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Day 9, 2 Days to Vegas

Holy crapoli, it’s going fast.  Didn’t I just write this for yesterday?

Project: Unfluffy Bride

Well, my calories got away from me yesterday.  I forgot that what we had on tap for dinner was a 700 calorie beast (tuna macaroni and cheese with lots of peas and broccoli) and while I had a pretty light lunch, I snacked before and since we didn’t eat until after 8:30, I was full on hungry again and ate my full half of dinner as I forgot to make the salad that went with it.  I clocked in at just over 1400 calories so I didn’t do myself TOO wrong, but I would have liked to be closer to 1200.  Ah well.  Today is for being better.

Then again, I worked out for about 2 hours yesterday in 3 inch heels.  More on that below, but I definitely earned my dinner.  I also got up this morning and had a euphoria-inducing 3.3 mile run, so I think I’ll survive (I definitely relished the run).  I’m pretty happy that it’s TOM time up in the house (yeah, I know, just in time so it wouldn’t muck with my wedding day, thank you body of mine!) and I’m not even at the “oh crap” weight of 155 (I’m at 154.8, but still – 2 weeks ago I was pushing 158).  I might not have seen under 150 before getting married because timing sucked, but I really think once I get back from Vegas I’ll be well on my way there.

Wedding Stuff:

Our private lesson hour was yesterday, and I showed up in my new sparkly shoes of hotness, and have to report that I was pretty much on them NONSTOP for 3 hours (2 of that dancing, 1 walking around doing dinner, etc) and just toward the end they started to be uncomfortable.  And that was the first time breaking them in.  Totally worth 60 bucks.  I also made sure to dance in a floor length skirt, and didn’t seem to have trouble with that either, so super double bonus.

We told the instructor what song we wanted to do (Fly Me to the Moon) and asked what our options were.  We tried out the basic steps to foxtrot and east coast swing and settled on swing.  After learning west coast, east coast is much easier, at least for us.  It just made more sense.  We learned the basic steps, outside turns, inside turns, cuddles, how to walk on the floor and have him pull me in with a little twirl to start the dance, and a little dip for the end.  In an hour.  We have a lot of practicing to do, but we left feeling pretty confident that we’d be able to get it down.  Triple step, triple step, rock step.  1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6.  And, the 90 minutes of actual dancing I figured we did burnt almost 600 calories.

We also spent the evening combing through the reception dance playlist and eliminating stuff that just didn’t work.  It’s amazing how many songs have just a few curse words in them that you wouldn’t expect.  And since we have kids there, we’re trying to keep it all family friendly, so that has to go.  We’re trying to do a good mix of stuff for everyone and also be stuff WE want to hear.  I love having the control of being able to play what we want, but it would sure be a lot less work having a DJ do it.  Tonight, we go through the dinner play list the same way.

I didn’t actually pre-pack with the dance stuff going on, so that is tonight.  I think that’s the last thing I’m really nervous about – how to get all the crap we need into our little bags.  I’ve even pared down to 3 pairs of non-wedding shoes (I usually bring AT LEAST 5 pairs no matter where we are going or how long the trip is) and am planning to pack ONLY the clothes I need instead of a few “maybe” outfits to fit the rest of the stuff needed, but still.  I’ve got about a full bag of wedding favor stuff, and then there is all the stuff I need to get me ready.   We’ll make it work somehow.  Just don’t know exactly HOW until tonight.

I really think it’s all coming together.  Nothing crazy has come up this week yet.  Just need to keep working on the music and packing and I think we’ll be able to get on that jetplane a-ok and all prepared.

Got something you think I’m forgetting?  Want to tell me to stop stressing about not having anything really left to stress about?  Hit me up.


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  1. I’m so glad everything is coming together! Just had to say tho that your first pic made my whole day. Giggled forever over it!

  2. Miz

    **raises hand**

    Im in for telling you to stop stressing about NOT HAVING ANYTHING TO FRET ABOUT.

    thats my job 🙂

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