Since it’s Christmas Eve and I’m probably the only sucker at work (besides the few suckers still sitting here with me).  I am pretty much counting the unidentifiable minutes until they send us all home early *crosses fingers*.  I think any deep, meaningful thoughts I might have on the brain are being eaten by the bouncing up and down in my seat listening to my crappy pop pandora station and waiting for the moment I tear open the new DDR disc and start playing.  Yeah, we open presents on Christmas Eve in this house.  Makes up for my parents making me wait UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS DINNER when I was little.  I’m pushing 30 here and am still not over that.  Parents, don’t do it.

Anywhooo, here is how we celebrate the day before the day before Christmas in the Quix-Zliten household…

I got crazy and painted my nails.

My toes are all that green color, but I couldn’t resist doing at least ONE nail on each hand too.  Also, because it will unnerve my mother all day tomorrow and make her more susceptible to losing at games.  Oh yeah, we’re competitive in this family.    Tangent- an effect of weight loss I did not expect initially – my fingers went from sausages to not-so-sausage-like.  Here was a picture from the day I got the ring:

My ring was a 9 1/2.  I am now wearing a 6 1/4 and it’s almost a little loose again.  And this was actually the BEST picture of my fingers, I remember rejecting the ones where I laid the ring out flat because they looked even more sausage-like.  Interesting observation.

Anyways, my dearest Zliten baker-man made cookies.  Lots of cookies.

These are all for the neighbors – but we still have some of the dough in the refrigerator for baking of individual servings of fresh hot cookie goodness.  Or Quix walking by, throwing caution to the wind, and munching on the dough.  Salmonella be damned.  Just don’t tell Zliten or he’ll yell at me.

Last night about 4pm, when I was still at work, he had chinese food syndrome – ya know, being hungry a few hours after eating.  I told him to eat a snack, which he did, and headed to the gym.  I got im messages while the arc trainer was beating him up saying how HUNGRY he was (he uses his phone as an mp3 player).  Then, he went home and I went to the gym and was incommunicado (I leave my phone in the locker or it would probably be broken by now).  Apparently he baked over 6 dozen cookies, still feeling just as hungry hungry, and only ate one little one.

I come home and we start talking about what’s for dinner, and he has this gleam in his eye. Something like this:

I recognize this gleam, it’s sort of like our carnivorous lizard when he has a taste for man flesh.  If he could have grown a tail right then, I would have been tailwhipped when I talked about maybe starting to thaw some fish.  Instead, I did the quickest change out of my sweaties ever and we headed to the soup and salad bar before my arm looked like a viable option for dinner.  Soon, he looked more like this:

And that, dear friends, is our day before day before Christmas tale.  Happy Holidays, yet again, and make sure to feed your families and pets appropriately so they don’t start looking for body parts!