So for some reason, signing up for races is nerve wracking.  I love setting my sights on a race.  I love training for the race.  I love the taper and the prep.  I don’t love the getting up early but it’s part of the territory.  I love the anticipation waiting for the start to cross the start line.  I love the test of my mettle during the race.  I dearly love crossing the finish line and I love celebrating after.

However, the actual signing up, paying, and committing to the race?  Not a fan.  Frightening.  That is the point where I have to say 1, 2, 3 and actually jump off the platform.  Everything after?  Just momentum, folks.

I’ve committed to everything I planned to do now for 2010.  Except one optional race (and it’s a 5 miler… no biggie)

9/19 – Casa 5k (mostly a fun run with work people – I’m not expecting a PR or anything)

10/3 – TX Tri Olympic Tri (holy crap, really?  I actually have to do this insanity for reals?)

11/14 – San Antonio Rock and Roll Half Marathon (um, what am I doing to myself here? 6 weeks to train for a half?)

11/20 – Warrior Dash (again, fun with work friends)

11/25 (tentative) – Turkey Trot 5 mile run… if Zliten wants ta.  He’s the one who mentioned this…

Then, I do believe I’m going to take up knitting.  Or maybe professional couch sitting.  Something not making my body conditioned for 2-4 hours of consistent punishment.  Actually – I have some ideas, you’ll have to stay tuned.  Definitely in the realm of switching it up.  I’m excited and scared and intrigued by some ideas at the same time.

But yes, I have to get through the next 3 months.  My goals are to extend my long run to 10 miles (inside – treadmill style at the gym) while working on the other two disciplines, so for the next 6 weeks after the tri, it’s just maintaining the endurance.  I did 7 this week, and it wasn’t so bad.  Doing my first 30+ mile bike ride this weekend.  Next week I’ll tackle more swimming.

Wait, did I really just sign up to do all this stuff?  Oh well, the time to jump has already passed – I’m committed.  Time to freefall and enjoy the ride.