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Update: #projectraceweight – 6 weeks and change

Inspired by my husband who’s along for the ride as well – I figured since I’ve been glossing over it lately, I should post an update.


Still taking ridiculous selfies so you know not much has changed…

I have been doing this #projectraceweight thing for 6 weeks and 3 days (but who’s counting, right?).  Until this very week, it’s felt like an exercise in frustration, to be quite honest with all y’all.  It may be my fault for not weighing in regularly before that, and not wanting to face the scale right away, but I felt like I was eating so very little and my body was just saying, “Fuck you – you want to deprive me of calories?  I’ll fight you.  Let’s do it.”

I’m used to this for a few weeks.  But then I hit the month mark.  And then 5 weeks.  That’s a long time to eat -1000 calories or so per day without any effect.  I may have bitched and moaned and been a little surly, but I’m nothing if not persistent, so I kept at it.  I couldn’t eat much LESS than I was, so my M.O. was and is onward and through.

Finally this week I hit a few milestones:

  • I have weighed at 189 or under for a full week.  In fact, today I had my lowest weight since August: 184.4.
  • Fitbit says I’ve lost 7.1 lbs in the last month.
  • Most of my t-shirts I abandoned because I felt huge are back into play.  They all magically got longer again!

Let’s concentrate on that 7.1 lbs.  If  I can do that for the next 3 months, I might be able to reach the 160-something promiseland.  It may not be the 150 I was dreaming of, but I knew that was a long shot and would probably take two offseasons to get there.

Looking back, I think I’ve found a few reasons why I’m starting to see some momentum now.

  • Water is life.  I was REALLY bad about that for a while.  This week I’ve been focusing on drinking enough water and I feel better and I think it may be having some effect on the scale.
  • I’m getting a little more actual trackable activity in terms of bike rides, paddling, running, and lifting heavy things on top of the 10k steps per day.  Only a few hours a week, and nothing with much intensity, but it’s still affording me a few more calories.  I’ve not hit the threshold where it’s stimulating a lot more hunger, so I can eat closer to 1500 calories instead of 1200, still be 1000 under my burn for the day, and my sanity is a lot more in tact with a few more calories to play with.
  • Usually, I’m not a huge fan of vitamin supplements, I think that with a healthy balanced diet, you typically get what you need, and my bloodwork tends to confirm it.  However, when eating -1000-ish calories, there are a lot fewer opportunities to get that good nutrition in.  I’ve felt tangibly better this week taking a multi, a B, and a D.

I’ll be quite honest – I’ve gone from feeling despair last week to happiness this week.  I know I don’t lose easily, my body really likes stasis, but I’ve never fought it for SIX weeks like this before.  It’s a good thing that my mind is more persistent.


I’ve considered doing this during long rides too…

And because you made it through 500 words about my weight, here’s a picture of my Iguana sleeping on my aero bars.  Happy Friday!

Bike Love, Fabulousness, and Little Steps

Last week was pretty fabulous.  The rain decided to be a little less of a pest than expected.  I got to play outside a lot, and I was limited by the fact that I was tuckered out from playing, not the weather or schedule conflicts or whatevs.  I liked it.

Monday and Tuesday were about errands and cleaning up and family visits.  We tried to get to the gym to do weights, we even hit the parking lot, but it was COMPLETELY full and we had other things to do and we were hungry so we just left.  It still feels a little weird to be fine with no planned exercise for 3 days in a row, but I got in my 10k steps every day, so it was fine.

2016-04-20 18.46.39

It looks better cropped, I promise. 🙂

Wednesday, we hit the gym for weights and then went to paddleboard and took pictures and hey, lookie, new blog header!  I actually figured out how to make a pretty quick turn, we’ll see if I actually remember how to do that next time.

Thursday, we went for an hour bike ride.  After work.  In traffic.  Around our extended hood, so quite a few stops and starts.  I rocked it like a badass and felt fairly confident doing the clippy thing.  I still have to concentrate on it, but once I learned the motion I’m supposed to do, it just makes sense, and feels so right.  Super nice way to wind down the day.


Happy helmet selfie.  Helmet-fie?

Friday, I wanted to paddle again, but our BSS team had an open water swim at the same lake.  I figured if we were going to be there anyway, we might as well join in.  I used my sleeveless wetsuit for the second time and swam two laps (1500m) in an unimpressive 32-and change minutes, but it felt nice to swim.  Then, we followed up with weights.  It’s nice to lift heavy things again.  I always forget this.

Saturday, we went to go play at Lake Pflugerville again.  It was getting hot, so we ran first.  The run is just not my happy place right now.  Zliten and I set out to do a one loop easy jaunt around the lake, and he took off like a rocket and then gave me THE LOOK like… why so slow?  I was like… nope, not having it, and just ran around the lake the opposite way, enjoying my nice, leisurely 11:50/mile pace.  I’m pretty sure I could be doing better if I was taking a little bit better care of my body, so I’ve got some goals for next week.

Then we got on the bike and apparently the BIKE is my favorite right now, which is just bizarre, but I’ll take it.  We had a gorgeous 10 mile bike ride through Pflugerville in the sunshine.  Considering I have a lot of cycling to do in the next year to get to Ironman, it’s a really good thing.  Yay bikes!


Happy place.

Sunday, we were both beat from lots of playing outside, and we expected rain, so we had planned a couch day.  However, the weather gave us a break and after looking out the windows at gorgeous weather for a good portion of the day, we decided to venture out and take two long walks and go fishing at the pond near our house.  In 30 minutes, we had a few nibbles, but the only thing I caught was the tree a few times while I was practicing casting my line.

This coming week is about taking some more little steps.


I’m getting really lax on my water intake since it’s just pleasant outside and not hot, and I’m not really exerting myself.  Let’s just say my digestive system is definitely feeling it, not to mention energy levels, run performance, etc.  I don’t *really* care about the latter right now, but it’s never a bad idea to drink the proper amount of water.  So, one of my goals this week is to drink 4 – 20 oz bottles of plain or lemon water (non-sweetened) water per day.


On this calorie reduction thing, my commitment at first was simply to eat the proper amount of calories, without care to food quality.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s really helped knowing I could eat whatever the fuck I wanted as long as the bank balance stayed even.  However, it’s lead to these thoughts:

  • But fruit has so many caaaaaalories, I could have a vodka drink instead!
  • I just ate my food and I’m not super hungry.  Instead of a bunch of filling veggies, I’d rather have a small piece of chocolate instead for the calories I have left.

Which, honestly, is fine.  I was getting used to the lower calorie intake and I probably needed reassurance that I wouldn’t have to completely give up those things to do it.  Now that I’m pretty used to this, and I actually have a *few* more calories to play with because I’m more active.  I want to bring the good stuff back into my life.  My goal each day is to eat the recommended 5 servings of veggies and fruits per day.  To do this, I’m going to have 1 piece of fruit with breakfast, aim for 3 of those veggie servings over lunch and dinner, and allow myself a snack (how novel!) of a fruit or veggie.  This should also help with my hydration (see #1).


This is both a decadent meal and totally appropriate after playing at the lake all morning.  Veggies and beans and lean protein balanced with OM NOM NOM baguette with butter on the side.


I generally take the stance that if I’m eating healthy, I’m probably getting all the vitamins and minerals I need.  However, right now, with my lower intake and a little less focus on quality, I’m pretty sure I could use some help.  To this end, I’ll be taking a multi-vitamin, a B-12, and a vitamin D.  I’m taking these specific ones because they’re what I have around the house that I used to take.


Largely unrelated to healthiness, my last main goal of the week is to finish the great surface clean out of 2016 in the bedroom.  We don’t have all that much left but it needs to happen.  We were going to do it on Sunday, but Zliten made a staunch protest of more chores, to which I conceded.  We watched TV and took walks and went fishing instead.  It was nice, but I have a half done vanity area, a giant trash bag in the middle of the floor, and a pile of shit needing to be sorted that have been in the bedroom stressing me out for a week.  Needs. to. happen. this. week.


Everyone in the casa is excited about bikes lately!

Other things on the to do list:

  • Weights twice this week
  • Lots of playing outside when we can.  Lake. Bike.  Maybe even a run if I can drag myself out there (not likely).
  • Gaming Thursday.  Not eating like an asshole during it (or at all, but specifically during it).
  • Going to play frisbee golf on Saturday morning and then visiting with the fam in the afternoon.  Taking a break from the Saturday morning triathleting we’ve been doing.  I want it to stay fun, not something we do because it’s habit.
  • Volunteering at the Rookie Tri on Sunday.  It’s so weird to be in such a different place than I was a year ago, but it will be fun to help out and cheer on friends.

Do you take vitamins or supplements? 


Since we’ve been offseasoning, we’ve had some pretty epic weekends.  This was the first one that we really and truly had kind of a “normal person” Saturday and Sunday.  Sort of.  It was totally the weather’s fault.


Friday night, we went with friends to see Emo Phillips at Cap City Comedy Club.  I’m pretty easy to please with comedy, but this guy was hilarious (as was his opening act).  If you get the chance to see him live, do it!

Saturday, we took our bikes out to Lake Pflugerville and rode for 40 mins in the rain.  I reinforced the fact that a) we do not melt, b) I am out of shape but probably not as bad as I think, c) now that I know how to properly unclip, I kind of can’t wait to keep riding my bike more.


We also ran a mile because a) that’s what you do after you get off a bike at the Pflug, and b) I wanted to get some new header pix for my blog in my new kit at one of the places I typically train.  Feel free to refresh the page until you see it. 🙂  That mile was just under 11 minutes and that is the one pace I have right now.  We’ll fix that later, in a few months.

Kayaking was on the plan but due to the rain and wind we decided to skip it.  We came home and made lunch, and then I was off to a baby shower!  Now, these are not normally my bag, but it was for a very awesome friend and other great people were going to be there who I haven’t seen in a while, so it was a lot of fun.  I mean, look at this creative spread… right?  How could this not signal an awesome afternoon?


We had planned to go dancing that evening, but between the grey rainy day and being on my feet for hours, we decided on a movie night instead.  How have I not seen the Great Gatsby?  That sent us down a Baz Lurman hole and all of a sudden it was very late and I had vodka for dinner.  Oops.

Sunday, we woke up and I made actual breakfast.  With pancakes and hashed browns and everything!  And… then realized that was about half my calories for the day.   Second oops.  We watched a little of the second season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and then it was vanity clean out time.  We got part of the way through the process, and Zliten pleaded severe hunger, so we headed out to do that (protein style burgers at In-n-Out are actually pretty great) and do some errands.

Four hours later, having been through Ikea, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and finally Homegoods, I had the thought… this is what normal people do on weekends.  And it sucks.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to finally get this done, and over the next week or so, clean off all the other surfaces and cupboards in the bedroom.  It causes me stress to see crap everywhere and be like “ugh, I’m a slob I should do something about that” before I go to sleep.  However, I hate errands and I’m not really a cleaner, so it also causes me stress that one whole precious weekend day was dedicated to this type of normal-assery.  It was only made possible by the shitty weather.


The week preceding it was kind of a blur except:

  • We killed lots of stuff in our Dungeons and Dragons game.  This is a small sample.
  • Finished up a few things at work that have taken some pressure off.  While we’ve still got about 3 things on the docket simultaneously, it’s not the 6 it was before.
  • I feel like I made some pretty good goal progress, so let’s talk a bit more about that, shall we?

#projectraceweight is going IMPOSSIBLY slow.  However, this is the first week I’ve had an average weight in the 180s, so it’s something.  Keep plugging along, I will.  I’m finding it hard to believe I’ll reach my goals (even my more conservative ones) right now, but there’s nothing to do but keep at it.  I can’t actually eat much LESS. 🙂

House projects are off to a good start on two fronts – the aforementioned great bedroom clean out and organization, and also, we spent some time looking at Ikea kitchens and it’s time to do some research.  I wouldn’t buy Ikea furniture anymore now that I’m a real adult with a real paycheck, but I have heard their kitchen offerings are pretty decent.  It’s tempting because the price seems right for what we’re looking to do and really EASY, but… what’s the catch?  Where’s the other shoe?

I also got the name of a contractor that a friend recommended, so we’ll pursue that avenue as well.

Biker chick transformation is certainly not complete, but I felt SO much more confident this last week and think that if the rain could just fucking quit it for a moment, I’m a) ready to start bike commuting and b) probably ready to start group riding in a week or two.  I think I’d like to start with the brick session because triathletes give each other more space, it will probably be a gentler experience than heading to another giant group ride.

I’m calling the site done.  I may upload pics into the header as they happen, and I may set up the mail subscription service at some point if I get motivated, but I can certainly live without it.  It makes me happy right now.  Is it wrong that I just spent some time reading random posts because it’s pretty and I like looking at it?

I did weights once last week (Thurs).  I’m still sore (Mon), so obviously I need to be doing them.

I think my scope of “doin’ random thangs” is going to have to reduce a bit.  With friend and family commitments, and house projects we want to get done, it’s probably the one thing that’s going to slide, sorta.  I love the idea of attending stuff like Chicken Shit Bingo or going to random festivals downtown or going salsa dancing, but it’s like… there is only so much effort I have in a given day, and work, friends, family, and frankly outdoorsy type stuff is going to come first.  I guess I’m a little different than I was when I started triathleting and that’s ok.


This week is another rainy mess which means my hair will probably continue to look like the mess above, but it looks like it will be clearing up for the weekend.

By the days:

  • Monday – weights, costco trip, pick up the house that somehow got demolished over the weekend, do laundry (yeah, super fun day… be really jealous of me…)
  • Tuesday – birthday dinner and games with the family
  • Wednesday – Friday – getting outside as much as humanly via bike, run, walk, or hopefully LAKE possible if the rain decides to quit it + one more weights session
  • Saturday – biking and/or running somewhere pretty, potentially dance lessons that afternoon, and some relax time belting out tunes on Rock Band while my husband is at a diaper party (male baby shower – I’m pretty sure the diapers will be all baby sized)
  • Sunday – spending time outside because it’s supposed to be nice and sunny, and hopefully being able to call project bedroom DONE

Nowhere on this list is: eat and drink like an asshole, so I’m going to try to stay away from a lot of that this week and see if I can’t just will myself to be a little bit smaller than I was last week.

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?  Do you like to be outside as much as possible or does nature creep you out?


Camping the Granger, or my #goplayoutside weekend

Guys, I’m totally falling in love with camping.  And I’m really sad my next opportunity isn’t until June.

Let me clarify, there are certain parts I’m not totally in love with:


The sheer amount of SHIT you need to bring to live on your own for two days.  There’s the tent, the air matress, sheets and pillows, all the clothes, firewood, cooking stuff and utensils, all the water, beer, ice and food for two people for two days, chairs, entertainment, and gear for all the sports.  We just BARELY had room for us in the Xterra.  I’m sure we could somehow pare down but honestly, the only thing we didn’t use were the lake toys, and that’s only because it was cold.

The second night of the campfire when it’s kinda making you nauseous.

When the weather randomly decides that instead of the high 70s and sunny on the forecast, it’s going to be 60s with clouds and wind and rain, so you end up not being motivated to do as much cool stuff as you wanted.  Also, once you get cold, it’s really hard to get warm when you can’t just turn up the heat.

For all the little hassles, there is one GREAT that makes me counting the days until we can go again.  Camping clears my head and quiets my soul.  It’s amazing how once you turn off your phone and realize that there’s no need to stress or hurry, because all you have planned this evening is cooking dinner and sitting by the fire.  It’s like an all inclusive on an island somewhere, except much cheaper and easier to get to (albeit with less fruity drinks and ocean views, but still).


For all the things we bring, however, we have setup down to a 20 minute science.  Friday was no exception.  We got there around 5:15 and just after 5:30 we started exploring.  We toured the campsite, found a super cool haunted bridge that lead to an awesome hiking trail, saw so many wildflowers, and also found the scariest bathroom with SO MANY BUGS.  I’m so lucky I didn’t get any mosquito crotch nibbles.

The rest of Friday was for cooking hot dogs, drinking crappy beer and sipping Fireball, singing to Zliten’s drumming, and playing chupacabra dice.  Super fun times.  We went to bed a little after midnight.

Saturday just before dawn, a very loud owl came home from a night on the town and was all “hooooooo hoooooty hooooooo hoooo” on the tree right outside the tent.  Between that and all the trucks rumbling by getting ready for fishing or driving people to the bathroom right next to our campsite, I was up earlier than I would have liked.  I was FREEEEEEZING so I put on every warm article of clothing I owned and curled up and stayed in the tent while Zliten made us a badass breakfast in his new dutch oven – breakfast tacos with beans, garlic pepper bacon, and cheese.


Proof that we don’t actually melt…

We lounged and hammocked and read for a while while the weather osculated between OMG I’m going to storm and JUST KIDDING, I’m just a little cloudy and windy.  Around noon, we decided fuck it, we don’t actually melt, and got dressed and on our bikes.  The ride was pretty nice – only one asshole that cut the pass pretty close on the main country road to get to Granger Lake, and once we got to the dam, everyone drove nicely.  Which was great, because it started raining pretty hard.

The scenery was nice, it felt good to ride a bike that doesn’t take so much effort to pedal, and I actually did a very slow careful unclip of only one foot and rest on the other at the turnaround, like a big kid non-scaredy cyclist.  We stopped for a few minutes to take some pictures with our bikes in the flowers as dorky triathletes do… hey, no judgies, I need new blog header material!

It is definitely offseason, because 12 miles at around 15 mph average was totally enough.  I’m starting to look forward to building that up again, and I have big plans to do a 30-40 mile ride around that lake sometime during training, but for now, I’ll be happy to be out of shape and happy.


My husband – hunter of the stick fish!

After we put the bikes away, we wolfed down some sandwiches and met up with Zliten’s dad to fish away the rest of the afternoon.  I got one nibble about 6 minutes after casting my first line, but it got away.  After that, the only thing we caught were stick-fish (that is, getting the line caught on debris in the water), and we got rained on quite a bit, but it was a nice mellow afternoon.

Chicken, taters, and salad was the order of the evening.  I really do like how evenings are very SLOWWWW while camping.  Once the sun goes down, there’s really nothing to do but cook dinner, stoke the fire, and relax.  After singing the praises of our dutch oven once more, we tucked into our books and drank some punch (diet sprite, diet juice, and vodka watered down with lots of melty ice).  I took a break to play some dice with myself while Zliten was still engrossed with his book – oddly enough, right hand won 20 rounds, left hand only won 13.  Poor lefty.

Luckily the owl decided to stay somewhere else and it was nice and cloudy, so we slept like rocks until 9:30.  Crazy!  Zliten made us more badass breakfast tacos, we hung out a bit, and realized the weather wasn’t getting any better, and packed up and went home.


Unfortunately, Friday’s beautiful sunset did not foretell a sunny lake-filled weekend.  But beautiful it was…

Lessons learned from this round of #goplayoutside for the weekend:

When it’s not summer it’s generally cold at night.  Even if the weather seems nice, bring lots of comfy warm clothes (sweats, pajamas, leggings, etc) that you can layer up and potentially sleep in.  Also, shoes besides running shoes and one pair of sandals would be nice.

Related: don’t worry about overpacking clothing while camping.  Make your best guess, but realize you’ll PROBABLY get it wrong and end up wearing the same outfit for 2 days because it doesn’t matter.  Campfire is stronger than BO anyway.

Campsite near the bathroom?  Great.  Closest campsite to the bathroom with a giant floodlight on a one way road where everyone has to drive past to leave the area?  Not as great.  We’ll choose more wisely next time.

The dutch oven is awesome and can cook just about anything.  Next time, I’ll be a little more adventurous with our meal planning.


Do you enjoy camping, or, like my parents, do you call roughing it a hotel without an indoor pool?

One Month

Tomorrow will be one month into #projectspring and I wanted to do a quick progress check.  I have quite a few goals, and I want to get through as many of them as I can.

House projectsslow start.  We cleaned out the workout room, but have not yet made the purchases to set it up as the pain cave.  We’ve talked about kitchen and deck remodels and looked at sheds at Lowe’s but haven’t done much else.  This weekend, we’ve got plans to tackle either the office or the vanity area, so we can cross that off the list next check in at least!


After actually unclipping the right way and not falling down, I took pictures to celebrate the momentous occasion!

Becoming a biker chickslow start, but picking up.  I rode my bike (with the clips) twice last week and more importantly, I spent 10-15 mins in the backyard with Zliten holding me up practicing the “unclipping one leg and resting on it without unclipping the other” move.  Proudly, I did that once, very slowly, with no traffic around, on the ride on Saturday.  I plan to ride (if just around the block a few times) a few times this week and continue to practice, and ride this week at the Pflug if I can find a non-stormy window of time.

Energy and enthusiasm backcheck.  While I’m not waking up before my alarm (most of the time), I’m not dragging myself out of bed (most of the time) either.  I feel like a different person – a peppier and happier person.  I’m back to making plans and being excited to follow through on them instead of dreading them.  I’m spending as much time as humanly possible outside and loving it.


This is both a happy face and a smaller face.

#projectraceweightcheck on the following the plan, sort of check on the body deciding to cooperate.  Besides the two camping weekends where I did my best to be REASONABLE and get a lot of activity, I’ve followed the tracking as close to -1000 calories per day plan for a month now.  I’m definitely looking better, I’m definitely feeling better, but the scale isn’t really budging (much) yet.  It’s ok.  I’m following what has worked for me in the past and I’m seeing some progress and I’m being patient.  On Friday the 15th I take one month progress pics and I’m pretty sure I’ll see a difference.

The exercise part of #projectraceweightsorta check, sorta not.  10k steps per day, I’ve nailed it.  Yesterday was the first day in 3 weeks I didn’t, because my uterus decided it wanted to wage nuclear warfare on me with the worst cramps I’ve had in many, many years (TMI maybe but… OW).  6 303 muscle relaxers (throughout the day) and 3 aleve pills (all at once) barely fought it back to the stage before *crying on the floor in the fetal position*.   I have not yet resumed weights and I still feel like I need a little more time to heal my body (and brain) before I get into high intensity short intervals.  But, I have swam in the lake, ridden my bike, and ran at least a few times with some level of intensity so not all is lost.

Doing something with this sitesomewhere between in progress and check. It is so, so, so, so much better than it was before.  I still have a small list of things I’d like to do… (edits as I do them…)

  • Widget for mail subscription – researching…
  • Widget/form for contacting meDONE
  • Widget for related posts – DONE!  I had to retag all the posts, but I decided to only go back a few years.  But that’s fine.
  • Update the content of all my pages – DONE!
  • About me widgetDONE!
  • Take more picture for the roating header image that are the appropriate size (apparently, I’m a vertical picture taker, not horizontal!) – ongoing, as I go do cool shit I’ll get more pics.
  • Decide if I want to do something with the fairly plain Adjusted Reality header (image background? color? just leave it as is because it’s clean an uncluttered?) – inclined to leave it alone after consideration.  I’m not an artist and I tend to clutter stuff up I shouldn’t. 🙂
  • Decide on a tagline.  Do I like the created-on-a-whim “becoming more awesome one day at a time” or is that silly? – DONE! found one!  I may change these as my fancy strikes, but I’m happy with it for now.

…but if my site didn’t change at all for a while, I’d still be pretty happy with what I’ve done so far.  Any opinions or things that look weird, or things you like to see on a website, hit me up in the comments!

Finish processing the Bonaire picscheck.  Can we go again, like, now?


If you want to check out my public album, it’s HERE.

Camping tripscheck.  We’ve gone twice.  I’ve definitely got the bug.  I think we’ll have to skip May’s trip due to other commitments but we’re already talking about where to go the first weekend in June!  This has definitely reminded me how awesome being outside is and how I don’t have to be triathlon training to enjoy it.

Water timecheck.  I’ve been in (swimming) or on (paddleboarding, fishing, etc) quite a bit this month and it will only get more and more prevalent as the temperatures rise.  This week it’s warmer (yay) but also stormy (boo), so we’ll see how it goes.  Also, I am counting the days (46) to the water park opening!

Doing Thangskinda check and more this month.  While I don’t feel like I’ve been boring, I haven’t really fulfilled the spirit of this particular thing.  The next 3 weeks we can’t escape town and go camping or anything, so we’ve got more of these types of plans.  This week, we have a comedy show and Saturday night dance lessons + social dancing on tap!  In 2 weeks, we have a festival in Temple, TX to go to.  I don’t know what’s between then, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

Crafty and creative in my spare timenot yet.  Maybe once it becomes a little less awesome to be outdoors every moment.


Beautiful weather trumps crafts.  Sorry.  Always has, always will.

Here are five goals for things I would like to accomplish in the next month that I probably will ignore if I don’t specify:

  • Incorporate weights at least 2xweek.  If that’s all I add in April to my general activity, that’s fine.
  • Have what we want pretty well documented and get at least one estimate for the kitchen and/or patio remodel.
  • Ride my bike with the clips 3xweek.  If nothing else, around the block a few times.  Spend some time practicing clipping and unclipping like a rockstar each time instead of a scaredy biker.
  • Bike commute to work at least once a week.
  • Finish up the work on my website so I can cross this one off the list (either do all the things on my list or decide I can live without them).

Cheers to a great first 28 days of #projectspring, and an even better next 28!

Ask the audience: what did you do last weekend?

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