Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Observations and What’s Next?

Here are my leftover thoughts from the half…

What went right:

-Wearing the camelback.  I think from now on I get myself a real one, that has pockets and such, and train and race with it (maybe not for 5 or 10ks, but ya know).  It was so nice not to have to stop for water stations if I didn’t want to.

-Not restricting calories during training.  Eating tons of healthy food made me feel strong.  Eating other tons of not so healthy food probably didn’t do much good, but I’ll work on that next time.  I’m anticipating about a month at least to diet off what I gained or more, but as of right now, it was worth it.

-Racing smart and pulling back a bit at the end of the race.  While I’m not wrecked today, I still DEFINITELY have a cough since I went off the OTC meds, my legs are sore in completely different ways than normal after-run, and oddly enough I have a rash (?).  These are all signs that going for it might have meant a few days (or more) laid up in bed or worse.  And considering where my heart rate was at, it’s not as if I was pulling back all that much.

-Training the way I did.  On the 3 miles I was feeling good and the course was cooperating, I could definitely see the potential of a sub 2 hour half.  If it was my day.  And fo sho’ it wasn’t my day, but still.  Someday, perhaps.

What I would change:

-Being sick.  Obviously.  I need to remember that racing in February is a gamble.

-Different shoes.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the shoes I had.  They were comfy, fast, and looked way less dorky than the norm.  However, they just didn’t hold up well in a long, tough road race.  I think I need more cushion.  I will be getting another pair when they die for short races and speedwork, but will be breaking in something new for long runs soon.  Yes, I will finally get out of the kiddie pool and finally get two pairs of running shoes.

-Hills.  I need to start doing hill work.  Even if it’s on the treadmill.  I say this every race, and then seem to forget about it.  Because I hate hills a lot.  Maybe I wouldn’t hate them if I conquered them…hmmm?  I could be that smug runner that sails by everyone, thinking how superior I was because I knew how to run hills better…

-Training outside more.  I think my tooties were a little pampered with all the treadmill work.  I also lucked out that we had good weather, if it was under 40 and icky I would have been screwed – I should have trained in crappy weather at least once.  I can suck it up to heat train just fine, but cold train?  Heebie jeebies.

So there.  Even today, I’m going to call the race a success with the hand that was dealt to me.  Maybe I’ll try another half next April, but that’s far away.

What’s Next:

The short version – for the next week – whatever I feel like.  After that, more structure.


This week, I’m going to a) clean up my eating in terms of quality and b) go back to tracking my food, but not until the end of the day or the next morning.  I’m not looking to cut portions just yet, but I’d like an idea of where I’m at.  Next week, I’ll get on the scale, start tracking for real, and set myself up with a plan to take off how much ever I am over 155.


The great thing about the focused running is – I’m not burnt out on it!  I’m actually looking forward to a run tomorrow!  I’m thinking a nice, easy 5k and some yoga.  Wednesday, maybe some arc trainer and lifting heavy stuff at the gym.  We shall see what else follows this week.  I’m not worried about it.  I just know that I’m looking forward to not taking a month off running, and also not having to do the same focused workouts each week.  Starting next week I am going to get back to a regular schedule of something, and by next weekend, I hope to do another long run.  Easy.  Whatever pace I want.


I think I want to do this for my birthday weekend in a few weeks.

Gonna do this with Zliten as a tune up for…

…doing THIS with Zliten.

Then, after a long time and training, I plan to be insane and do THIS.

Maybe I’ll throw some 5ks or 10ks or something else fun in there for good measure, but that’s the plans.

What’s up for you on the racing horizon, runners?  What’s your favorite length?  What else are you training for?  If you were my trainer, what would you tell me to try next since I don’t have any major training until August?


Austin Half Marathon or Holy Hell the Hills Ate Me


Jumble-y Wumble-y


  1. Wow. You’re such a runner. TWO pairs of running shoes? Holy crapballs.

    I’m tossing around that whole Couch to 5k dealio. But that would of course mean getting off the couch, right?

  2. Congratulations on the race! I read your post from yesterday about the race – awesome job. It sounds like you have a great plan for next time too. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. So I did accomplished my first 5K distance, but haven’t applied that to a real real yet. So I’m gonna do that. It’ll be easy.

    What concerns me is all this dang snow hindering me from running for almost 3 weeks now. The snow melts. Turns to ice. I can’t/won’t run on ice or in middle of the road where it’s clear.

    What further concerns me is 1/2 marathon I said I’d do (huh?) when I can’t even train for it. Why did I say I’d do this anyway when I don’t have that kind-O distance under my belt? Don’t ask.

    …and now the Baby wakes up right now and I can’t even finish this long comment. Aaargh! ((bye))

  4. Yum Yucky –

    Congrats! I remember the first day I ran a 5k on the mill and was sooooo stoked. 🙂 I didn’t run a real deal until about 10 months after that though.

    When’s your half? I went from about 10k distance being my furthest to half marathon in 3 months fairly comfortably. Treadmill training is not optimal, but you can definitely start increasing your distance now on a ‘mill if you have access. Just make sure to do some pounding the pavement before you have to do it for 13.1 miles.

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