Sometimes you make plans and the universe laughs at them.

Spending most of my days like this lately, could be worse.

Just ONE day after laying out this plan, Joel started feeling awful. The next day, my father tested positive for Covid, and the day after, so did my husband. While I tested negative at first and did everything I could not to get it (wearing masks in the house, sleeping in separate bedrooms), it wasn’t to be and on Wednesday night I got a scratchy throat and by Thursday afternoon I was just laid out sick.

Up until last Thursday, I was following my plan nicely, but after that, it’s been a goose egg, and that’s intentional.

Last Thursday and Friday, I really just felt low energy and brain-foggy to go along with my scratchy throat and decided to go to the doctor to ask about any options, and also to get a test for sure. She talked with me about the possibility of doing some medication and also an antibody infusion because I asked about them, but then didn’t recommend them for me (unknown side effects for likely no benefit for the former, and my risk factors were so low it was unlikely I’d get the latter). She sent me home with orders not to exercise for 10 days (and no intense exercise for 14 days after that), advice to take a multi w/zinc, 1000 IU Vitamin D, and 500 mg Vitamin C 3xday. She offered a prescription cough medicine, which I declined, as Nyquil has never not done its thing for me.

My goal was to aggressively rest/sleep through the weekend to get healthy as quick as possible, but my plans were foiled by a VERY painful sore throat to the point where I had no voice. I couldn’t sleep unless I was sitting up or – this is lovely – the snot would run down the back of my throat and make it feel like knives were stabbing me, so I was napping in 15–30-minute segments which is OBVIOUSLY not optimal for recovery. Or anything, really. NOTE TO SELF: always get the dang cough medicine, even if you don’t use it.

Was SO jealous of my lizard’s sleeping capabilities last weekend

We called back on Monday and got that rectified, it cost me all of 2.01$ to fulfill. I “went” to work that day (in my home office) and told everyone I had no voice and I was going to push off most meetings, which actually afforded me a nice quiet day to get some stuff done. I had no intention on staying the whole day, but I felt good, and it was actually relaxing to dig into work and put together a plan. I approached every day last week the same way, ready to bounce out if I felt bad, but I never did.

However, the brain fog was REAL. The lack of sleep inflated the problem, sure, but this was… bad. I had no choice but to play my league Bloodbowl game last Sunday and it was like swimming through mental soup to try and figure out how to even move the pieces on the board let alone strategize. I don’t lose very often these days, and certainly don’t lose 4-1. Monday, I found that if I could focus on ONE thing, I was awesome. The minute something else appeared in my viewfinder… first thing goes *POOF*. I am typically excellent at keeping a multitude of plates spinning. Early last week, I’d start spinning one plate, and then when I had to spin the next one, the first one just didn’t exist anymore. I was an interesting conversation partner, easily distractable, but hopefully at least amusing at my most “Squirrel” times. It all got a bit better later in the week but I’m still not feeling quite as sharp as normal.

It hasn’t been all bad though. First of all, I wasn’t able to eat much with the sore throat and was DEFINITELY not drinking during this escapade. Even now, I have very little appetite (because I’m not really doing anything) so the June trend line is looking… a verra nice.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png

Second slice of happiness: it’s been an excuse to slow the eff down. For the last week, we’ve been in the pool every day and started walks again on Wednesday – extra vitamin D to hopefully shorten our convalescence. Without the ability to be quite as megamanaical in all facets of life, I’ve just kind of given myself permission to do a little less this month, and that feels nice. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE doing a lot, but it’s a refreshing break to be okay with less for just a little while.

Lesson learned: anything can be pool food if you try hard enough. I present to you: pool chili!

So, today we are set to test again later today and that will determine how we proceed into next week. If’n we’re negative and resume all plans as schedule, it’s a busy one. We’ve got chiropractor and massage appointments and want to go back to the office and play in our D&D game and we’re hosting a family gathering on Saturday and we’re itching to get back to the gym and strength training with the trainer. If’n we’re still positive, then almost all of that drops off and life waits one more week. Whew, after listing all of that out… not sure which result I’m rooting for (obviously negative as I’d like to have the choice, but still…).

No matter what, the ten-day exercise ban ends tomorrow, and I’m ready for it. I aim not to overdo it, but I’m ready to get back on the bike (inside, at low intensity), continue walking, and make some use of the swim treadmill on the lower settings for short segments. I’m ready to get back to at least 3xweekly weights sessions even if I keep it a little light for the first week or two. I’ve spent so much time on the couch/in bed that I know my body could use some stretching so that will be on the plan next week fer shure.

More walks outside on tap next week looking at these beauties all around the neighborhood.

I’ve done a pretty bang-up job not eating like a complete jerk over this ordeal, and the goal will be to start tracking again tomorrow to keep it that way. I don’t want to starve myself because I’m still not 100%, but once I get back to normal daily life, I want to make sure that line keeps going the right direction as quickly as possible!

I’m incredibly happy that I was able to avoid Covid for about 2 1/2 years, and will continue to take precautions not to get it again as much as possible, but thankfully, my experience was mild. We’ll see what the long term effects are (fingers crossed for none!) but I’m thrilled to be over the hump of the sickness and on the mend. Now it’s my mission to NOT EFF IT UP.