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Day 2, or 9 Days Until Vegas…

I am officially going to forgo even the NOTION that I’m going to put together well thought out, informative posts until such time as I return from Vegas and am a happily married lady.  So, for the next two weeks, welcome to my stream of consciousness.   Here’s zee updates.

Project: Unfluffy Bride

Well, well, well.  I guess the voice in the back of my head was right.  See, I was trying “you can lose weight AND be as active as you are and eat like a normal human, really, you can do it!”…but I really suspected that it was more like “to lose the last 20 lbs, you’re going to have to go through some serious pain”.  Both in terms of working out less than I want to, and eating less than I want to.  I’m 2 days in and feel weak.  I don’t feel like I could go out and run for an hour today.  I did 30 mins of DDR and about 30 mins of weights, and I’m BEAT.  And this is after 2 full days (one unplanned) off.  Tomorrow I’m HOPING to go for a relaxed 5k jog but I’m not even sure I’ll be up for it.

The upside: I’m down 3 lbs.  From yesterday.  Pre-workout I weighed 153.0 and post workout I weighed 152.4.  Yesterday I was at 155.4.  Last week, my LOW weight was 156.4.  I don’t expect to continue to see results like this (nor do I want to – it’s just not healthy), but it is giving me the sign that this is the right thing to do.  If I can continue to lose a few ounces each day, I might even make my previous goal of being under 150 by the time I leave for Vegas.  If I find success with this method and want to continue after the wedding, I don’t think I can do it all the time.  I’m thinking maybe 1 week on, 1 week off or something.

So Monday Stats:

Numbers: 1271 calories in, 0 calories workout.

Mood: sorta dismal.  It didn’t help that I really front loaded my day with the calories (150 cal breakfast, 600+ calorie lunch since I went out to tex mex, and 50 calories fruit snack), but then I had to hit the grocery store hungry right after work, and it was PACKED.  By the end of the trip I was *overit*.  I had planned to do a short workout that evening but I was even more *overit*, so instead we had dinner.  Dinner was actually delicious and filling (a filet and a half of mahi mahi in lemon pepper, rice, and stir fry veggies), but then later we flipped on food network and it was Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.  Yeah, that’s helpful after day 1 of calorie restriction.

However, I have to say – seeing 152 point something on the scale made it worth it.   This may be the first time since my race I’ve been that low.  I was fearing that after the day I had it was going to be up to like 157 or something and I was going to be posting a very different thing today.  Today should be easier since I don’t have to navigate a restaurant menu and have big, filling, healthy meals planned, plus I’ve already got my workout done so I don’t have to worry about anything this evening.

Wedding Stuff:

It’s really hard to do this all remotely.  For example, they’re asking me about the table linen colors, and it’s hard to tell what they mean by purple – and saying deep purple isn’t really clearing it up (is deep purple plum or violet or what).  I’m going to walk into everything never having seen the cake, the flowers, etc – and that’s making me a little nervous.  What I do have to keep remind myself is… no one is going to remember if the table linens don’t exactly match the cake which doesn’t exactly match my colors and bouquet.

I’m still finding out how much centerpieces are going to be if they just take care of them, but I’m going to venture that it will be cheaper to do them myself.  The plan right now (unless the flowers end up being supah cheap) is to get to a craft store in Vegas the day before and pick up something, whether it be the tea lights/mirrors/flower petals idea or oversized glasses with something in them (I’d love to put real fish in them – how cool would that be – but since no one is really local, I don’t know what we’d do with them after).

Other things on the list include reception timeline (what happens when so our master of ceremonies can keep stuff moving along), reception play list, some of the wedding party gifts, a few hair and makeup details for me, and I think that’s about it.  Oh yeah.  And deciding whether to do purple and white linens or just white.  Hate that I don’t see anything until the day of.  Wish they could send over pictures – it’s kinda what I expected.  I’m a visual person, SHOW ME the color, don’t describe it.  Le sigh.

Anyone else have something cool to report?  My favorite thing right now is that it’s 12:30 and just about time to eat.  Hooray!

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  1. Divinari

    You could probably also have stuff shipped to the hotel. Ask if you could have a few boxes shipped, and you could order everything online and have it there for when you get there. So you don’t have to go out into Vegas proper.

    I was thinking of real fish, too, but there is the problem w what to do with them.

    I’d go with white linens and accessorize w the table decorations. It’s classic, it’s easy, and you don’t have to worry about colors. Plus, all the table decorations will pop nicely against it.

  2. I thought about that but so many things could go wrong (breakage, the hotel losing it, not getting there in time, etc). I think the parents in law are driving down and it’s something MIL would probably LOVE to help with (she’s very crafty).

    I’m thinking the same thing. White is kinda boring BUT I have a lot of colorful things to put on it, so we’re not going to be lacking in color hehe.

  3. Thought about this post all evening since I read it yesterday. I just gotta say: be careful. 1200 cals/day is too little. You know that. I understand the desire to get smaller for a special day (and what day is more special than your wedding, right?) but you are only getting married for one day, hopefully you’ll be married for the rest of your life. I’m not saying I haven’t done my fair share of crash diets but just… be careful. You are gorgeous how you are now and you will look stunning on your wedding day!

    PS> Love all the colorful flowers!

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