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Ending With a Bang

Holy schneike – how has it been a week since I posted?  A blink of the eye, perhaps.  I don’t even understand how it’s October, let alone two weeks until Halloween?  Yikes.  Someone has been a slacker in the worst way and will have to end up being something I put together from my closet if I don’t hurry up with it.

What I’m not really sad about is that it also means I have two weeks left of serious business training for the half, one week at about 70%, and then a super light taper week for the race.  I am almost regretting signing up.  Yes, it’s true that I am really and truly capitalizing on the endurance I built up for the triathlon, but I am also *tired*.   And it’s not even really physical… it’s totally mental.

It’s been a heck of a year.  Since February, it’s been non-stop crazy at work.  It has not let up.  There have been crazy weeks and SUPER crazy weeks.  That’s about it.  In ten months, I’ll have run 2 half marathons and 2 triathlons.  Not to mention my first duathlon, I PR’d a 5k, ran another one for fun, will have done 3 adventure races, and will finish up the year with a 5 miler on Thanksgiving.  Rarely ever do we have a weekend where we don’t have things to do on one or both days.  I have only taken 3.5 days off this year – half a sick day in February, and 3 days for traveling.  It’s been a heck of a year.  I am BEAT.

However, I know I’m only regretting it NOW on whiny days when I have to get up and run (poor baby, I know).  October is going to end with a BANG and then things should get a little quieter in November (work, life, and training) I’m hoping for things to go the opposite way they did earlier this year.  Y’know – awesome training, shite on race day.  All my runs since the tri have been ok to meh.  Maybe I can save it all for race day and really rock it there.

Let’s not even go into the food.  I spent the weekend showing family how awesome Austin is – which means BBQ, tex mex, alcohol, and deep dish pizza.  I did not eat like a complete idiot, but I did indulge more than normal.  Lots of heavier than normal meals, lots of spicy… I’m happy to be back to normal food consumption today.

I didn’t exactly hit the workout schedule I had laid out, but after considering, I think it was just too much.

Monday: 9 x 400m sprints (5.25 miles)
Tuesday: 30 min swim (1200 yds), 30 mins weights
Wednesday: 60 mins yoga
Thursday: 5 mile tempo (9:40 pace)
Friday: off (2 mile walk)
Saturday: 10 mile run (10:48 pace)
Sunday: off

This week, same schedule, upping the miles a little, and adding a bike ride.  I miss my happy little bike.

Monday: 6 x 800m sprints (6 miles, 60 mins)
Tuesday: 30 min swim (1200 yds), 30 mins weights
Wednesday: 60 mins yoga
Thursday: 6 mile tempo
Friday: 45 mile bike ride
Saturday: 11 mile run
Sunday: off

In other random non-half-training news, I am going to be in another magazine (well, same mag, different issue) with some folks on my team for work.  We took the pictures today, and through all the nitpicking I do of my training and weight and accomplishments and such – I looked at the 5 they picked and I didn’t hate any of them.  Life is good when you’re featured in a mag twice in a few months AND feel like you look good enough to enjoy it.  Even though my hair WAS a little poofier than normal today.  Glad I reconsidered the dress with slightly too much cleavage to feel appropriate for work.

Last Monday, we had a service show up and clean the house for us.  We spent all weekend picking up for them because our house was a disaster, and then they came and did the two bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dusting, sweeping, and mopping.  I was going to wait until next year to start doing something like this, but honestly?  This is something now that I do not ever want to live without.  It’s been a week and our house is still SO CLEAN (because we are motivated to keep it clean because it’s already clean, odd how that works) and if I could just have someone come do this once a month?  I wish to never not have this.  It was SO AMAZING to be able to enjoy my clean house without being frazzled and frustrated at having to actually have done it!

One more random thought: sherbert.  How have I not seen this before?  1 whole cup is 140 calories.  I usually eat about half a cup.  It’s delicious!  I can see this sticking around as a nummy treat.

Ok, one more – time off.  I mentioned it earlier, but I have to get my days off scheduled before the end of the year (I have to take 8).  Going to take a day or 2 and go visit some friends in AZ probably, might take a day or 2 off after my half in November just to chillax at home, and while I could do the “every friday in Nov/Dec” thing, I think what my body and brain is calling for right now is a good long stretch in a row.  I could augment the holiday time off and give myself almost 3 weeks off in a row, but I dunno – I think I’d be bleh because the weather is never great around then and I’d get bored.  Yeah, again, I know, poor me.  But I do have to decide in the next week or 2.

I’m going to now play myself off – time for bed.  So, I ask – what’s your favorite low calorie treat?  Anyone have experience with maid service?  Any suggestions on what I should do with my vacay days?


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  1. Maid service… I wish. I AM the maid service. That’s my dream someday though! Fave low-cal treat right now: honeycrisp apple sliced, warmed in microwave (still crispy) and dusted with cinnamon. Congrats on the second mag spread, you centerfold!!

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