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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Jumble-y Wumble-y

…I dunno, I made up the title because it looked cool.  I do these things.  Please excuse my brain fritters today as I don’t have all that much to talk about, and it’s WAY too late in the day to start thinking of a coherent post on a super serious subject.  So I’m-a gonna go for a bunch of different tidbits today.

I Love Game(s), or Questions:

Everyone is doing the questions thing, and I’ve been trying with little to no biters (perhaps I’m like Mrs. Fatass and a little too much of a sharer?) – but I’m going to try again.  I’m trying to come up with some gaming/game industry posts and I’m curious… what do YOU want to know from the world behind the curtain of making interactive entertainment?  I can only give you my biased and generic opinion, but I have been at this going on 9 years now in a variety of different positions.

So, my friends – ask me ANYTHING about my day job in video game production or games or the industry in general.  Is it all really like EA Spouse says it is?  I’ll answer what I can without getting fired/burning bridges/etc.  Knowledge is yours for the price of one comment below.  Or you can email me – pinksparkly at yahoo dot com.

For The Love (of Running):

I am now just about 50-some hours post-half and honestly?  Really stoked to be lacing up my shoes here shortly for another run.  If you’ll remember (old skoolers), last July saw me take almost the WHOLE MONTH off running save 2 very half hearted 5ks.  August wasn’t much better.

Today, I anticipate needing to keep myself under race pace because I am rip-roaring-ready to go.  Not terribly looking forward to the treadmill (damn you early sunsets), but really feel the want to be moving.

Love running.  Love the 3 day a week training.  Feeling lots of love woogies today for my sport.  I am my own dutch fan.

(In My) Tummy Love:

One week from today, I get on the scale and begin Project: Lose the Half Marathon Weight.  I haven’t weighed in a few weeks, but I’m pretty sure that I’m up there.  Or my body image is VERY twisted right now, as nothing looks right on me and I feel like I have this oddly inflated tire around my midsection.  I’m looking forward to figuring this out again after a few weeks of refreshingly NOT CARING AT ALL.

Tonight, when I am done eating, I will be tracking everything.  I’m going to estimate my intake today at around 1700 with everything I have eaten/have planned.  I’d like to shrink that closer to 1400? 1300?  It will have to depend on my activity but all I know is that I don’t seem to succeed in losing weight unless those numbers are lowlowlow.  My maintain window is about THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS big, and my lose window is about <> big.

I did some reading about marathoning and one expert suggested eating 4.5g carb per 1 lb of bodyweight. 675g of carbs?  I’m pretty sure that’s what I eat normally – oh yeah, divide that in 3.  On a really carby day.  That looks like juice instead of water all day (oh yeah, and you need to stay hydrated so probably both), and chowing down Michael Phelps sized portions of pasta, rice, potatoes…  Right now I am NOT looking forward to that because I’m really really ready for my half-appetite to go away and not feel like a bottomless pit for a while.

…but I’m not going to lie.  I think I’m up to the challenge.  And I don’t know HOW far my appetite is going to really go down as I’m still planning on a long run every 2-3 weeks.  Argh!  I am going to be the fattest marathoner ever.  Tee hee.  Not really.  If I’m not pushing pace as hard, I can suck it up and be a little weaker for a few.  I’ll figure it out somehow.  I’m pretty sure I can throw out “underate” for the reason I didn’t lose weight during this 3 months (fo sho), so now it’s just figuring out what will work for this jumble-y wumble-y bod of mine.  Or maybe next Tuesday I’ll hop on the scale and it will scream “UNDER 155 STOP STRESSING NOOB” at me, and I’ll go on my merry way.

And stop stressing I shall.  Starting right now, when I lace up and go for a nice relaxed run, not training for a damn thing, not worrying about my weight, not even worried about my job.  Today is for abandoning the worry and becoming one with the ‘mill.  Let’s see how long THAT lasts…

EDIT:  No post today (2/18).  Taking the night off. 🙂  But – I’m hopping on that “ask anything” blogger train.  Submit your annoymous questions here!


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  1. MizFit

    becoming one with the ‘mill 🙂

    I AM WITH YOU ON THE TRAINING HUNGRIES_–and Im not even training that hard.

    for me I think it’s lots in my head?
    an excuse??

    food (ha ha) for thought…

  2. Seriously? Distance running just makes me hungry. I’ve definitely put in more hours at the gym before, and ran harder, but that last month when I was in the upper 20-30+ miles a week range? Insatiable appetite – and I was craving good stuff mostly so I knew it was hungries and not munchies.

    My suggestion is feed it! I counted fruits/veg/lean protein snax/nuts like free food – if I wanted them I could have my fill.

  3. I’m just getting caught up — congrats on the half! That’s a great time, especially with those hills. Way to go!

    Enjoy those relaxed runs. They are the best 🙂

  4. Here’s a very simple video game question for you. We don’t have a system *gasp*! If I wanted to get one for the kids next Christmas, which one do you recommend?

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