…will pretty much have to sub for a weekly update as between crazy work hours, appointments, social obligations, and sleep, I got nothing.  In the way of time, sanity, or brainpower.

Dear Nutritionist Lady-Person,
Another week, another set of logs and some navel gazing. 🙂

My progress seems to be a bit of a contradiction.  I’ve had two people tell me I look smaller.  Tuesday, someone who hadn’t seen me in 2 months.  Today, I had my yearly with my doctor and SHE said she thought I looked leaner.  Which was odd because I have gained at least 10 lbs since last year.  And she sees me nekkid so there’s no possibility that I was just wearing something flattering…

However, my weight has actually gone up.  My first visit in July, I was 173.  Today, I was 177.  Things definitely fit better and I feel less wobbly since then, but is it really possible I’ve gained over 4 lbs of muscle in the last month (and if I really am getting leaner, it would have to be more, right)?  Honestly, It’s not a number I care about, if I’m making progress and I end up a 200 lb size 6 running sub 2 hour half marathons somehow, I’m ok with that.  I want to fit in all my clothes (which I’m making some progress, albeit slow, at).  I want to improve athletically (which I am).  I was feeling a little blah about workouts before I changed my diet, and now I’m forcing myself to take rest days instead of wanting to take more of them.

This is definite progress.  As much as I miss sandwiches and am really struggling to kick the apparent corn addiction I never knew I had – even if I don’t lose weight I’m not going back and don’t feel like what I’ve been doing here for the last month or so has been a waste.  I feel amazing.  But the scale going up is bugging me as it seems counter-intuitive to my long term goals, which is frustrating.

So next week, I’ll try to log my portion sizes a little more carefully.  When you first suggested the portion worksheet (note – two weeks in when I talked about not making scale progress she suggested this – I wasn’t ready), I felt like I was not yet really acclimated to the dietary changes.  I feel like I am now.  Introducing one more step isn’t going to rock my world like it would have 2 weeks ago.  Not that I don’t have improvements to make, but I’m pretty comfortable with what I’m supposed to eat about 90% of the time.

I also asked the doctor to order up a full run of tests with my thyroid just to make sure there’s no pure medical reason for it too.  I’ll be doing that next week.

Also note that this week work ate my life – lots of Amys and meals out – but I think I did ok considering the crazy hours I’ve put in last and this week.

I’ll see you next Thursday at 12:30.

<omitting full log of what I ate as to not kill y’all with boredom>

Love and kisses,

I could postulate on and on about what it all means, but I think instead I’ll submit last week’s workouts and this week’s plan and call it a post.

Last Week…
Thursday: 4.2 miles hill/sprintervals on treadmill in 40 mins (about 9:40 pace overall)
Friday: off
Saturday: 20 mile outside bike ride in 1:23 (should have been 30 but Zliten got glass in his tube, and then I had to be at work)
Sunday: off
Monday: 9.45 bike inside in 30 mins (18.9 mph pace), 3 mile run in 28 mins (9:20 pace), 30 mins crunchtime
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: off

This week…
Thursday: full body weights (morning), 9.56 miles inside ride in 30 mins (lunch)
Friday: 10k run sometime (before work? after? double 5ks maybe?)
Saturday: 35 mile bike ride, swimming
Sunday: off (or Saturday’s ride if I have to work)
Monday: 30 min ride, 30 min run, crunchtime
Tuesday: 10 mile run with 5k “kick” at the end
Wednesday: off or swim + weights after work (8am meeting UGH)

It works out much better if you look at it from Mon-Sun (which is how I plan out my weeks).  This week was a stepback week (and I picked a good week for it with work hell), and now it’s keeping myself in good condition for the tri (which I’m pretty peaked for) while increasing the running miles to be ready for the half mary, and increasing my bike miles because it’s fun and I want to do at least 50-60 before I have to ditch the bike for the winter and lace up the sneaks every Saturday morning for longer runs.

Have a great week everyone!  What are you conquering this week?