Better late than never!

1. Keep up the awesome training momentum.  Hit the last high mileage week.  Taper well.  Recovery is key.

I trained really well.  I tapered well.  I didn’t even really hit my normal taper madness until 2 days before.  Success!

2. Eat the number of calories fitbit says to eat, and track diet quality.  Try to lay off the sweets and eat lots of nutritious foods.  If I can lose 1 lb per week, I can run this marathon close to 170, that would be nice.  Take my digestive enzymes.

Marathon training is never time to lose weight.  I just need to accept.  Also, a week of family cooking for us that was not my normal healthy did not help this initiative, nor thanksgiving or vacation indulgences, but that’s ok.  I didn’t gain weight, I didn’t lose weight.  I’ll call that a win for the circumstances.

3. Sew something.  Anything.

OMG, YES!  I mended a bunch of things, plus made a remote holder for the bedroom.  I feel a LOT more comfortable with the sewing machine after that session.

4. Finish the current book, start another.  This should be a done deal since I’m traveling.

I’ll cheat because I read it technically in December, but I finished that book and another.  I need to start the next series now!

5. Frame some of the art that’s sitting in the tube in the closet.

Hell yeah!  We got about 1/3 of it done and even hung.

6. Go through my cold weather clothes and put away/give away the stuff I don’t like.  Hit up the thrift store and get some stuff I like better.

Done and done.  Sadly, I have more clothes than hangers now, but I’m happywith my winter wardrobe!

7. Writing: work on my savage worlds story, and write non-status report blog posts.

I wrote one or two blogs that weren’t status reports, but I did ZERO work on my story.  Boo.

8. Get my hair trimmed/layers redid.  Cut Zliten’s hair, it’s a mess!

Fail.  I actually did decide intentionally not to do my hair because it’s now long enough that I have convinced myself I like it long, which I will maintain until about Feb/March to where I get kinda grumpy when I’m getting ready and can’t figure out why, and then I realize I’m over my hair, which should have been apparent because it’s been tied back for the greater part of the last few months.

Zliten’s now has grown out to be interesting as well, though it does need a clean up even if we don’t decide to keep it long.

9. Swim at least once, I shouldn’t go two months without hitting the pool.

Ermmmm, I swam on vacation (in December).  I haven’t done actual laps yet.  Maybe this month.

10.  Try to use up the food that’s already here instead of buying stuff.  My fridge and freezer are bursting with stuff and I keep going out and buying new stuff to cook.

Sort of.  The fridge and freezer have been cleaned out and are pissing me off way less.  This should happen more often.

11.  It’s almost vacation time!  Get together a list of stuff for Florida (restaurants, things to do, packing list, etc).

Yeah.  Not a problem there. 🙂

12.  Drink more water.  I’m not as good about this in the colder months, and if I forget about it too much, I get chapped lips.

Ehhhh, sort of.  My chapped lips went away but I’m not sure that I really did all that well with this.

13.  Between more work deadlines and family obligations, make sure to take enough time to relax and destress.  Don’t let shit get to ya, woman.

Well, I destroyed a wall because I got stressed and hormonal.  However, I felt pretty freaking calm the day after and learned how to fix a wall, so… maybe a split between a fail and a win there? 🙂

December is almost half over, but I’ve kept this one up all year, so let’s roll with it.

1.  It’s the holidays, so this is not going to be perfect, but most of the time, let’s stay away from sugar, refined carbs, fried food, and other junk.  I’d like to end this month no heavier than 175.

2. Take enough rest as needed and then train speeeeeeed at lower volume, with some bike and swimming mixed in.

3.  Return to a bit of weight training by the end of the month.  It’s time.

4.   Sign up for the next race or two.  Work on the race plan for 2014.

5   Finish up Christmas presents!  I’m close, but have a little bit of work left.

6.  Start my next book series.  Going from superheros in space to elves and orcs.

7.  Write my Savage Worlds story and get out my backlist of blog posts (this being one of them).

8.  Donate some stuff + a gift card to the Austin Children’s Shelter drive at work.

9.  Go for our annual Christmas Lights run/walk around the hood.

10.   Do a really, really long bike over Holiday break.

11.   Have a good steak.  I’m really craving one of those…

12.  Cuddle more with my husband.  His idea, but I like it.  It’s cold outside, cuddling more is good.

13.  Hang out with friends this month (since the training load is light) and play lots of games.

I’m not sure I’ll continue this for 2014, but it’s been fun!  This month should be pretty easy since a lot of them are fun stuff. 🙂

What’s you December goal?