1.  When anyone in the whole world could possibly read this page and attach that to me, IRL, there are a lot less things I feel comforatble ranting about.  I miss ranting though!  I think I need to generalize it.  Like ranting about people who park their SUV’s in the small car only parking.

2.  I’ve done some good on the treadmill lately.  I cut my best mile time down to 8:45 and my 3k down to 29:35!  Under 30 mins was a goal for me, and I actually didn’t even feel like running that day.  I guess I decided that if I was going to pry myself off the couch, I might as well make it worth it.

3.  Losing and regaining the same 5 lbs for 2 months is just about torture.  I’d like to think of something positive to say about it, but pretty much it just sucks and is frustrating me.  I think it’s one reason I haven’t been updating lately.  That and life-crazy.  But if I am going to do this blogging thing, I need to do it regularly.  I’ll probably expand more on this in another post.

4.  I got some really awesome shoes!  The picture is the closest thing I can find online to what I got, take away the peep toe and the buckle and skinny out the heel and you got it.  I got two other pairs, which I will photograph someday because I can’t find a damn thing online like them and I got them from a shoe retailer going out of business.

5.  On a related note, it’s now a dangerous world (for my finanaces and shoe closet) since I discovered I am no longer too fat to wear true heels.  To mitigate the damage to my closet, at least, I got rid of 15 pairs of shoes.  About 2/3 of them were falling apart so in the trash they went.  The others were ones that had been rarely or never worn because they were too uncomfortable are set to be donated to the thrift store next trip to plague someone else’s life!  I then organized what I have and my closet looks all purty!  I do have about 35-40 pairs left.  That’s a lot of shoes, but not too many.  You can NEVER have too many, no matter what Zliten says.