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3 Things Before 30

Somehow, January is just slippy sliding by, and I haven’t made much progress on my goals for the year.  While I don’t want to use this blog as a silly to-do list, these are some biggies – and I’ve found the best way to make myself actually do something is shout my plans to everyone and anyone who will listen.  Here is the list!

1.  Run a 5k.

Since I’ve proven to myself that I can pound the pavement and not get hurt, it’s time to get out there and do an official, timed run.  I don’t know why I’ve put this off so long, but giving myself a deadline to do one by my birthday is a good way to get me out there sooner than later.  I’m looking at one of these:

Daisy 5k

Mardi Gras 5k

The Daisy one is closer, but the Mardi Gras one starts later and is in a beautiful part of town.  Who knows, maybe I’ll do both!  Probably not a good idea, but…we’ll see.

2.  Get a check up from a doctor.

I haven’t been in for a doctor visit since I was 26 and 262 lbs.  I promised Zliten that I’d go find a doctor here in Austin and get checked out.  I mean, I feel great, I haven’t actually been sick (minus the allergies) in a year from today, but it would be good to be assured that everything is working properly.  Lucky for me, even at my heaviest, I had no problems besides a slightly elevated fasting blood sugar – all the doctor asked me to do is lay off the fried foods a bit.

I’d also like to see what they have to say about what they think I should weigh to be healthy.  I have heard major horror stories about doctors knowing pretty much nothing about nutrition and fitness, so I’ll take it with a grain of salt, but if I happen to get anyone in the know, I’d like to hear what they have to say.

3.  Be at the point I can send out wedding invitiations.***

If you are privy to my LiveJournal (don’t worry if you’re not, I usually just post whiny stuff there that’s not worthy of full on public consumption), you’d know that this is a HUGE source of stress for me right now.  I have 2 issues to get solved right now that have me going around in circles and I just get overwhelmed and need a stiff drink.  Issue #1 – I have no idea how many people will actually come vs how many people I’m inviting.  #2 – Not knowing how many people will actually show up, I don’t know how much I can afford on the budget I have.  Since my parents are paying, they have a big list of people they want to invite, but they don’t know who would actually show up.  A wedding for 30 people is much different than a wedding for 90.

I know the sane thing to do is just do it all on the supercheap so I’m under budget no matter what, but…wah!  It’s like, the last big, cool, event that’s all about you, right?  I don’t want or need the princess wedding, but – some fanfaire would be nice.  I need to figure this out somehow.  And I need to figure it out in the next month or so.

I’ve got my list, now I need to get on it.

***Edit – another casualty of writing my posts early, we almost have this figured out, and might actually be making a reservation very soon!


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  1. Yay for the 5K & the doctor’s appointment!! I’m sorry to hear about all your wedding stress though. For some reason, these things are never easy:(

  2. Divinari

    Yay for wedding foo resolution!

    Should I ask if you know where you’re having it yet?

  3. zliten

    As soon as I get the 100% ok from Quix there I am going to put in the reservation money and what not.

    It is narrowed down to I think 1 place and they are available for the day and time we need.

    ust waiting for the go ahead.

  4. Divinari

    Yay for having (almost) one more thing checked off the list. 🙂
    You (hopefully) having the ceremony and reception at the same place?

  5. I still have to look over the stuff this weekend but we think we are going to do the tropicana in vegas, it fits with the island theme we want, is super cheap, and is available the day we want it. Will let you know when we confirm! =)

    I resolve to register for the 5k this weekend, so I have to do it.

    As for the doctor – I will tackle that in February.

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