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More Than A Truck

So I’ve been neglecting the blog.  Apologies, my lovelies.  I sort of took the opportunity to ignore my calorie consumption as well.  I *meant* to count calories, it just didn’t happen.  I *meant* to get in a swim on Sunday, but it didn’t happen.  I *meant* to stay away from fried foods like I’m supposed to but there was an…um… incident on Saturday night with some french fries (and then Sunday with an eggroll and a few bites of general’s chicken that I can’t blame on being drunk).  I *meant* to continue to do no sweets but there was a piece of high quality dark chocolate Thursday.  And then Swiss chocolate Friday.  And Sunday.

None of these things is horrible in and of itself but it was a reminder that getting cocky is bad.  I was down to 161 again on Friday and this morning I weigh more than a truck (thank you salty chinese takeout).  It’s all well and good that I completed a tri.  It’s a great accomplishment to have completed my first long workout outside (16 miles biked and 4 mile run in the heat).  Burning about 1700 calories on Saturday certainly entitles me to a bit more food than the norm.  However, on a weekend where I’m going out partying, I have to remember that replacing that many calories is VERY, VERY easy.

So, today it’s back to it.  Back to tracking, no sweets, no fried foods, and I’m going to make an attempt to be really on the ball for the next two weeks (because I leave to go to Vegas then).  I’m going to do my best to NOT go crazy there food-wise but we shall see.

So last week:

Monday: off (recovering from the tri)
Tuesday: 10k run
Wednesday: yoga class for 1 hour
Thursday: spin class for 1 hour
Friday: arc trainer for 35 mins
Saturday: 16 mile bike, 4 mile run (then later 4 mile walk)
Sunday: off (was going to swim but I kinda didn’t leave the house except for groceries)

This week:

Monday: 30 mins arc trainer, 9 miles bike
Tuesday: 10k run
Wednesday: yoga class for 1 hour
Thursday: 15 mile bike, 4 mile run (at the gym)
Friday: swim (either gym or open water)
Saturday: 30 mile bike ride outside
Sunday: off

Weight high/low: 163/161

It’s very swim light, and I’m thinking about changing that, but here is the plan for now.  Maybe add to the crazy on Saturday or a trip to the springs on Sunday before the ball game we’re going to… who knows.

So yep.  The goal is to log food every day from now until Vegas, stick in the reasonable range, eat back enough calories with good food on crazy exercise days, and try to weigh less than a truck this time next week.  Economy car perhaps…


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  1. This is super inspiring and so is your weight loss journey – thanks for sharing. I still have more I’d like to lose – so I loved hearing about it 🙂

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