunday for free, and we have a private lesson on Monday.
  • Beauty time for Quix.  Time to do the final eyebrow pluck and do a test run with the nailpolish I bought to make sure I don’t hate it.
  • Pre-pack everything this weekend we want to take to make sure it all fits in our bags and we don’t need to either borrow bigger bags from the ‘rents or share the wealth and ask some of our friends to tote a wedding favor or 2 up there for us.

So, here’s the to do list:


  • Work on reception song list.

This weekend:

  • Go to Target (makeup), craft stores (for centerpiece pricing, guest book, and to exchange the frame), and go shoe shopping (dance shoes for me and Zliten).
  • More makeup and hair trial runs.  Realize that a simple, classic ‘do is probably going to be less stress and look better in the photos than something super complicated.
  • Take and frame the parents pictures and write out the notes that go along with them.
  • Pluck the eyebrows and do the nails.
  • Get as much dance practice in as possible.
  • Pre-pack at least once to get an idea of how many bags we need and if there is anything else we need to add to the target list.
  • Finalize reception song list.

Done by Monday:

  • Decision on the centerpieces
  • Know if we need to offload any items to friends/family

Next week: try not to freak out and deal with all the things that come up that are NOT on the list.  I really really have to thank my parents for dealing with all the family questions/issues/whatevs on their side, as I don’t think I could handle it right now.

Yeah, can tell I’ve been documenting at work lately.  I get super bullet pointy.   I do also hope to get a bike adventure in sometime too, as it is too gorgeous of a weekend to waste EVERY hour plotting and scheming wedding stuff.  What do you think on the centerpieces?  Should I spring for them to be just *takencareof* or go with the “Screw that, I can do it on my own – cheaper and BETTER!” attitude I’ve had with most of the wedding.    Any favorite/clever songs you can think of for the fun stuff like our entrance, cutting the cake, garter toss, or just your favorite beachy or wedding music in general?  Take care, blogoverse and have a great weekend!

Fail pictures today, because it’s funny.  And the day is FAILING to already be over.  Yep, that’s it…

Day 4, 7 Days To Vegas

Holy freaking cow.  One week.  I get on the plane in ONE WEEK.  I’m feeling good about how everything is coming along, but sheesh.  That’s very very soon.  Here’s a short update on everything.

Project: Unfluffy Bride

So yesterday I wrote I gained all the weight back that I was so happy to lose weighing in Tuesday.  I thought about it and realized there were two things I did differently between the two days.  First of all, I gave myself the day off working out on Monday.  Second, I had food pretty late.  Yesterday I decided to do both of those again (sorta).  I ate dinner by 8 and only had a hershey kiss after.  I also didn’t do any traditional workout, Zliten and I just went to practice our West Coast Swing for an hour.

So the verdict?  I woke up today at 153.8 lbs.  So no more working out ever again, because that’s the way I lose weight, right?  Well, in my case, maybe.  I thought back on this year, and the “rest periods” I’ve given myself from regular workouts have been approximately 3-4 days in February when I was sick and 2 long weekend vacations where I was walking 3-7 miles per day anyway (both Vegas and New Orleans).  I think I’ve earned myself a little siesta week or 2.  I think it may possibly been why we have fought so hard on this weight loss thing.  I’m getting plenty of sleep, but maybe not enough rest.

While there is still that little voice in my head saying “if you stop pushing hard you’ll never be able to get it back” it’s only a whisper.  I know I can train up to doing anything as hard as I need to.  I worked up to a half marathon and was scared I could never run fast again (my 5ks were barely under 30 mins pushing as hard as I can).  Now I’m at 26-ish 5ks, and worried that I’ll never be able to run more than 6 miles again, heh.  My little goldfish brain always fails to remember that it takes a while to train my body certain ways, and that I can beat any goal for which I properly train and give myself adequate time.

Anyhoo, I did weights this morning and am probably going to do some moderate cardio this evening, either some DDR or go for an easy run if I’m so inclined after work.  But I may not.  It feels good to give myself that freedom this week.

Wedding Stuff:

I said yesterday that working with this wedding coordinator is like working with a plank with a nail in it.  She has been the most frustrating, obtuse, and perhaps un-people-friendly person to deal with.  She sent emails to Zliten and then started berating me over my email about not answering her questions.  I was polite through the whole thing although I had NO IDEA what she was talking about, and then once we figured it out we explained to her that she had been sending emails to just him and I don’t see those, and asked if she would cc both of us on all further emails.

The next email, again, just went to me.  No apologies, no small talk, didn’t even acknowledge she had screwed up.   Sigh.   Like the little button I have from some of the events – this is so going in my yelp review.  Right now though, we’re pretty much done dealing with her unless we have last minute guest additions, and I am still deciding on the table linen colors (depending on the centerpieces).  Seriously, I hope this is the only time in my life where I spent more than 2 minutes worrying about table linens.

So I think the to-do and deal with list (oh, my lovely, lovely lists) is down to a finite and tangible amount of stuff:

  • Hairdo.  My problem with this is I’m now on day 5 of no washing.  This product gives my hair amazing longevity and I’ve been VERY LAZY about washing it.  I’ve also not been drenched in sweat so much.  Tonight is washy time and I’m going to try it dried straight to see if I like that better.  However, I’ve been INCREDIBLY pleased with the curly stuff.  I want to know EXACTLY what I’m going to do with it by Monday and practice it every day next week.
  • Makeup.  I’m pretty set on what I want to do, I just have been using this lipstick with a beautiful color – but comes off if you even look at it funny.  I think I’ve found something suitable in my normal cover girl stay-forever lipstick stuff, just need to pick it up this weekend.
  • Music.  We still need to put the music we want for the processional and recessional on a CD (as we don’t really want the traditional stuff, I want island-y stuff).  We need to have some similar stuff for the reception during dinner and before dancing.  Then, we need to make a fun dancy playlist.   This is going to take a bunch of time this weekend.
  • Reception timeline and coordinating that with our Master of Ceremonies.  Since our reception was extended last week (without even asking – we had reserved 2 hours and they gave us 4), we’re going to do most of the “fun stuff” at the beginning and then spend the last 1.5 hours just dancing/drinking etc.
  • Centerpieces.  I’m going to plan on just getting my own (and am prepared with some ideas), but if the flower arrangements come back as a cheap/easy thing to do, then we’ll go with that.
  • Guest book.  Just have to pick this up this weekend.
  • Parents gifts.  Think we have it figured out.  We’re going to buy nice frames, take a goofy picture of us with an “We love you” sign, and write a note that these will be replaced with our favorite wedding photo after the fact.
  • Dancing shoes.  I got great shoes, however, they’re not great for dancing.  I found a pair in my collection that I don’t HATE, however, I’d like something more appropriate.  Gonna go shopping for that this weekend.
  • Victoria’s secret?  Maybe?  This weekend if I can fit it in.
  • Sort of want a robe to get ready in before I put on the dress, but probably can just be ok with a button down shirt.
  • Dance-y time.  There is another open practice on Saturday for free, and we have a private lesson on Monday.
  • Beauty time for Quix.  Time to do the final eyebrow pluck and do a test run with the nailpolish I bought to make sure I don’t hate it.
  • Pre-pack everything this weekend we want to take to make sure it all fits in our bags and we don’t need to either borrow bigger bags from the ‘rents or share the wealth and ask some of our friends to tote a wedding favor or 2 up there for us.

And…I think that’s it.  Sounds like a lot, but it’s a list.  And if it’s on a list, I can check it off.  And I feel good about that.  Pics today from, because when are LOL cats not appropriate.   Until tomorrow! 🙂

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