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Best of Week…Feel My Wrath

So, as this week is looking to be incredibly busy, I’m going to bust out some of the best, funny, or insightful things I wrote elsewhere over the last few years.  Enjoy!

***Warning – flagrant use of foul language ahead.  More than the usual.  So if something like “fuck-faced cock sucking whore” just offended you, ya might just turn back now and come back later for the usual, more inspirational fare.***

Anywhoo, now that I got that out of the way, this was a post I made to my LiveJournal after a really rough day at work.  I had someone, to my face, tell me essentially my project was worthless.  Being that I’m public about where I was working and what I was working on at that time, I don’t want to say more than that.  However, three and a half years later, I can surely post the rant.  I’m simply impressed with the utter rage I was able to channel.  I’m normally a very happy person.  Only very very occasionally do I run faster on the treadmill simply because I’m imagining someone special’s face underneath each footstep (and the more I run, the more I can kick them in the face!).  Enjoy – and remember what happens when you get on my bad side…

Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
7:56 pm

Fuck you.
No, Really.  Fuck you.

You know who you are. Who the fuck do you think you are? I know who you are, but WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO BE SUCH AN UNABASHED ASSHAT WITH NO REMORSE?

Who do you think you are to invalidate anything that doesn’t facilitate you snorting coke from a hooker’s back and drinking the piss of Gods. I mean, if you piss 1/3 of my salary like you so eliquently said today, it must be high quality piss for sure. I mean, you should bottle that shit and sell it like Evian. Perhaps then you won’t have to worry about this petty thing called your fucking job, or anything called common decency, tact, respect.. You’re a fucking GOLDEN GOD, asshole.

God forbid you look beyond the narrow scope of your ivory tower and see what the fuck is going on with the world. How dare you make a mockery of what I stand for? Perhaps your shit decisions helped us get in this boat? Is your distaste of passion because you don’t have the courage to do anything useful? Do you go home at night and cry because your life is so empty and alone? Have you fully perfected ignoring your concience? Have you convinced yourself that the laws of karma do not apply to you?

Fuck you for ruining my morning. Fuck you for ruining my ideals that people are generally good. Fuck you, you cock sucking souless shadow of a human being, for distracting my thoughts all day.

Thank you for making me that much more motivated to prove you wrong and show you that I will not be ignored and go quietly into oblivion like you want me to. Thank you for the fire and the vengance I need to show the world just how your brethern can’t keep us down. I’ll do it because you do not have the power to ruin something beautiful. You do not rule over me, if you stand in my way, I’ll find an alternate route. I have the patience, the drive, and the desire to persevere and, indirectly show you just how fucking wrong your money grubbing ass is. Someday, you will be remorseful that you showed me such disrespect and decided today was the day to pick a fight with someone.

Fuck you for illiciting such rage and hatred from me. You must be fucking talented to be able to strike such a discord in me that makes me feel this way. It doesn’t happen very often. You won the fucking lotto. Hooray for you!

Eat shit and die. Your blatant disregard for the little guy shows just how shallow you are. In a short amount time you will be but a speck in my memory. A little bit of fuel for that evil side of the fire that drives me. I hope you’re happy that you looked like a fucking crybaby asshat in front of your peers today. I know I’m not your “peer” yet, but the others were. I hope your fucking satisfied solidifying the fact that you are a complete and utter stain on the human race.

I will drink away the disdain I feel about this and let it out, and return tomorrow to a semblance of normalcy. You will have to deal with that feeling in the back of your head forever that makes you wonder where you went wrong. While you may try, you cannot stifle the creative spirit and the love of the people who want to create something wonderful.

I’m out. This is not healthy for my soul. I’m done thinking about you and your inadequacies. I hope that you enjoy that corporate grave that you’re digging yourself.


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  1. Jannie

    I found you through your comment on Pasta Queen. Scrolled down, saw your pictures, and I must say you are gorgeous! You don’t look like you’re in the 160’s, you look less than that. Would you mind revealing how tall you are?

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