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Cool Runnings

So I swear it’s been at least two days since I posted.  The last few days before vacation are just DRAAAAGGGGIIIINNNGGGG along.  So even though I rarely post on Thursdays, I figure I might as well give it a go.


I want to shout this from the mountain tops.  This is a HUGE breakthrough for me speed-wise.  I shattered my previous 10k record by over THREE minutes (my best 10k is 56:54 and I ran 6 miles in 53:36 yesterday – I know not QUITE a 10k so it’s probably less than 3 minutes better but DON’T RAIN ON MY PARADE, ok?).  And normally I have trouble keeping my pace under 10 minute miles when I hit 6 miles and above.  So I’m incredibly thrilled.

However, unlike last week, this was a freaking test of my mettle.  So many points, I wanted to slow down.  The first 5k I slogged through ok but mile 4, it seemed like the treadmill just forgot to add distance at some points.  Mile 5 I just kept repeating to myself that I could do anything for 1.4 miles (and somehow tricked myself that at .6 miles to go I had to start INCREASING the speed, and not decreasing).  Mile 6 I just repeated to myself that it was the last mile and I wasn’t quitting now and somehow got through the speed increases up to 8.0 again and BAM!  Another tempo in the books.  And actually, I started a little faster so I knocked my pace down by 1 second – 8:56 miles.

It’s really coming into focus how mental running is.  I mean, not so much on those nice, easy, enjoy the weather runs.   Those are just lovely.  I miss those, but it’s fun to dive into something completely different.  I’m realizing my body is capable of so much more than my mind gives it credit for, if I’m able to push through some mild discomfort and doubt and fear.  I’m always scared I won’t be able to duplicate my effort or improve on it.  For these crazy runs, so fucking what?  The more miles I can pile on under 9 minute pace, the better.  The only thing I can do is get my ass on the treadmill when I’m supposed to, push the buttons to make it go the speed it’s supposed to, and work through my mental running demons a step at a time.

Next week is a recovery week at 4 miles, but the week after is 8 miles.  What happened to 7?  This is going to be brutal.  But ya know what?  I can do anything for 2 more miles.  And if I can do 8 miles at that pace, why can’t I do 13.1 close to it, right?  I get a warmup on Saturday of 8 miles at 9:40 pace.  After the rest of this training, that’s going to feel like skipping through the park (or I can hope).  I am going to run that one outside so that will bring challenges of its own, but I’m looking forward to it.

That, a weigh in on Tuesday of 153.0, and the fact that I’m sitting here munching on a bag of raw california stir fry (broccoli, carrots, and pea pods) the way I used to mow through a bag of chips 3 years ago?  It’s been a pretty awesome week healthy-wise.

Your reward for making it to the bottom of the post?

Happy Thursday. May it finish swiftly and without incident so we can go about getting our Fridays on.


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  1. That’s great! You can totally do 8 miles. No prob!

  2. WTG!!! Success on all fronts:)

  3. I am by no means where you are with running, but I am seeing how much of a mental game running is. I am my own worst enemy in the running arena. Must control my mind…

    Have a great weekend!!

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