So, since we discussed the epic fail of last workout, this time, I wanted to try something more sane.  I also was inspired by Charlotte to drop the amount of cardio I’m doing (although she’s way more hardcore than I).  So this month is going to a big change, not necesarily as to the equiment or exercise I’m doing, but how and how frequently I’m doing it.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Day 1, 3, 5: 20 minutes running intervals, full body strength session

Day 2, 4: 40 minutes Dance Dance Revolution, 15-20 yoga session

I am cutting down to 180 minutes of cardio max per week, and greatly upping my weights time.  My inkling is that even though I can’t technically log the calories in the strength sessions (at least without a heart rate monitor, and I think that would induce a whole other slew of neuroses), it won’t be trivial.  So I’ll be burning about 2400 per week (way down from last month) PLUS whatever the strength sessions are – which for me is going out on a limb because I don’t have math to work with.  Just faith.  I like math better.

Also, these interval workouts are supposed to not only burn calories during them, but keep you burning more after.  Great, but more faith-not-math ideas that I have to believe in.  I couldn’t really commit to them when I was actually losing weight, I’d think “that’s a nice idea and all, but what I’m doing is working, and I don’t want to mess that up”.  Well, what I’m doing isn’t working anymore, so it’s time.

I can give you feedback on the initial few days – Monday I did my first interval session – 20 minutes alternating minutes between 5.0 and 7.0 to 8.0 (roughly 12 minute mile pace the first minute then 9 to 7:30 minute mile pace during the next minute, rinse and repeat, starting with the first interval being 9, then 8:45, up to 7:30).  At first I was gloating at how easy this was, by the end I had to take a double long cool down and felt like my ass got kicked sufficiently hard.  I then challenged myself to up either weights or number of reps on most exercises, and went home and felt tired a lot earlier than normal.  Success!  Tuesday, I needed the lighter DDR and yoga workout and didn’t feel indulgent doing it instead of something harder.  Yesterday, it felt just as hard, but good after.  I got that glowy tired you feel after a good workout instead of the exhausted tired I felt last month.

So far, so good.  I’ll be back to report at the end of next week how things are going.