You reluctantly depart the Butterfly Nebula after saying, “It’s just so… beautiful” at least seven thousand times.  Frank and Delphne follow you in their craft, the Mystery Space Machine, as you approach the Ghost Head Nebula.  While you’re not much for superstition, or supernatural apparitions, even you can’t deny this place is pretty gosh darn spooky.

You land on this opulent gothic space station in the middle of the swampy system, and immediately, fog descends around you.  Scraggy and Scooly are shaking in their boots, hugging each other, chattering about ghosts.  Frank and Delphne are in the back, TOTALLY NOT getting fresh with each other, and Vlema is looking for clues.  Ok, Vlema is the brains.  As long as she has her glasses.  Got it.

Right before you is a mansion out of your nightmares, but, if you’re looking for something supernatural, this is DEFINITELY the place for it.  Everyone walks up the stairs, and in the door… which closes immediately behind you. 

It’s like they haven’t encountered an automatic door before.  Scraggy shouts, “Gho gho gho ghost!!!!” and the gang splits up and start running through doors randomly.  For no reason.  The doors all sigh when they’re opened or closed, but they sigh happily.  As if they are finally fulfilling their purpose in life.  They have meaning.  You think you even hear one say… 42.

Whatever.  You’re not doing that.  But, off in the distance, you see something out of the corner of your eye and still not believing in ghosts, you’re going to check it out.  As you walk through the cacophony of the gang running to and fro, Scooly jumps into your arms and says, “gho gho gho ghooooost!” and clings to you.  Ok, the dog is coming with, fine.

You sneak up behind a man putting on some power armor, next to the creepiest looking space ship you’ve ever seen.  You whisper at Scooly, “Go get ’em, boy, he’s got snacks!”

The dog’s desire for chow overrides any fright he has and he pounces the man and tears off his armor.  The gang has finally tired of making the doors sigh rather orgasmically and has joined you to watch Scooly tear this fool apart.

“Good job, Scooly.  Light em up, gang!”  Frank shouts, as they all turn their flashlights on the gentleman, who is now half naked, scared, and covered in drool.

“Mr Jenkins!!!”  They cry in unison.

He shakes his fist at everyone, and says, “I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.  And, you, random person.”

Alls well that ends well.  Space will be a little safer, and less spooky, because of you.  Totally not because of them.  They’re all total losers who couldn’t find the broadside of a space barn.  At least you can return home, collect your wages, and finally pay your interdemential cable bill.