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Sleepy Sleep Bot

Halfassed 5 things Friday back because my brain is friiiiiied, yo.

1.  One of the things that comes along with my promotion is I get to hire my own associate.  I am getting a kick out of this, probably more than I should.  We don’t have any internal candidates yet, and the external ones – frankly – are kind of intimidating.  Two have game project management experience since I was a freshman in college, and one has industry experience back to when I was 6.  I mean, I was a precocious child and had my multiplication tables down and was reading chapter books and all, while this person was managing projects.  They didn’t go that far back, but it’s entirely possible they were pushing pixels when I was learning how to poo poo potty.  And these people are applying to be my assistant.  I love it, but I wonder how I’d feel working for someone younger than me.

2.  Last night Zliten and I stayed up talking work until 2am with a little booze.  It felt good.  We used to do it all the time, and now we get to again!  You think working for the same place would mean less to talk about, but it’s not the case at all!  I’m sure it’s all honeymoon phase for both of us, but it feels really good to not have to vent vent vent but actually rave rave rave and bounce ideas off each other.

3.  Tonight has been a week of needing a lot of sleep.  I have dubbed myself sleepy sleep bot.  I didn’t do any morning workouts until Thursday (50 mins of biking) and I slept about 9 hours a night except last night.  My body just needed lots of rest.  The dudette abides.  Tomorrow is a very active day though – doing a 10k in the morning (outside hopefully) and some weights, and then it’s company picnic time!  Totally looking forward to an awesome day…

4.  I might be having trouble taking off weight, but Zliten decided to hop on the scale after about a month of trying to be good, and he is down 4 lbs!  Go Zliten.  We’re both at about the “I wanna lose 10 lbs” stages right now so it’s nice to see at least one of us succeeding!  Two more weeks and I get to check out my progress… not weighing for a month is hard but I think it’s been good for me.

5.  I honestly can’t think of anything else to report.  So I will make this #5 ask the audience random question happy fun time.  Would you ever work with your significant other?  Ever had to work with a weird situation?  Any awesome accomplishments this week fitness, work, life, or otherwise?  Ever feel just super tired for no reason?

Have a wonderful weekend peoples!  More substance next week, I promise.  Sorta.  If I can. 🙂


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  1. Boys seem to take off weight differently than girls. Frustrating for us – but congrats to him!! Keep at it lady, yours will come off too ;o)

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