It’s Friday and I haven’t put up last week’s progress post.  Oopsie daisy!  Let’s make with the reader’s digest version.

Last Week Workouts:

Monday: bike workout (60 mins)
Tuesday: group power (60 mins)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: run workout (60 mins)
Friday: swim workout (50 mins, gym was closing)
Saturday: 5k (in a gorilla suit, see below) and about 2 miles walking around downtown after
Sunday: off

Last Week’s Food:

I actually did pretty well.  No sweets, and my high calorie day on Saturday was only about 2100 calories.  It was another alcohol heavy day… but I compensated by not eating that much food.  I actually found I had a very little hangover the next day.  It seems like my metabolism is FINALLY making the shift.  Just this last week or so, I just feel… different.  Less food makes me satiated.  I’m not counting the hours between meals.  HOLY GOD I’M BACK TO BEING ABLE TO EAT LIKE A NORMAL PERSON WOOOOHOOO!!! Since I’m not training distance until the summer, that should mean I can take the next few months and perhaps maybe drop some lbs if I don’t eat like an asshole.  Maybe just like a gorilla…

Avg calories in per day: 1506 +100 for error = 1606

Avg calories out per day: 386

Avg net calories per day: 1220

Avg deficit per day: 604, or about 1.5 lbs in a week


So how did I do?  Meh.  It was TOM.  Technically I gained 0.2 (168.4 vs 168.2 last week), but considering, I’ll call that a win.  Next week will be the real test.

Next Week (well, uh, this week):


Monday: 30 mins run and 7:30 crunch time
Tuesday: bike workout (fun with cadence)
Wednesday: sorting cans at the food bank for 2 hours
Thursday: 20 all out cycle, 20 hard run, 20 full body circuit
Friday: off
Saturday: swim workout
Sunday: cycle strength (maybe some day…)


I had a high calorie day of about 1900 on Wednesday, and doing my damndest not to go above 1500-1600 this weekend.  Wish me luck!

Other notes:

-We had our yelp elite party this week and work took us to the italian buffet on the same day.  Yikes.  I was able to not eat like a jerk at either, but I did have a few sweet drinks (vodka, amaretto, and lemonade) at the yelp party.  But hey, I looked ridiculous swanky.

…and so did Zliten…

…and we had fun taking silly peectures.

So, hopefully I can make some progress by the next weigh in.  For finally?  Please?  Isn’t it amazing how it takes 2 weeks to gain 5 lbs and like 2 months to lose it?  Argh!!!