1.  I think *crosses fingers and knocks on wood* that I have kicked my plateau.  I’ve been between 165-166 for the last few days.  I’ll wait for a 164 to really rejoice, but though it’s inching down, down is what counts.  Slow and steady wins the race.  I guess it’s also worth mentioning that I weighed 165.0 today, which is 100 lbs exactly from my highest weight (or my estimate of my highest weight, because the scale and I were not best buds back then).  I have removed a 5’0″ tall woman at an average weight from myself.  Have to say it feels pretty awesome.

2.  I’ve been gaming a bit.  Besides my non-game gamey fixes like Ikariam and Tiny Adventures, Zliten and I played around with the Little Big Planet demo, and we’re hooked and can’t wait to actually get it.  We also played through the Wii version of Strongbad’s Cool Game For Attractive People.  Yay adventure games.  If you are asking yourself who Strongbad is, go here now.  Specifically here if you don’t want to search the whole site.  Do not dilly dally.  Use the scroll and the buttons, the buttons, the buttons.

3.  I have been yelping more!  Yelp is a lovely review site, and quite helpful.  Anytime I’m looking for a new restaurant or bar to try – it’s my go to site.  If I’m looking for a mechanic, plumber, tailor, etc – I can at least give it a look to see if someone in my area has had a stellar (or poor) review.  I’ve forgotten to contribute over the last few months (or more) and I’m trying to review all the places I’ve been lately.

4.  We figured out our Halloween costumes!  We’re going to be Wraith from Stargate Atlantis (me a queen, Zliten is going to be Todd).  We’re not going all out and making the costumes ourselves, but trying to get as realistic as we can.  The awesome thing that I was able to do was go into a costume store, and purchase a costume off the rack (and a S/M to boot).  I’ve never had both the money and the slim-ness to do that before.  Yay!  Here is the first go at the makeup – it’s way too green and a little messy, and covering the eyebrows with liquid latex didn’t work so well, but we learned a lot doing it and will do much better next time.  And yes, I know, I need to work on my scowl.  Zliten does it much better.

5.  This weekend is the eye of the storm.  No plans whatsoever.  I can’t go shopping since I haven’t hit 160 (strangely, after I decided this, I started losing again… THERE MAY BE A CONNECTION HERE…), no downtown outings, have plenty of food to stay in, no parties to attend, no plans with the parents, not even dinner plans with anyone.  Trying to decide what we want to do.  Ice Skating?  Movies?  Rock Climbing?  Being 100% shut ins all weekend?  Only time will tell…