Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Clarification and Concentration

Just an addendum: a week after the first tri of the year, and I’m feeling warm and fuzzy about it.  I’ve reread my race report a few times and it might slant more negatively than I’d like.  I nitpick, because I want to get better, not because I have any qualms about my rock-itude.  The coolest things are that what I didn’t rock at as much are easier things to get better.  Trying to take 4 minutes off my run time is a lot of training.  Trying to take 4 mins off a 6 minute botched transition just takes some practice.  Trying to get faster at swimming is hard.  Figuring out a good spot to start in and doing it just takes a little confidence.

I think it’s kinda a metaphor for life – I almost think I’m fixating on this damn 20 lbs because just about EVERYTHING else in my life is awesome and perfect and wonderful.  I’m out of the evil cold time of year and it won’t be back for a long long time, so that’s happy.  We have so many awesome things on the schedule to do, it’s like the spring of AWESOMETASTIC AWESOMENESS.  I couldn’t even have imagined that my life would be this perfect, having the most wonderful husband in the world, balancing a great job at a successful company making what feels like silly money for what I do, and also being able to pursue a hobby like triathlons/races.

However, I’m not entirely sure I possess the gene needed to feel simple contentment.  Not that I don’t relish and cherish what I have accomplished, but as they say in West Wing, it’s always about “what’s next” for me.  One of my great joys is to sit in the sun after race days with my champagne and deconstruct the highs and lows and analyze the race.  Note: It was SUPER awesome to be able to do that WITH Zliten doing it for himself as well.  While we didn’t complete the tri together (as in side by side), it was still a shared experience because we both traveled the same epic bike hills, swam the same course together, and ran it into the finish line together.

We are very likely (aka – I have the green light but haven’t quite hit the submit button) going to be doing the Lake Pflugerville Tri (500m swim, 14 mi bike, 5k run).  My A goal is 1h30.  Not going to lie, I would have to have a STELLAR day to get this but it’s within the realm of possibility.  My B goal is under 1h40, which will be about the same paces as this one (but 200m extra swim, 3 extra bike miles, and 1 extra running mile so still an improvement).  My C goal is 1:51:15.  My first tri was 1:51:16 and the only difference is that I have about 2 miles extra to bike.  If I can’t beat my first tri with my big ass heavy bike, something is wrong.

This week starts the 4 week countdown to my 5k, and thus – speed/hill training.  I probably won’t do any more than 4 mile runs until June, but the goal is to do them FAST.  It is such a different mental state to run a 5k all out than a half.  There is a lot of time to correct in a half.  It is essentially a dull, elongated discomfort that grows over the 2 hours.  A 5k is about 25 (hopefully) minutes of searing, white hot, intense pain.  If you mentally break and slow down, there is not much time to make it up.  Half marathons have a nice warm up period where you can settle into a pace.  5ks ARE my normal half marathon ramp up period.

I miss being able to knock out a comfortable 5k around 27 mins though, so it’s time to get back to that.  I’m pretty much making the call to stretch my speed comfort zone and let the distance zone shrink a little (continuing my base of being able to complete a 10k in 10 min miles) as I seem to be focusing on these sprint tris and shorter races and am kinda liking it.

Foodwise, I took the week off both tracking and just ate my normal healthy version of normal, and unfortunately today I’ve gained all but 1 of those lbs I lost 3 weeks ago.  Today, back to my crazy no salt no sugar no meat/animal products no nada to see how quick it goes back away.  I think I’m at the end of my rope with having tried everything here and need some professional help.  I think I’m scared though.  I think I’m also frustrated that I was SO GOOD at losing weight 2 years ago, and now I SUCK at it.

It also took me a while to get my workout mojo back after the tri.  Monday, I just walked 2 miles.  Tuesday, I walked 5.5 miles.  Wednesday, I did a circuit workout for about 30 mins and just about died.  Thurs, I just took off because my head wasn’t in it.  Finally, I got to the gym Friday and had both a kick ass 18.1 mph bike hill workout, and an easy but swift 30 min mile in the pool.  Saturday I ran outside in the 87 and sunny weather and both enjoyed it (happy warm weekend sun running rocks) and almost died (I am not heat trained or distance trained right now so I was very worn out at the end).  Sunday I got in the pool for the first time in about a year that didn’t involve me swimming laps (just swimming with my rents outside enjoying the sunshine) and it was kinda awesome.  But weird.  But more awesome than weird.

This week, the goal is concentration on eating clean and awesome feel good food (no artificial sweeteners, no sugar, low salt, mainly fish/chicken/etc) when I can, keeping the calories in check, and starting my journey to being a speed demon and add back some weights (40 pushups should not put me out of commision for half a week, thxuverymuch).

Food: Mon-Wed 100% cleanse food, Thurs – Sun 1 meal off plan, 2 on

Workouts Planned:

Monday- sprints + crunchtime
Tuesday- bike + swim
Wednesday- 5k tempo outside (morning), weights evening
Thursday- off
Friday- bike + swim
Saturday- HELL RUN!
Sunday – off

Races Upcoming:

Hell Run – Apr 30
P5 Swim/Run – May 5
Gladiator Games 5k – May 21

Not Yet Signed Up for But Likely:
Shammies and Koozies (25 mile bike/river float) – June 11
Pflugerville Tri – June 19

I think I have lost my mind with all these crazy races, but I love it.  After June it gets insano hot here so the races will likely calm down a little – but who knows.  I do have a 5k goal and there are tris a plenty out there until October so we’ll see.  I still can’t believe that when I started this blog 2.5 years ago, I had never done nor really considered doing a race.  Now, I’m heading out this weekend for #20 (and that’s only counting official ones where I’ve gotten a time, add a few more).  Mind = boggled.


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  1. Miz

    I think I have lost my mind with all these crazy races, but I love it.
    and really do find encouragement in the fact that you had not done a race just a few years ago.
    when my back is ready—I am ready.

    my mind isnt boggled by you. it is in awe.

  2. I don’t possess the satisfied gene either. I’m never really satisfied – I wish I could work on that. You are amazing in all you do!

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