Want to know more about the gal behind the blog? 


By hobby, I’m a triathlete.  I’ve been racing since 2009 and I thoroughly enjoy the contrast to my daily, desk job life.  I’ve placed in my age group a few times and even took one overall win at a very tiny event, but in general, I’m just happy to get to the finish and be a little bit better than last time.  I’m a big fan of swimming overall, the bike and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship – I’m pretty good at it but it scares me a bit, and I tend to love running more than it loves me.  I tend to do much better at the shorter stuff like sprint triathlons and sub-10 mile runs, but the longer distances call to me.  My husband triathletes too and we like spending QT doing stuff like four hour long runs together.  I probably talk about this on the blog way, way, way, way too much, but that’s just the reality of the situation here.

By trade, I’m a Senior Producer of Live MMOs at a family friendly video game company.  I’ve worked in the industry as a QA Tester, Customer Service Rep, Designer, and Producer since 2001.  What does that long ass title mean?  While I joke that I answer questions and emails and make 1000 decisions a day, it is a large part of my job, but not all of it.  I work with my team to bring ideas from the “hey, wouldn’t this be cool if” moment, through the process of refining and creating, and end up at a finished thing that our players can enjoy.  Also, being a producer means doing anything necessary to get things done.  I don’t talk about this a whole lot on the blog because… confidentiality, but it’s definitely a part of my reality.

Other things I enjoy the hell out of:


Scuba diving and snorkeling.  I’ve been in random lakes in Texas, Roatan, Freeport, Hawaii, Key Largo FL, Aruba, Bonaire, Cozumel, Nassau, and I’m always dreaming about the next time I can get underwater.  I love taking the perfect fish picture!

Paddleboarding, kayaking, tubing, water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, etc.  I live for lake and waterpark season.  I’m am never happier than when I’m in or on the water.

It’s a fairly new love, but I’m falling pretty hard for camping and just being outside when Texas gives us beautiful weather.  It sort of kills me to be stuck at my desk when it’s beautiful out, even though I love what I do.

When I AM inside, I love Sci Fi books, TV series, and movies.  Nothing relaxes me more than aliens, lasers, space ships, and if there’s a bit of time travel in there, all the better.

I used to call cooking putting together a sandwich, but over the years I’ve come up with some (sometimes) healthy and tasty recipes.  I really enjoy cooking when I have the time and I’m not so hangry I have to eat 10 snacks to keep me from eating whatever I’m cooking while it’s raw.

Interesting/Weird Tidbits about me:


I lost approximately half a person (115 lbs) at my lowest weight 7 years ago.  I’ve gained approximately a 3 year old (40 lbs) 2 year old (30 lbs) since then.  I’m currently trying to lose a bit of that 2 year old and get back to what I feel like is race weight.  It’s a constant struggle, especially during long distance training, not to gain a bunch of weight.

If you wanted to buy me a drink at the bar, I’d choose good whiskey on the rocks or french red wine.

I want so badly to be good at sewing, but the patience and hand eye coordination required means that it’s probably not going to happen, but who knows?

I am really great at bad puns.  In another life I must have been a dad because I ROCK at the dad jokes.

I’m a consummate planner.  I have a chart of what I plan to eat and do every day (it’s fluid, I don’t freak out if it changes, but I have to have a plan).  I’m probably somewhere between dreaming up ideas to actually booking the next few vacations at this very minute.  If I don’t have 10 different schemes going my life feels empty.

I want to complete an Ironman Triathlon, but I have a feeling I’ll enjoy the training more than the racing part.  We’ll see!

Someday I will actually follow through and finish writing a novel.  Doing an Ironman seems like a less daunting task, though!

If my husband isn’t right by my side at this very moment, I’d rather he be.  We’re ridiculous.