1.  Finally figured out what we’re doing for our birthdays.  For mine, a good old fashioned pub crawl around our neighborhood.  We’re going to start about a mile south of the house, crawl up to a mile north of the house, and end the night at the closest bar to our house.  Tomorrow, I’m going to make the schedule so our friends can meet us wherever they want to join up.  It seems like the perfect mix of exercise and debauchery, and a great way to ring in 30.  For Zliten’s two weeks later – we’re having a fancy dress up cocktail partyat the house.  Which dress to wear? Decisions, decisions…

2.  My 5k is Saturday.  I got in 3 good 5k runs this week, two on the treadmill, one today outside, and I’m at about 10 minute miles running the distance with warmup and cooldown, so I’m looking good (hopefully) to finish well within 30 minutes factoring in adrenaline and unfamiliar terrain.  Should be interesting.  Today, it finally hit me it’s coming up and I’m starting to get excited.  I am about as equally excited for the pizza we’re going to get after the race!  Mmmm…Savage….

3.  Somehow, I went to the hobby store to get some supplies to start making earrings, more necklace wire, and a few other things.  I ended up spending 150 bucks on beads and such.  At Zliten’s prodding, I’m going to set up a little shop on Etsy and try to sell some stuff to see if I can at least recoup the money I spent this time.  I don’t have great pictures of the necklaces I’ve made thus far, but I’ve put up some of the best ones I have.  I sorely need to fix that!

4.  Our PS3 died!  It just stopped working and after investigation, we found out that it was a dead fan.  Bah!  No more Eternal Sonata for a while – the disc is even stuck in it with no way to get it out.  It’s going to take 150 bucks and up to 6 weeks to fix it.  So did not need that to happen.  Oh well, currently watching Zliten play and helping make conversation in Mass Effect and making progress in Fable while we can.

5.   I got to go to my first Yelp Elite party Tuesday night.  We were able to check out a new, cool dive bar called the Shangri-La.  The theme was a WIT T-shirt contest (prizes for the wittiest tshirt) and there was some schwag, free beer and vodka, and the music was provided by yelpers who made their own mix CDs that the DJ spun all night.  It was a lot of good fun, but somehow a 2 hour party ended up being a crazy late Tuesday night and painful Wednesday morning.  Ah well, you’re only young once, right?

To bed with myself now.  Being up before 8 (30) am this week has been HARD!