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Marathon Fever

On the pure high of my last 9 mile run going so well, the 10 today feeling easy peasy besides my poor sore legs from the workout the night before, taking back the summer and getting heat acclimated, and the realization that I’m just not going to have time this summer to get in an Olympic tri (I was going to try to fit a race in but you should see my calendar through the end of the year… it’s bananas), and reading some race report porn (this hot mama just finished her first and this badass who just finished an Ironman is the reason I haven’t blogged much – I’ve been obsessively reading the archives of hers, and then there’s of course this awesome lady who is out for revenge on RnRSA this year) around the internet, I’m ready.  I want to be a marathoner.  I want to be in the cool kids 26.2 club.

As much as I wanted to love 5ks, it’s just not working out between us.  It may be something I’ll go back to someday, but I have a lot of work to get back to the speed I was at, and the courses matter SO MUCH on these.  A little long?  No PR.  Super hilly?  No PR.  Humid?  No PR.  Hot? No PR.  Cold?  No PR.  Longer distances, you expect some hills and valleys, some more than others, but I’ve raced pancake flat 5ks in perfect temps and you just have to be ON from the moment you start.  When I go to attack that PR, I’m going to need to probably train up for a while, and then race every other weekend.

While I feel like being a little heavier/well fed doesn’t affect my endurance races, I feel like its hindering me on all out speed runs.  Working on it, but still.  I like going on long runs even if it’s the same 2.5 mile loop over and over.  I don’t feel warmed up until at least halfway through a 5k and by then I’m huffing and puffing hard.  Working on my 5k time did nothing for my tri run time.  I have a feeling that what I need to work on is a 5k tempo… but at the end of a double digit run in the heat.

So, I entertained the thought.  Then I spoke it out loud.  Then I mentioned it in a blog.  Now, I’m actually looking up potential races for Spring and putting together a potential training plan.  I think I may have marathon fever.  Someone call a doctor, please.  My life would be much easier if I was cured…

I’m probably going to use this FIRST program again since it worked well for my last 2 halfs, which is 3 times per week of running, and 2 days per week of x-train.  Also, since I lack the cognitive ability to do a recovery or easy run, two days of hard x-training is my savior.  So a week in the life would probably be: Monday: bike (45 mins) + crunchtime, Tuesday: tempo run (4-10 miles), Wednesday: swim (45 mins) + weights, Thursday: speedwork (45-60 mins), Friday: off, Saturday: long run (10-20+ miles).  Not much more mileage/hourage than what I’m doing now, except I’ve traded a long bike for a long run and switched around the days a little.  A little rougher on my bod? Sure, a 22 mile run is going to be a much harder effort than a long ride, but by then it should be just an incremental thing.

I wasn’t going to do a marathon.  Wasn’t going to do it.  But then I realized that if I want to knock out an Ironman someday, or even a half IM, it would be good to be able to know what 5-ish hours on my feet feels like.  Calculators put my well trained pace at 4:20, but I’ll be happy to finish under 5.  I’m doing some research right now, and trying to determine what my long runs should be.  20 miles seems too short, some programs go up to 26, some plans even to 30 – but most caution you against going too far before your first race.  So, anyone out there that has done marathons – is 20 REALLY enough or should I do a 22-24 run 6 or so weeks out?

Also, the matter of which race I should pick.  The obvious choice?  Austin Marathon.  It’s 6 miles from my house and actually goes through my neighborhood.  However, I ALWAYS ALWAYS get sick once a year – in February.  Usually that week.  Something gets me.  Has happened the last 3 years at least, if not more.  The idea of running my first 26.2 with a cold sounds crappy.  Rock and Roll AZ is cheap because I have a place to stay, just need a flight, but that means Zliten probably won’t be with me (which might be good for him :D) and its only about 3 months of training past my half.  Pretty much – every marathon I’m looking at is in Dallas (RnR, etc).  I’m not super fond of Dallas (though I’ve not spent ALL that much time there), but I hope they put on good races!  I’m looking also at RnR Mardi Gras on March 4th, but the idea of spending my 33rd birthday the day before unable to party… I dunno if I can hack that.

Although, lets see if I give up after my longer-than-a-half-marathon run like last time. 🙂  I think the problem was I didn’t have a training schedule, I just figured I’d leisurely increase my mileage.  Also, I had 50 dollar trail running shoes that were way worn.  OF COURSE my feet felt like fire for a few days after a 14 miler.

In other news –

Still following the plan.  The nutritionist lady person evaluated my eating for the week previous and 90% was good.  She pointed out a few things she’d like me to do away with (a samosa, some corn chips, sharing a small blue razz slurpee) but all my main meal choices she was happy with, so that’s a big bunch of YAY.  No weight loss yet, but I definitely feel firmer.  She said if I haven’t lost anything by our next appointment August 25th we’d tweak things more, but it’s been really really nice to have someone just tell me to stay the course.  Three more weeks.

I did break down and have a sandwich this weekend.  It was glorious.  This weekend, I’m definitely going to eat a (good organic) burger and (olive oil fried hand cut or oven baked) french fries (though it will absolutely have a huge, yummy bun).  As long as these can still be sometimes foods, I’m ok with them not being all-the-time foods.  Trying for one not-quite-on-plan meal per week, and cutting out my issue with “add ons” or “offers”.  If something comes with a meal (samosa), offered free (chips and salsa), or is offered to be shared (slurpee), I end up having it even if I really want it or not.  This week, I’m trying to practice saying no.

Workouts since I’ve blogged:

Saturday: 25 mile ride with Joel – easy peasy 13.3 mph
Monday: 40 min ride hills level 8,9,10 – avg 19.1 mph (best pace evar!) and crunchtime class (especially brutal this week)
Tuesday: 10 mile run – 1:55.  Besides my legs killing me from the workout 12 hours before, it rocked!
Wednesday: 30 mins full body strength (on my own), 30 mins swim (1500 yds).
Thursday: (lunch)

And, that’s about it.  There was also Harry Potter 7-2, a bbq at a friends (where the cards and a blender came out and we stayed too late), dropping money on new gear for Zliten and I (new helmets, new running shoes, a camelback for Zliten, and of course, some new workout clothes for me…), cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.  This week, I’ve just been resting up, as I’m heading into some massive crazy – work at 7am tomorrow, 8am Friday, evening deadlines both days meaning I’ll need to stay late likely, and next week starts week-o-appointments.  Dentist one morning, doctor another, a Yelp event, a launch… so I’ll be getting creative with my workout schedule.  Thank goodness it also coincides with a stepback week so less mileage.  Yay!

So, yeah… any marathon advice/recommendations?  What would your splurge meal be?




Note To My Nutritionist


  1. Miz

    I love you are practicing saying no.
    I find for me it is 100% like a muscle and the more I work it—the stronger and more emphatic my NOs grow.

    For me the nos are boundaries with others…completely encouraged until said NO flows their way 🙂

  2. I’ve had three people in the last month tell me that I’m looking really thin and/or healthy, which is strange, since I haven’t lost weight in a year. Maybe it’s strength training, maybe it’s my new beloved poke recipe, who knows.

    And you bike very fast. I bike slow, but it still takes me almost an hour to do 10 miles, of course that’s including hills, traffic, stop signs, and lights.

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