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The Hungries

I’ve always thought this little guy was kinda cute:

For those of you who haven’t seen this adorably annoying little guy before, he’s the latest weight watchers (anti?) mascot.  This is the little guy that follows you around, terrorizing you at every corner.  Apparently, WW is supposed to help you avoid the hungries, which I cannot attest to, as I never have followed the plan, but maybe I should start.

Holy fuck, I am a human garbage disposal lately.  The first month of half marathon training, I didn’t notice much of a difference.  It’s not like I was training all that much harder than normal.  Two short fast runs, and the difference was one longer run – but really?  No biggie.  The second month, I was a little hungrier, but mostly I just craved PROTEIN.  In my belly. Now now now.  I would actually snub my nose at carbs for more protein and fats.  This is NOT NORMAL for me – I like my meat as a condiment.  I was starting my day with a 30g protein bar, having a sandwich with 1/4 lb of meat on it, a handful of pistachios for a snack, and then having at least another 1/4 to 1/2 lb of meat with dinner.  I also developed the habit of sitting at my desk and mowing down veggies with reckless abandon.

This last month it has been out of control.  I am easily outeating Zliten most meals lately and getting to rival our friend P.  The one who we use his name as a verb meaning to assault the refrigerator.  I have to be extremely careful to keep myself on almost exclusively healthy food.  Month two, it was what I was craving.  It was the holidays so I had some, sure, but I wasn’t standing in front of the fridge shoveling shit into my mouth.  Now, if you put something in front of my face, chances are I will a) be hungry and b) eat it.  This has been dangerous – as we have houseguests/temp roomates who don’t cook quite as healthy as I do (which is fine, as 99.9% of the world doesn’t either) and have danger danger foods around like cupcakes and cinnamon toast crunch and potato chips.

That being said, I haven’t been under my “oh shit” weight of 155 for at least 2 months.  I’m closer to 156-158.  Or maybe worse.  I’m actually a little afraid to get on the scale this week.  I have lumps and bumps in places I probably shouldn’t.  But you know what?  I’m feeling strong when I run.  I don’t need to inhale sugar twice during a 12 mile run to make it.  I recover a lot quicker after longer, faster mileage.  My body doesn’t feel like it’s falling apart this week like I did last time – I feel strong.  I’m sure I can attribute some of this to the different training, but I am pretty sure it’s also the way I’ve been eating.  I kinda don’t want to get on the scale right now not just because I want to be in denial (ok, maybe just a little), but because I don’t want to be compelled to restrict calories.

For example – today’s eats.

Breakfast – 270 calorie protein bar

Lunch – 1.5 cups of leftover homemade chili, a gigantic salad with full fat jalapeno ranch dressing

Snacks – handful of pistachios, about 2 cups of raw veggies, a peach


More snacks – pretzels, melba toast and spreadable cheese, more veggies, rice cake (go to cupboard, shove food in face)

Dinner – 1/3 lb of pork roast, 1.5 cup of cauli-taters (half cauliflower, half mashed potatoes), 2 cups of asparagus, and 1 cup of broccoli

Dessert – 3 hershey kisses

It’s kind of disgusting.  I’m actually trying to be good or I’d continue to eat because I am not very full.  But I know I have a nice big amount of food for tomorrow at work (protien bar, greek yogurt, blackberries, a plum, a gigantic turkey sandwich on sprouted grain bread, more veggies, and a backup soup in case I chew through all that and want more).  I’m sure my boss who I share my office with thinks I am a) a rabbit b) a piggie c) slightly insane, but whatevs.

So, for now, I’ll continue to consume 2 lb bags of baby carrots at my desk in 3 servings, outeating all the boys, and running strong.  I’ll give myself this week, and next week for recovery.  Then, it’s on like donkey kong to try to get down to my maintenance weight.  But no hurry, I have the rest of my life, right?


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  1. Oh lordy I know that feeling! I wish I was running as much as you are to help compensate – I’m struggling with the C25K program!!

    But holy yum – jalapeno ranch dressing sounds good!

  2. It’s true- Hershey Kisses DO sound more fun than baby carrots. But I applaud your honesty and resolve to eat better. You sound like you got it all together! And thanks for the comments on my post- I love your encouragement. 🙂 I am really enjoying this “rest” week!
    Alison 🙂

  3. Divinari

    Okay, so this waxes a little … something, but I think it’s good advice nonetheless. Meat is very, very acidic in nature for your body. To keep everything in happy working order, your body should be slightly alkaline in nature. Things like leafy greens and veggies are alkaline. But a easy cheater way of doing it is taking a greens supplement. I take this once or twice a day – . I like the berry flavor. I’ve tried the regular flavor, but it’s a little too green-mucky for me. I’m told the chocolate flavor is disgusting. You can get it for like $15-20 for a jar thingy that lasts nearly a month.

    Plus, it’s uber good for your body. 😀

  4. Divinari

    though it does sound like you’re getting a lot of veggies, which is good. 😀

    Also, another take on cauliflower? Roast it. Toss w olive oil, dust with curry powder, lemon pepper, just salt, whatever, roast at 400 (I think) for 20-25 mins. So amazing.

    (okay, more detailed – preheat oven and cookie sheet at 400, take apart cauliflower so they’re all in little bitty florets, toss w olive oil and seasoning of choice. When the oven’s hot, put in cauliflower and roast for 10 mins, then shake and use a spatula to flippy the bitty florets, rinse, lather, repeat. Check for the details. ‘Cept I don’t use all her ingredients.)

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