Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

5 Random Things

1.  Today the cold front moved in and it was in the low 50’s this morning and only got up to the low 70’s today (yes I know that’s some people’s summer temperatures, but…bugger off, I like my hot weather).  I dunno about everyone else, but I just don’t like it.  Sure, I got to wear a sweater (which was too small last year and almost too big now) and my new spiffy loafers (now with pennies), but winter approaching makes me sad.  It’s dark when I get home from the gym now, hell, soon it will be dark when I get home from work.  The fun nights of sitting out on the patio are slowly fading into memory…*tear*.

2.  Speaking of cold…I used to sweat at the THOUGHT of getting up and walking around and wear skirts and sandals into almost the dead of San Diego winter.  Today, at about 70 degrees, I was chilly in shoes, jeans, a sweater, and an undershirt.  Either Austin summers have spoiled me, or I just don’t have enough “forever sweater” anymore (thanks Pang).

3.  I’ve been playing the game I’m working on a lot this week, and having a blast!  I’m now in the second of four worlds and things are getting tougher.  Two monsters on one player is so not fair!  My outfit is terribly mismatched though – as you can see.  It’s really good for me to take time to play during stressful weeks so I can remember what it is I’m stressing over, and it’s all worth it.  Or at least, I’m having a little fun in between the crazy.

4. I’ve been a little moody this week, and today I decided that I was going to make the executive decision on the one thing I could – my mood.  I told everyone this morning I was anti-grump and was going to be cheerful today, and amazingly enough, everyone around me has been in a better mood today.  It’s always good to remember the one thing you really CAN control, if not anything else, is your mood and your outlook on things.

5.  More about Project Tile when it’s done, but Zliten did an absolutely awesome job – except the step where he forgot to sponge the grout off the top of the tiles so there is now a chalky, hardened mess.  He is currently at Lowe’s for the 10th time this week trying to figure out a way besides vinegar and water and elbow grease and days of work.  Poor guy!


I have nothing of substance to say today…


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  1. Liz

    Hey, that’s totally a Wizard 101 person in the pic! My boyfriend does QA work on that game. Fucking small world (I came to this site from PastaQueen, btw).

  2. Seriously small world! Yay, first non spam comment, hehe!

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