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Steady As She Goes – Nutritionist, Week 3

I’m not even sure if I have a whole post in me about this, but here goes (yeah, who am I kidding – I’m VERBOSE if nothing else…).

1.  We talked organic.  My question was, as she brought up organics a few times before, what was worth it, what wasn’t, etc.  She said her priorities were a) organic, grass fed beef, chicken, dairy as often as possible b) leafy vegetables as often as possible c) organic corn/soy/canola as often as possible d) veg/fruit without peels when it makes sense financially, otherwise wash well e) not waste time money on other things like organic fruits/veg with a peel, or other products like organic beans, organic cake, organic salad dressing, etc.

2.  We talked genetically modified crops.  Genetically modified crops are great for the environment because they have internal changes to their DNA that makes them bug resistant and drought resistant and easier to grow.  However, they also have been shown to cause tumors and stomach issues and other bad juju (the highly technical term, yes).  Apparently 90-95% of corn in existence now is GMO (that includes corn starch, corn syrup, corn tortillas, and just… corn).  As above, as much as possible, 100% organic corn and corn products.

3.  We talked electrolytes and during-workout fueling.  Basically, the good news is I’ve been feeling so good with the fueling and dietary changes, I’ve been increasing my mileage again.  However, this means I’ve been outside in the hot sun doing 1.5 – 2 hour rides and runs in the high 80s.  And I’ve just been doing it with water, and I’ve been feeling awesome because of the new fueling plan, but some articles I’ve read lately about heat sickness scare me.  The new plan is anytime I go over an hour, I incorporate coconut water.  For rides, I’ll put it in my under-the-bike bottle and use my camelback for water.  For runs I’ll just mix it half and half with my camelback.  It will be interesting to try out, I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

4.  We talked progress.  While I’ve felt major improvements in my energy, workouts, and just how I feel, and maaaaaaaybe a little progress in how my pants fit, the scale is STUCK.  I stressed that I’m in it for the long haul and am not trying to be impatient, I just want to make sure nothing is WRONG.  She said that YES, absolutely it’s normal, she would be a little freaked out if I was seeing significant changes on the scale.  My body is very confused right now with the changes, and she said the general course and cycle of things is that I’ll be stagnant for the first 4-6 weeks, and then the weight will start dropping off.   By the end of August, she said I should see about 5 lbs lost, but to not expect much before.  I have a couple of future type questions about how my body will know to stop losing without tweaking calorie counts and if I can actually screw this up staying on plan and eating too much, but I’ll collect the info and let you know at the next installment!

A few other small Q&As we had over email:

Q. How to thicken soups/chilis without flour/cornmeal?  A. Rice starch/flour.  Use the least amount possible.

Q. How much is a serving of grains? A. Less than you’d think.  1/2 cup is a true serving of pasta.  Also, 1/2 of a whole wheat wrap is also a serving.

Q.  What’s a good quick lunch/dinner in a pinch if I have to go frozen. A.  Anything Amy’s.  High quality ingredients and no science-y stuff on the list.

So the plan going forward is:

-New fueling plan with long runs/bikes
-When I go grocery shopping next, lean towards organics especially in meats, milks, and leafy stuff
-Continue with the way I’m eating now.  For reference, here is a normal day in Quixy-land:

Day: Tuesday, July 26
Wake Up: 7:20am
Workout Fuel?: 1/2 coffee light honeymilk/1/2 chocolate light honeymilk (7:30/9:30)
Morning Meal/time: smoothie (1 scoop whey protein, 3/4 banana, 1 cup pineapple, 1/2 cup cherries, 1 tbsp pb) (10 am)
Mid-day Meal/time: schezuan chicken from Bamboo Bistro (takeout chinese – chicken broccoli, carrots, onions, in sauce) w/half cup brown rice (12:30)
Snack/time: 12 almonds 3pm, apple 5pm, carrots/tzatziki, 6pm, string cheese 7:30pm
Evening Meal/time: 1 small whole wheat tortilla crisped in pan w/whipped butter, topped with shredded chicken, beans, cheese, salsa, greek yogurt, lettuce, and hot sauce.  Small extra bowl with some chicken, beans, cheese, lettuce, yogurt, and salsa. (8:15pm)
Water: 90 oz
Other Drinks: La Croix Lime
Activity (what/how long): 8 miles ran, 1:28 (sooooo hot…soooo slow)
Relaxation (what/time): 3 hours tv/internet
Sleep: 11 pm

I got to eat both takeout chinese, a crap ton of snacks, and a fried tostada. ::grin::  There is nothing really wrong with this way of eating.  I’m still bitter about the lack of sandwiches but I have a feeling that will be my once a week splurge.

I’m to continue to food journal (as above), and submit them to her to look over on a weekly basis, but my next appointment isn’t until August 25th.  So from here on out, I’ll continue updating on Thursdays, but it will be just a check in.  As much as it’s expensive and a bit out of my day to see her, I’ll kinda miss the weekly sessions.

Also, she’s going to make me a fueling plan for my upcoming races once I get closer.  How cool is that?

In summary, the experience has been awesome.  As I admitted to her today that if I was doing this on my own, and hadn’t seen progress right now, I’d be getting SUPER antsy and would have certainly given up before the end of next month.  I’m very happy having someone reassure me that it’s the right thing to do.  I mean, my energy and how I feel is definitely encouraging, but I know I’m above the weight I should be at.  Jiggly bits don’t lie.

How are your jiggly bits (or lack thereof).  What do you think of my daily grind?  If you could ask a nutritionist one question, what would you ask?


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  1. Miz

    HMM I wonder if she’d work with me when I get it all figured out with my daughter and her sensitivities to be sure Im not missing a food group?

    It’s easy as an adult to not eat something (daily) and be sure to get, say, calcium (dark leafy :)) but so hard in kids.
    and if you like her—Id like her 🙂

  2. Oh I have more than one question for your nutritionist! Thankfully I get to ask her myself on Thursday. Yay!! Although I’ve been keeping a daily record like she asked and I gotta say that intuitive eating looks bizarre all mapped out like this. I’m like the most schizophrenic eater ever.

  3. @miz I wouldn’t say it’s EASY as an adult (though, jury is still out on whether I actually AM one, hehe), but I get what you’re saying. 😀

    @Charlotte YAY! I’m so glad. I can almost guarantee that you she’s looking less at your meals and when you eat and more at the components of them (at least, she did for me). She never has said anything about my ridici-late dinners about 2 hours before bed, but I noticed that when she said to just snack to hunger, not to a calorie limit, I shifted a lot of that eating to late afternoon and have been eating much smaller dinners. It was painfully apparent when I had social obligations including big dinners this weekend and felt all sorts of AWFUL after them. Lesson learned.

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