They should have sent a poet.  But instead, they sent you and these dweebs.  Their loss.

Many places in space can be considered beautiful, but after years of long treks through space, you’ve gotten a little jaded and typically ignore the wonder of all of it, but this place, you would have to have no eyes, heart, and soul to not appreciate all it has to offer.  Considering you just came from boring old Mars, the scenery is like night and day.

After gawking at the heavens for a while, you bump into a blond haired girl dressed in pinks and purples, which coincidentally matches the current tones in the sky.  

“Zoinks, watch where you’re going!”  While you’ve never been to this nebula before, you also haven’t heard that word before today, when you’ve heard it TEN THOUSAND FUCKING TIMES, but at least it’s a clue that-

Frank runs over and picks the woman up in his arms.  “Delphne!!! I missed you so much, I’m sorry you thought I was a jerk.”

Really?  That’s how you apologize, jag-off?

But, apparently it works.  “Oh, Frank, I’m sorry too.  I had no idea what to do without you.  And the gang.  I’m so glad we’re back together!”

You roll your eyes as they go in for a group hug, but then they pull you in and it, well, kind of feels good to be part of a team.  In, like, an ironic way.  

“Rok, team, rhet’s rho solve that rhystery!” the dog half-barks, with the rest of Frank’s burger in his mouth.

Vlema squints and ponders.  “Ok, so old man Jenkins said there was something spooky sending out scary holograms to big investors.  What’s the creepiest place you can think of?”

Again, with the on-the-nose ideas, but so far, they’ve been right.