Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain


Last week was a bit tricky – racing Sunday always throws things off.  Also racing Tuesday REALLY threw things off.  Also, Wednesday was that one day of the month where I’m just dead, and then there was packing and camp-stuff-gathering, and, oh yeah, Zliten was working overtime.

So, just another regular week in our crazy lives.

Totally, totally worth it though.   It was so amazing to get away from the internet and civilization for a few days.  I haven’t felt so fabulously carefree and happy for a while.  Absolutely nothing that I had to do or nowhere I had to be… *contented sigh*  Zliten and I just kept joking how it was the worst weekend ever.  How much we hated it.  How could he drag me to this awful place.  And then giggling because we were both having the most fantastic time.

Friday, we left work at 5 – we already had most of the car packed up, but then came home and shoved the rest of the stuff in.  We really and truly brought too much, but being our first solo camping trip, we decided that overpacking was fine.  We only found a few things that would have would have liked to bring (a rug for outside the tent, a broom, one extra bag of ice, more things to grill, a cushion for the bench for my princess-ass, water shoes, and 1 more day).  The main stuff we brought was a tent, an EZ up for shade (which we didn’t use), air mattress, pillows, blankets, a first aide kit, a few flashlights and headlamps, lounge chairs, 2 coolers full of food and drink, a cooler to make adult punch, swimsuits, towels, clothes, kindles, and games.

It took us only 30 mins to set up, and we had purchased to go salads that evening, so we sat down and ate.  The plus side was we got to eat early, but the negative was that there were grills going on all over and it smelled awesome!  We decided that next time, we would grill more.  After our dinner, we loaded up on bug spray and drank some wine and beer and played tons of games into the night as the hippies next to us sang and played guitar.  I looked up at one point and felt smacked in the face with a gorgeous smattering of stars.  Holy crap, stars!  We don’t get those at home!  Around 1am it got quiet, and we headed to the Eva Bundle bed in the bedroom.  I read for a while by flashlight and then drifted off with a gorgeous view of those stars through the translucent parts of our tent.

So, let me take a second to discuss how awesome this camp site is.  We have power.  We have running water.  We have a very clean restroom and very clean showers less than .25 mile away.  From the restrooms, we can see the lake.  It’s about .5 mile to the awesome water hole, and while we spent a lot of the morning reading, once it got hot (probably in the 90s), we headed for the water.  I had intended on swimming laps, but it ended up being very rocky, so we just sort of paddled around for an hour or two, and watching the cliff divers jump.  I would normally be among them, but considering the amount of money we’ve got invested in race fees… I decided I would stick with things that would less likely to make me end up DNSing a mess of races this year like conquering the little rocks in the middle of the lake.

Then, lunch of turkey sandwiches (still not grilling – again will change that next time…).  And more reading.  And a nap.  And more reading.  And some adult punch.  Another walk to the water hole for another hour of rinse and repeat earlier.  Then grilling (organic grass fed, you can take me camping but not all the way…) hot dogs and smores.  Then some more adult punch.  Then more games as the sun went down.  Then more reading.  I cannot express in words how awesomely wonderful and amazing and peaceful and full of just pure joy and goodness I felt all day.

Also, the lack of AC and just being out in the heat and the sun felt AMAZING.  When it got close to 100, we’d just repeatedly douse ourselves in water and feel better.  We’ve taken to spending a lot of time outside lately with tri training, but a whole day just felt… so, so good.

What didn’t feel great was the air mattress the second day – it lost a bunch of air and sent me careening into Zliten whenever I adjusted my position.  So it wasn’t all that bad. 🙂

In the morning we read again until it started to get hot.  Book count on the two day trip: 1.5!  It was glorious to read so much.  I wish I could find time to do that at home…

Then, we packed up the car, which took 30 mins – I packed up most everything else and took it to the car while Zliten took down the tent and air matress.  It is so nice feeling strong again, hauling the coolers and bags were like no big d.  We took one more trip to the watering hole, dried off and changed, and started our trek home.  Our plan was to get some out of the way down home BBQ in Burnet, but nothing was open, so instead, we got some fried catfish goodness when we were closer to town. 🙂  We were still on vacation, so it was totally fine.

So, so, so amazing.  A+.  Would go again.  I wasn’t entirely sure I would love it, but I really really did.  I wanted another day there.  For someone who says that roughing it was a hotel without an indoor pool, I loved it a lot.

My workouts suffered but I think I’ll live:

Monday: 30 mins weights, short 800yd swim
Tuesday: splash and dash race (750m swim, 2 mile run)
Wednesday: practically unconcious (off)
Thursday: 32 minute trainer (10.45 miles) and 25 mins weights
Friday: setting up camp
Saturday: walking a billion miles around the campsite, 2 hours of swimming
Sunday: walking half a billion miles around the campsite, 30 mins swimming, packing up camp

So yes, a textbook training week…right…  I feel rested, recovered, and actually really enthusiatic about training this week, so mission accomplished.  I’ll need to hold onto that feeling for the next 2.5 months or so, because it really, truly, madly, and deeply is GO TIME.  Everything up until now has been flirting with 70.3 (half ironman) training.  It’s time to really start making Olympic distance look like a sprint.  I plan to sit down with my training plan I loosely made in the spring (I’m a type A nerd about everything else, but for some reason, I’m really type Z about triathlon training) and actually see if I can plan out: a) the long days and b) a list of what else I need to do.

Now, to complicate things, I need to be ready for a marathon 6 weeks out from my 70.3, which basically means being ready for the marathon then.  I’m doing it because, well, I’m dumb, and also because I think that having that focus will help me run more, which I think in turn will help the 70.3.  If I’m going to be running 13.1 after biking and swimming for about 4 hours, I should probably be able to run 20 miles by then.  My comfort zone right now is really and truly around 7-10 miles right now, so I need to get back to attacking double digis soon.  I also am going to try running more OFTEN.  I haven’t done 4 runs per week since I trained for my first half, but I really think I need some more miles to get through this marathon.  I’m starting small and seeing how I feel this week. (5, 3, 3, and then 6-9).

I also ended up at the gym, no pool access, and no time to wait, so I did a test – the hill workout I was doing all winter – I was able to push myself faster and harder at a higher cadence, so I’m still improving even with the trainer not being hill specific (I’m pretty sure it’s that I ride outside fairly frequently and also do weights).  Hooray!

So the plan this week:

Monday: 30 mins weights, 20 mins hill ride (6.35 miles)
Tuesday: 5 mile run (supposed to be 7 but OMG HAWT), 30 mins weights
Wednesday: 3 mile run, long trainer after work
Thursday: offffffff
Friday: 3 miles AM 30 mins weights
Saturday: 6 mile run, long swim, short-medium bike (in that order due to heat)
Sunday: off

Run: 16-20 miles
Bike: about 55 miles
Swim: 1500m or so (this will be a SWIM LITE week)
Weights: 3 sessions

I suppose week by week I’m a little type A as I like having my week planned out.  But next week?  Have no clue what mileage I will be doing.  I think I’d like to do a brick with a long run on the weekend, and probably a long trainer bike one week day, and probably some short morning runs like I’m doing this week, and of course a double/triple brick as those pwn my face.  I’ll need some swimming in there, and cram in 3 weights sessions.  And then, once I figure out I’m training every waking moment, I scale back and figure out what I can actually sustain.

Also – I’ve been doing this whole “meat reduction” thing and honestly, it agrees with me.  I used to be honestly scared of ordering vegetarian entrees or having a meal without meat because I didn’t think I’d be full.  Turns out that veggies, beans, brown rice noodles, whole wheat tortillas, olives, a little oil, sprouted grain bread, nuts, and fruit are really most of what you need to stay full and healthy.  I supplement with a little cheese and/or sour cream when needed, some milk before or after workouts when I’m really craving it, and I still have my fage 0% in the mornings a few times a week.

I still never plan to give up meat completely, but not eating it for breakfast or lunch helps me to stick to organic sources of meat and dairy more often as I’m not seeking as much quick-meats to eat for quick meals.  I definitely enjoy my meat with dinner and I have yet to really try to implement any sort of restrictions on the weekends, but perhaps aiming for 1 meaty meal per day would work for me, and just trying to be conscious of what dairy products go in my face and try to limit those as well to mostly organic and eliminate them when I don’t *need* them (I’ve found that I can ditch sour cream OR cheese on a taco, but not both without being sad.  Also, a sprinkle of feta is just manditory for a greek wrap.)

The only side effect is I’ve been eating a little more sugar (sweets), and I’m thinking that’s just mental.  I’ve maintained the same weight range, however, I have been feeling lighter and stronger (it’s been translating well to both faster run/bike/swim times and also lifting heavier weights), so I’ll keep with it.  So far this year we have learned 3 things:

1.  The scale is a dirty filthy liar that is driving me insane.  I’m pretty sure I don’t look like I’m flirting with obesity, but that’s what the scale would have you think…

2. Weights good.  I missed being strong.  It’s nice to feel buff.  I don’t even really mind making time for it anymore, though I am finding that it’s hard to justify 1 hour classes when I can get a good full body sesh in 30 mins on my own.

3.  Less meat good.  Less dairy – not sure.

Let’s see what else I can learn this year!


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  1. Less meat and dairy for me has done wonder. As for the air mattress. It’s as if you were describing my normal bed. It suddenly slopes down in the middle and sags (wth?). We need a new bed.

    Wait… did you see any Sasquatches while camping? They are the alien brothers of Chewbacca, ya know.

    • No sasquatches, sadly. That would have definitely been something to blog about!

  2. Miz

    I cant read these words “meat reduction”
    I shall wake the 6 yo and get her to sound them out for me 🙂

    Actually I could do littttle meat Ijust love my fish.

  3. Okay, phew! I was worried when I saw the post title but this is the best worst weekend report ever:)) So glad you had fun camping! I totally hear you about just learning to embrace the heat. We did a workout outside today (108 degrees) and you know, once you’re sweat soaked, you’re sweat soaked so you just kind of run with it…

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