You leave the Black Eye Nebula with five new friends in tow with a bit of a headache. The Space Goblin Slayers had reached the part of their set where they just started playing the same chord over and over and screaming incoherently.  You miss the good old days where music was MUSIC, man.  

“Hey, what’s that in the corner there?” Prince Aquarius questions as you start to take off.

You kick the toaster under your control console.  “Oh, nothing, just some space junk.  Needy frakking space junk.”

As you realize your new lot in life is to be a Space Uber, you actually don’t mind too much – it’s much more fun, and a lot less foul smelling than ferrying Mr. Ed across the galaxy.  You take the Prince and his friends to the HIGHEST place you know, the peak of Olympus Mons.

As you sit and admire the view, the Prince takes out his own guitar and starts strumming.  It sounds like cats fighting or frakking, you can’t decide which.  Thankfully, his friends also start covering their ears, so you don’t have to pretend to like it.

He looks at his instrument and then at you and says, “Dang, this sounds WACK, yo!  I totally need to tun-a it.  Hey, can this ship take us to a place to tun-a it?”

You’re not quite sure if your ears are playing tricks on you with the extra letter at the end, so you’re not sure if he needs a guitar shop, or a deli, or something else.