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SoC: My Closet and Other Nerdy Girly Clothing Stuff

Another day, another ramble.  Where will it go?  Who knows…

I’m feeling pretty cute today.  I have on a purple tank top (my love for purple shirts lately knows no bounds) that’s sorta long, a little past my hips.  Over it, I have a light, zip up black jacket that when zipped, only comes up to about my hips, so the tank top shows up underneath the jacket.  I’ve got my newest thrift store jeans on – size 7s (woo) which I always forget to wear because I think they’re going to be too small.  They’re a little out of style since they’re that medium washed color and everyone is all about the dark jeans lately, but they fit like a champ.  They are my new “hot ass” jeans – which, I’m sure you can infer, make my ass look smokin’.  Rounding out the outfit are some hoops from Target, a purple/grey/black beaded necklace I made myself, and a turquoise bracelet that was a birthday present from a friend.  Oh, and some Tommy Hilfiger black wedgie shoes (bout 4 inchers).

I love when an outfit comes together and I’m walking into work and see myself in the reflective door when I’m coming in from the parking lot and think to myself, “who is that babe walking behind me wearing the same outfit – ohhhh…wait that’s me….”.  The shoes give me the appearance of being tall (why oh why am I not 5’10”) and the combination of the jacket and tank make me look like I actually have a waist.  I don’t.  I haven’t taken measurements in a long time but I’d bet I’m 36 28 28 or something like that.  I am the epitome of an inverted triangle, and it takes a really good ensemble to hide that.  Today, I win!

I also love being thrifty.  The jacket and pants came from Savers, and cost about 5 bucks each.  The tank came from Academy and was 5 as well.  The shoes – well, those were 40 but that was a huge splurge and I’ve worn the crap out of them.  The ones I had on instead and changed out of (because I’ve worn them a few times this week already) cost 2 bucks.  Today sort of makes me want to clean out my closet and throw out everything that doesn’t make me feel this fabulous.

However, I am starting another clothing “experiment” next week.  Let me explain the set up of my closet.  My “shirt rack” has shirts arranged in two categories – hot weather (tees and tanks) and cold weather (long sleeves and sweaters).  Within each category, they are in color order, so each shirt has it’s place.  What I did last year at the beginning of each season was made a rule that I had to wear each shirt at least once before I could wear anything again.  This made me realize I totally overbought during the winter because I had shirts I wore only once.  This warm weather season, I’ve been lazy.  I’ve worn whatever I felt like, which makes me gravitate to the same 10 shirts or so.

Sunday, after all my laundry is put away in it’s place, I am going to count the number of shirts I have.  Each evening, I am going to have Zliten give me a random number, and whatever shirt that ends up being, I have to make an outfit around it.  I’ll make exceptions if I have to dress for an occasion (like I know I’m going to leave work and have to go out or whatnot).  Weekends will probably be just whatever I grab for whatever we are doing, like normal.  After a shirt is worn, it will be taken out of “play”, and cannot be worn again until I get through everything.  If I cannot make an outfit out of it (and it’s not for a good reason like I just wore the only two pairs of pants that go with it and it goes PERFECTLY with this skirt but my legs are like hairy monsters), it goes in the donate pile (which oddly enough, all ends up at my moms).

Why do I go through such lengths?  First of all, it’s kinda fun.  I went through so many years of dreading my closet, and so many days where I just wanted to give up and wear a mumu because nothing looked good.  Now, the fact that I can just rely on a random number generator and put together something cute – this is a little slice of bliss for me.  Second – I have a lot of shirts.  I’m going to say I could probably go about a month and a half without rewearing, and that’s just from my casual, non going out, warm weather shirts.  Oddly enough, I have way fewer pairs of pants – (about 12) and even fewer shorts (3).  Again, I have my favorites, but I definitely cycle through them regularly.  I have a large variety of skirts, but most of those are on the chopping block as well.  Most of them make me look frumpy now – which was ok before when I was hiding obesity, but now if they don’t make me feel fabulous, they gots to go.

Have I said that I love thrifting?  I know, I know, but it’s not just the money spent, it’s that I have very little attachement to these clothes.  I have my favorites, but if something doesn’t work, I have no problems giving away a 4 dollar shirt I had for a few months to make room for the next shopping trip, where I’ll come back with a lot more fun stuff to play with!

Okay, that’s enough – 900+ words on clothing?  Yikes.  Imma gonna take my smokin’ ass, big head, and overstuffed closet and try to get through the rest of the day and have a nice mellow weekend.  What’s in YOUR closet?  Do you play clothing games too or are you more like Zliten, who pretty much grabs for something with his eyes closed most days?  Do you feel fabulous today?  What’s your favorite outfit?  Any cool weekend plans?  Do tell, do tell.  And even if you don’t, have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you in June.  Which also happens to be my race month.  Eek, it’s almost upon us…*disappears to freak out*


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  1. Hee. I love clothes. I’m such a girly girl that way. So I totally know what you mean about getting dressed and everything just working well together and being like “Hot dang I look GOOD.” And purple? Is totally my favorite color these days!

  2. zliten

    glad to be your random number generator.

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