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Month: May 2013

April Recap, May Goals

While it seemed like half of April disappeared because of vacation, I didn’t do too badly…

April Goal Recap:

1.  While not on vacation, eat like an ANGEL.  Keep with the  Quixitarian diet (mostly vegan, with greek yogurt, fish, and muscle milk, with some meat whenever I’m supercraving it).  At the end of the month, I want to weight less than 182.2.  I would love to break 180 before I go on vacation.  Continue tracking daily weight and stats in Training Peaks, oddly enough, I have had WAY less freakouts about weight when it’s a number I measure and record daily.  Continue to pre-track weekly, that shit helps!

Check.  I need to reduce the meat again a little next week, but baby steps.  Today’s weight is 179.6 (low this month was 178.4), and this is during that time of the month where I usually gain a few lbs, so I’ll be happy to see where I end up in May.

2.  While on vacation, I will be trying to enjoy in moderation.  Lots of strategies in my head, some include taking a travel scale (that’s a good check if I’m really being obnoxious with my consumption), having a one-desert-per-day maximum, trying to make a one-plate-per-meal maximum, tracking diet quality, and/or trying to figure out some way to not gain 10 lbs right before my next two months of big races (like I did last vacay).  Let me assure you – I would not take these steps if it was an offseason trip, but I was very much in shape a month before last year’s A race, and I ruined it with a 10 day vacation of pigging out.  I don’t want to do that again.  This vacation is about spending time with family and scuba and hitting every beach for as many hours as I can.  I’m going to try to make it not about stuffing my face.

Check!  My strategy was to take the scale and use it to make sure I didn’t let things get out of hand, and to indulge smartly.  I ate whatever I wanted for dinner, no questions asked.  However, for lunch most days I just ate a giant plate of veggies and salad with a few other bits to taste.  I didn’t eat a lot of breakfast as there weren’t very many healthy things I liked, so that was either a pre-scuba thing or I made sure my lunch was smaller because of it.  I didn’t snack much, and if I did, it was just a bite or two, not another meal.  Also, besides a few fruity drinks, I stuck to vodka/soda so that’s like 100 calories, not 500 per drink.  All in all, I ended up losing weight and feeling totally undeprived on vacation so it worked out great!

3.  April’s plan is made – I need to focus on getting in the hours.  A few workouts got cut short or skipped in March due to various reasons, and while it’s not to the level that I think my overall race prep suffered, we are doing the last build month.  On vacation, I’ll be flexible with the composition and type of workouts, but I want to match the hours.  Also, run in a different country!

Sorta check – I got in the hours… until I hurt my knee.  Then I just did some stuff that didn’t hurt.  And thus… I did not run in a different country, but I was able to check off running in a new state! (Florida)

4. For sewing, I just want to mend everything that has holes in it on the pile of things that I want to bring on vacation.  Amazingly enough, staying about the same size for 2-3 years means clothing gets holes in it before I can ship it back to the thrift store.

Didn’t get to it.  Boo.  (Saved me from packing a few unneccesary things though!)

5. Read some books on vacation.  Not textbooks.  Not triathlon books.  Relax-y sci fi space fun books.

Check!  I got through a 5 book series and am 1 book into the next one!

6. Catching up: cut my hair, do my brows, and refresh mani/pedi before vacation.  Put the “organize the house” initiative on pause, but any steps that can be taken to finish the bedroom would rock.  I’m going to drop the no cigs, HR train, batch cook, have a game night, etc, because they are just happening now.

Check.  Why did I wait so long to cut my hair?

7. Relax on vacation.  Don’t come home feeling like it was 10 days of crazy gogogogo and now you’re back to life which is the same.  Conversely, try to relax enough before vacation that you don’t feel like you just want to shut down and not do the cool things you have planned.

Check – I would have probably done a little more week 2, we missed out on two potential snorkeling trips since I was gimpy, as well as running, but it did force me to relaaaaaax more and I certainly don’t feel like I wasted my vacation doing nothing, I did a lot!

8. Bathe the ‘guana every day possible (at least every other) and get her a humidifier.  She’s doing great, but she is a little dehydrated because she’s not very smart and forgets she has water.

Check – been pretty good about every other day.

9. Use these two races this month – the 10 mile running race and the second century as good (head and body) training.  For the 10/20, I want to dig deep.  I want to find that place where it hurts, but my heart rate says I’m handling it physically, and just claw my way through the end and not relent.  Also, I’d really like to sub-10 min/mile it.  Because I have a really stupid dumb secret goal this year that is probably unobtainable, but still fun to entertain, and this would be good progress to check how that’s going.  Also, there is no reason that I should finish century ride #2 slower than #1 unless the weather sucks, but either way, its 60+ miles of outdoor riding, and motivation not to make an ass of myself on vacation (since it’s the day after I get back).

Half check – 10/20 rocked.  I DNS’d Red Poppy Ride because the double dose of suck which was a cold and my knee hurting.

10. Buy some fun t-shirts from the ports.  Since I love wearing my Alaska cycle shirt, I need at least one with a diver.  Bring back some souvenirs for my leads and something that makes noise for my sound guys.

Sorta check – I got one Aruba shirt but damned if most of the girl ones weren’t pink or sparkly or stupid.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for girly fit diver shirts, I’m sure they’re out there.

11.  Keep a journal of vacation – even though it can be a pain to write every day, I love rereading these and it helps me remember all the fun timez had.

Check – I actually reread my last one from September and damned if I don’t know why I gained so much wait on it, I was constantly eating!!!

12.  Not buy a whole mess of random things for vacation because we might need it (I guarantee I have everything I need right now to go, and whatever I don’t have I probably don’t need).  Exception is I’m out of travel deodorant (which will immediately go into my gym bag after) and I want a damn necklace charm to go with these gorgeous earrings I got that don’t match a fucking thing I own.

Check – I grabbed a few things not on that list, but I didn’t go crazy and it was all things I needed eventually (new lipstick, etc).  Except I did spent about 25 bucks in the bead store, but… ya know.  Beads!!!

13.  Not spend a billion dollars on vacation.  I’m sure there will be a day or two we have some drinks, but try to limit it to just a few because we can get drunk at home (way cheaper), and getting drunk with access to free food equals getting faaaaaaat quick.  Don’t buy 20 billion pictures because the ones from the last two cruises have never been scanned and are just sitting somewhere in the office.  Spend on experiences (scuba, transport around areas, entry fees, etc) and not on stupid stuff that doesn’t matter.

Check – I think we did really well here.  We had two days where we drank, and a few other days we had a drink or two.  We bought two photos.  I bought a few things but nothing that I regret, and most of the vacay money was spent on the scuba trips.  Success!

10.5 out of 13 – pretty good if you ask me!

Moving onto May….

1. Keep this weight loss thing going on.  Seems to be holding steady at 3-4 lbs per month.  If I keep that trend going, I’ll be at last years race weight by the end of this month.  Come on 175!

2.  I’ll accomplish this by continuing to eat about 1500 (while injured and pretty lightly active) to 1700 (once things pick up) on weekdays, and a little more on weekends when activity dictates as such (activity estimate minus 1000 = minimum).  I don’t want to shock my system, but transition back to the bulk of my food being whole grains, veggies, beans, fruit, greek yogurt, fish, and smaller doses of nuts, meat, other dairy, and such.  Being able to lose on vacation while I was not eating this way really strikes home that portions are king, but damned if I don’t feel much better eating better food.

3. Do not follow any sort of training program until May 13.  Each day I will wake up, assess my knee, and decide what I have in me for the day.  If the prognosis is rest, I’ll do it without guilt or worry.  If I feel good, I’ll swim, do upper body weights, or if I have full range of motion back, I’ll hop on the trainer with very little resistance or go on a short run, stopping if I feel even a twinge of pain or anything off.

4. Take stock that weekend (May 11-12), figure out how I feel, and what I can do to best ready me for June 30 (IM 70.3 BSLT) and write out a plan of how to get there.  Still, at any point, if anything gets creaky, back off.

5. No racing this month.  No hopping into a supported ride.  No “I missed Rookie so I’m going to sign up for…”.  No trying to keep up with anyone this month.  Your pace is your pace.

6. No tears about missing Rookie.  You’re only missing one race.  It could be way worse.  Enjoy the day cheering for everyone and being paparazzi/sherpa/athletic supporter.

7. Volunteer (if they let me at Rookie) and the next weekend at 5k9.  Good volunteer karma = race PRs, I’m convinced.

8. Since you have some free time – how about some sewing progress?  Let’s rip that bandaid off – find the “make a boy shirt a girl shirt” pattern, grab a boy shirt you don’t give a flying fuck about, and try it out.

9.  Try to minimize spending.  Thank the dear fluffy lord I don’t need a 300$ MRI or a 2k$ surgery, but we are still kinda broke.  I don’t need clothes, we don’t really need to go out, we don’t need to shop, we don’t need diving stuff, we don’t need toys, I just want to relax at home with the stuff I already have and eat good, homecooked food and my own booze.

10.  Getting back on the organizational train.  Pick a room and do it.  Something that we don’t anticipate having to buy a lot of shit to accomplish.  Kitchen, breakfast nook, common areas, and garage stick out as pure “get the crap out and go through it and organize” areas.

11.  Read a book.  Probably the one I started right as vacation ended.

12. If you’re too creaky to run, get out and walk.  Go swim outdoors if that’s possible.  Do upper body weights in the yard.  Make sure to get your normal dose of vitamin D even while injured so you don’t get depressed.

13. Unless it’s training related, only one sugar-y treat per week, MAX.  Having desert every day on vacation was great and all, but not reasonable for real life.

There we go – goals to do May by.

Question: What’s your biggest May goal?

Week 15: The Vacationing (Pt 1)

It’s long, but I’ll just split this into two weeks like normal blogs.  Each day has the weight because I logged it, and I figured it may be interesting – not because I was neurotic about it.  I actually highly suggest a travel scale IF AND ONLY IF you can treat it like it should be treated – a reminder not too go too overboard, but really and truly just a metric.  It did not make me crazy at all and I actually got a kick out of seeing the numbers and helped me actually lose 3 lbs on a two week vacation without feeling at all deprived.  So, here’s week 1 of how I spent my vacay. 🙂

Monday: flight and Ft. Lauderdale (182.0)

After riding high on an awesome race, 2.5 hour bike, and pretty fast brick mile at the end, we drink copious amounts of champagne and didn’t do a goddman thing towards packing.  So, we both were up pretty early (and felt amazingly decent) getting the last minute things together.  We finished packing, picked up some Rudy’s breakfast tacos (1 chopped beef, 1 bean and cheese for me), and then we were off to the airport in our cab!

At the airport, our metabolisms were screaming for more food, so I picked up a beef taco salad (beef, guac, sour cream, salsa, cheese, lettuce, tomato, ditched the shell) and nom nom nommmed it real hard, plus a few of Zliten’s fries.  My parents were looking at us like “omg why didn’t you eat before” and we had to explain that we DID eat before, but you just don’t understand a day-after-long-long-long-workout metabolism until you experience it, so oh well.  Also, note to self – ALWAYS start vacations off with a 4.5 hour kick ass workout the day before – your metabolism will be chewing through all that vacation food efficiently for DAYZZZ.

The flight was uneventful, and we landed in Ft. Lauderdale, got a shuttle to the hotel, met my Aunt and we had planned to go to Sweet Tomatoes, which was close, but they got really lost getting to (and since there were 6 of us and it was pouring, they had to shuttle us in two trips).  I had a fabulous salad bar salad with all the veggies, whole grain bread, turkey chili, and tasted some veggie soup and leek soup.  We stayed and chatted for a while, and then since the rain cleared up, Zliten and I walked the mile back to stretch out our legs and scope out part of the morning’s run route.  After we got home, we dorked on the internet and watched some TV and then zonked, still tired from the day before.

Tuesday: We’re all on a boat (and quickly)! (183.0)

We woke up around 7am and got out to run around 8am.  Joel got us some snackies from the breakfast buffet – I had half an english muffin and cream cheese and the little airplane packet of peanuts.  I had mapped out our running route ahead of time to get in about 4-5 miles that morning, and though we got a little lost trying to find the first turn, it was a nice morning run.  Florida is freaking flat.  It may be hot and humid, but it’s also very flat, so there’s that.  We ran through an area that looked pretty nice, but we were DEFINITELY the only ones with our skin coloring.  But it wasn’t uncomfortable, lots of kids and families out and people playing cards on the porch and they were quite friendly.  We finished up 4.5 miles in about 52 mins – nice slow recovery run, our legs were SORE!  Notably, no other fitness enthusiasts (not counting kids obviously on the way to school).  I don’t think that’s POSSIBLE in Austin, I always see at least someone out running/biking/walking/etc.

Came back, grabbed some stuff we forgot at the vitamin shoppe across the street (yeah, we felt like THOSE people in our workout gear hitting the vitamin store as they opened….), and refueled with a quarter waffle and some yogurt.  Then, it was time to hit the pool!  It was super nice and I spent time with the fam in the pool, ducking out to do laps every so often, I got in about 1000m, so no complaints about workout times that morning!

F0r any of you that have cruised – we got on the shuttle at the hotel at 11-ish, got to the port at noon, and then was on the ship by 12:45!!!  Usually its a lot of waiting in line for hours, but either we got really lucky or Princess really has it down.  I was STAAAAAARVED (hi there overactive metabolism still alive and kicking) and got lunch – consisting of as many veggies I could find and a giant salad, a curry, some turkey, mashed potatoes, a bite of tiramasu, and 2 welcome-to-the-ship beers.

Then, we went and attempted to reserve our diving trips and BOOOOO, the two we wanted to do were full (Aruba and Dominica).  We signed up for one that was still open (Bonaire) and got on the wait list for Aruba and Dominica if Aruba didn’t come up.  Then, we got unpacked and organized, did the boat drill, and found the pools were open (another ship first, usually they are closed until you’re at sea).  We wriggled into swimsuits right away and sailed away from shore in the pool, soaking up sun.  Total bliss!  Best getting on the cruise ever, especially compared to THIS first day.

When the sun got lower, I got dragged out of the pool and we got ready for dinner at the sit down dining room.  I feasted on shrimp cocktail, tortellini soup, filet of beef medallion, and honeydew sorbet (and a few bites of everyone else’s deserts to try).  After dinner, we wandered, bought cards to play, went to the variety show, ate a little post-dinner-snack (I had more shrimp, and some veggies and broth so it wasn’t crazy).  The girls SMOKED the guys on the first card game of the cruise, and then we retired to bed where I watched a weird Christopher Walken movie called Undertaking Betty and fell asleep, wouldn’t you know it, to some duathlon coverage I found on one of the ship’s channels.  Awesomely surreal first day on board!

Wednesday: Still on a Boat (178.4!!! Hello new low weight for 2013)

Slept until we felt like getting up, did weights and an easy 45 min spin on the bikes in the gym (ugh, how did I EVER use a seat like that, felt like a pillow between my legs…).  Then we checked out the uber ship sale, and nothing was super cool so we passed by.  We showered and then were supposed to meet my parents for lunch, but they took a while so we had a pre-lunch margarita (there really, really should be more opportunities to have pre-lunch margaritas ;D).  I pretty much had a plate of veggies and salad for lunch again (look for this to be a theme for lunch), with some veggie bean soup, fried shrimp, mashed potatoes, a few bites of chips and guac, and a few bites of beef stew and chocolate mousse.

We then tried playing Mah-jong which I find to be the most frustrating game in the world.  If you’ve ever learned it… it feels like fucking Calvin- ball.  So many arbitrary rules and they feel like they’re being made up all the time and just there to be a pain in the ass.  Anyway, Zliten won one game and we had two wall games (no one won).  That drove me to eat more, just some fruit and a bite of cheese though. Then, we retired back to the cabin and took a long naaaaaaap (I love vacation naps).  While naps are great, so is the pool, so we took a late dip and chatted with some folks we met in the hot tub about crazy Texans and California liberals and rednecks.

We got ready for dinner and then headed there and then OMG DINNER DRAMA.  We took the “anytime” dining option, which my dad took to mean he would get sat for dinner “anytime”.  However, at 6:30, when everyone else wanted to eat, there was a 30 minute wait.  He got all huffy and puffy and I felt bad for the poor staff and after that, we made sure to get a reservation later so we wouldn’t have to wait again.  They were getting all stressed out so I got myself a glass of wine (hey, vacation).  Dinner was great – lychee and watermelon for an appetizer, black bean soup, greens with balsamic, giant prawns with fried rice and veggies, and butter pecan ice cream (having bites of some toffee cake and pineapple sorbet around the table).

The show was a comedy/music show with Steve Moris of the beach boys, which was actually kind of hilarious, and then played a round of cards (boys won) and then we bid my parents adieu and decided to seek out the disco.  We ended up making friends with the bartender who was also named… err.. Zliten (names changed to protect the innocent), and a young dude from Colorado also here with his family also escaping 😀  (love my parents and all, but we do best with a little space in between every moment together).  We closed out the bar with some absolute citron, soda, and lemon, and a few crazy shots, and then hit the casino – I ended up a few bucks up, but Zliten lost quite a bit more than I gained, so boo.  We went for some drunk munchies at around 3:30am, and I just got a greek salad and then we hit the bed and sleeeeeeept.

Thursday: Almost There (181.6)

Woke up around 10:30, was a little hungover (bar drinks do not = the kind of drinks I pour at home, forgot about that).  Had a very small breakfast of some melon and two mouthfuls of cereal, and then hit up the shops again and bought two pashminas for 9 bucks!  Woo!

The day was mostly spent by the pool – we grabbed lunch (another tray of veggies and salad + albonigos soup) and then sunned, read, swam, lost sunglasses, found sunglasses, played water volleyball and lost terribly (to be fair, I’m short and couldn’t touch bottom and we were playing with a real VOLLEYBALL, not a beach ball).  I had a half-a-slice-of-pizza snack and four of Zliten’s fries, and then got motivated to run even though I didn’t wanna at all – but got through 3.7 miles in 43 mins of a nice easy ship-swaying run and walked a bit more to round out 50 mins.

Then, we got fancy for formal night, watched the champagne fountain flow – got our glass, and headed to dinner.  It was my Dad’s birthday, but he asked that we not make a big fuss (the whole cruise was to celebrate), so we just enjoyed crab and cheese quiche (I actually didn’t hate it, even though I am anti-egg – the fact that it was CRAB helped I’m sure), cream of asparagus soup,  salad with italian, shrimp with broccoli in garlic sauce, and some amazing chocolate pb oreo pie.  OMG, I’m dreaming of it now.

However, let me assure you that SPANX are not really good for eating occasions.  I swear, I almost popped a rib trying to hold that dinner in and I went without it for the rest of the night and said screw it.  We regrouped for the disco show and then Zliten and I hit the bed, as there was an early wake up call to go DIVING in ARUBA!!!!

Friday: Aruuuuuuba (184.4)

Let’s just say this – 6 lbs gained in 2 days was not making me happy – but there was an easy explanation – I hadn’t had any “moving experiences” pretty much since I got on board.  However, I didn’t want to take anything for it because #1 – I’ve never had this problem this bad before and I didn’t know how it would affect me since I had never taken anything, and #2 – I had two days of scuba to come, so I figured it would be a bad idea.  So we picked up some happy chocolates and I saved them until after the next day’s dive.  Honestly, I usually have the opposite problem on cruises, so it was super weird, but ummm, yeah.

Since we were having a morning of diving we got up and actually ate breakfast – an english muffin with cream cheese and bacon, melon, papaya, a turkey sausage, and a hashbrown.  I even had a few sips of coffee!  Decadent!

Diving was so fun – we got picked up right by the ship dock, the boat had all the tanks and gear ready for us, and it sped us around the island on a gorgeous tour before we got suited up and in the water.  We dove the Antilles wreck first (50-60 feet down) and then the Perdinalis (15-20 feet down – basically the longest safety stop ever as you’re supposed to stop to decompress at 15 feet :D).  I just don’t know how to put words to this besides AWESOME.  So much visibility, so many fishes, was cool to see the wrecks and know that they had crews and were functioning ships.  Also, fish really like wrecks to there was a lot to see – we saw a morey eel, what we called a “straw” fish but ended up being a trumpet fish, watched a fish poo (and was kinda jealous considering my problem above), and wow – I just LOVE diving.  I had no issues and didn’t feel like a n00b at all!

We got back on board and had lunch.  Wouldn’t you know it, ANOTHER PLATE OF VEGGIES AND SALAD + veggie soup, seafood balls, few bites of chicken, and some sausage, cheese, and pickle salad (sound GROSS but it was really stupid good), a little pasta, and some sugar free key lime mousse (diving makes me need SUGAR in a weird way).  We went back out shopping and I found the pashmina (a red one) I was actually looking for, an Aruba shirt for both of us, poo chocolates, and an Aruba patch for Zliten (he wants to put them on our dive bags).

For dinner – we went to the buffet since it was curry night and I love me some curry.  My plate was full of various curries, tandori chicken, dal, garlic soup, stir fry veggies, sourdough roll, and some caramel walnut cheesecake.  We played a round of cards and the ladies won again!  Woo!

We pumpkined early since the wakeup call for Bonaire was in the 6am-hour and read and watched TV and drifted off thinking about another awesome day of diving to come…

Saturday: Bonaire Friendly Diving (185.8)

Still no pooing and I felt WAY gross, but not so gross that it wasn’t time to go DIVING!!!! Wooohoo!

We were up early enough to watch the boat dock.  We got another big breakfast to fuel the diving – half an english muffin, cream cheese, bacon, corned beef hash (my cruise splurge, I love it), baked beans, fruit.  We were some of the first people off the boat, and they took us on a ferry over to the dive shop, and then geared us up, and we got on the actual dive boat (the first one, I was curious where all the stuff was) and got out to the first dive site.

On one hand, I had a major N00B moment and it took me forever to get my ears equalized and it was frustrating.  On the other hand, the descent of the first dive will be forever etched in my memory – we descended through gorgeous dark blue clear water down to a cliff wall of coral and living things and so, so, so, so many types of fish and it was just breathtaking.  This first one was my favorite, and I was giddy the whole time.  THIS is what we’d been certified for – it was just amazing.  I owe you a video once Zliten finishes them but… omgosh.

We barely had time to get back, and Zliten got a shirt from the dive shop and I got a hat, and we had a local beer and then walked back.  I wanted to go look for a girl shirt there in the shops because it was the “diver’s paradise” but we didn’t really have time.  We got on board and found that my parents had found the PERFECT shirt for Zliten – it had an iguana with a mask, fins, regulator, tank, and it said “Iguana Dive Bonaire”.  Best. Shirt. Ever.

Lunch, after we got back, was, you guessed it – a plate of veggies, some fried fish, and a few bites of orange cake and half a cream puff (diving + sugar = like peas and carrots), and then we hung out on the deck watching the boat sail away.  Then, we were exhauuuuuusted so we napped most of the afternoon.  Before dinner, I woke up, put on clothes, and we grabbed a glass of wine (or 2…) and read.  Then, we had wine with dinner with my parents, while also enjoying lamb and barley soup, half a roll, salad with blue cheese, pesto pasta, and some cafe au lait ice cream.

Then, we bid adieu to the fam and hit the casino and had a few more drinks.  I kept playing with the same money and was up a dollar when we left, Zliten, not so lucky.  After Zliten convinced me it was NOT his lucky day, we went back to the nightclub, and closed it out again – hangin’ with our Colorado friend and the bartender with Zliten’s name.  More drinks, more shots, more fun (we showed off all our awesome diving footage).  Then, we hung out with the DJ and some older guy that I think was celebrating his birthday if I remember correctly.

Then, things get a little hazy – somehow we convinced him to give us his shirt (so we have a souvenir polo shirt LOL), and things get MORE hazy and the night ends sometime.

Sunday: Grenada Out My Window (182.0)

The good news, I POOOOOED and digestively, I feel a million times better.

The terrible news is I can’t move my knee and I have NO RECOLLECTION of falling or doing anything evil to it.  I figured I must have been so drunk I didn’t remember smacking my knee.  I spent most of the morning and afternoon in bed icing it, on painkillers, and reading my book.  Zliten brought me breakfast (some random bites from the buffet, I wasn’t that hungry), he ordered us room service (I got a club sandwich on wheat and some fries – totally yummy) and was feeling better.  He decided to get off the boat and check out Grenada with my parents and I stayed in the room.  He came back, said it was pretty lame and sketchy, and brought me pizza.  I had one bite and it didn’t set well, so I ignored it and just kept reading and hoping my knee would feel better.

Finally, I willed myself to get up and put on some clothes and limped up to the deck so we could play some games.  The girls won one and the guys won one, and then we got ready for dinner (we sat in the smelling range of the pizza place and it went from completely nauseating to actually smelling decent, so I was hungry again! :D).  Dinner was something called Cock o Leekie Soup (chicken broth and leeks and rice), salad w/ranch, surf and turf – prawns and a filet, and red currant sorbet.  Though I was in pain and not very happy, dinner definitely made me feel better, it was yummy.  After dinner I begged off to go back to the room and just read and played mario and watched TV and iced ice baby on the knee.

Needless to say, I was bummed and was kind of upset that a stupid injury was messing up my vacation.

What does the next week hold?  Stay tuned! 🙂

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