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Dancing With The Stars, And Drinking Under Them

Pretty much lately, when I think about my weekend, it’s about planning the logistics of whatever race and/or training we’re heading to, and where the drinks are after.

This weekend, it was time for something completely different.  Well, there was still training.  And drinks.  And logistics.  But COMPLETELY different, I swear.

First of all, there had to be training (of course!).  We decided to abandon the swim and the bike and do a nice long run around Towne Lake.  Just like the old days (aka – Jan/Feb).    And just like the old days, we slept in and didn’t get going until about 9:40.  In the winter, that’s actually advisable.  In the (almost) summer, that’s death.  We ran 10 miserable miles in mid to upper 80s, with high humidity and no wind.  I swore my garmin was playing tricks on me (that’s all we’ve run???) and we went from respectable pace to slog to run/slog to “omg no more walking so we can put this run out of it’s misery” slog.  We learned that a) get your ass up when the alarm goes off and take a nap later instead of sleeping in and b) it’s that time of the year to get heat acclimated! Woo!  June is gonna *suck* but the rest of the summer will be worth it.

However, we couldn’t be too upset because after our run, it was time for a long weekend away!  Real, non sarcastic woo!  We grabbed some lunch, did final packings and got cleaned up, and then hopped in the car and headed down to San Antonio.  The goal was just to get away as close as possible (read: not much travel time), while still being “away” (read: not at home, hence not getting distracted with chores or plans or projects or extra training), so 1.5 hours away at a fancy spa resort sounded like exactly what the doctor ordered.  We got there around 4pm, had a little bit of trouble finding the place and found out how very new it was (no signage, not even “grand opened” yet, etc).  Finally, after getting it all sorted, we got to our room, headed to the pool, and spent some quality time reading, drinking margaritas, and lounging in the sweet cabanas.  I have decided we need one of these for our backyard.

Normally, I’d be all up in the pool but we had planz… our little package deal included a dance lesson.  Totally random, but it had been a while since we’d taken classes so we were down.  When we get there, we find out that the owner would be giving us the lessons, and that owner was Corky Ballas – who apparently was on Dancing with the Stars this season.  Sweet!  We were a little stumbly at first (and yeah, I haven’t spent much time in heels for quite a while since I ramped up my running) but it all came back to us and by the end of the 45 mins we were able to complete the little routine a few times and I only had 2 toes stepped on as casualties!  We even got invited back for a special performance in a few weeks (though it’s doubtful we will make it).

After that, we headed to the bar for some pre-dinner drinks.  The place was super fancy and focused on sustainable, local food (which was cool).  We had a few cocktails and decided to snag an order of hummus.  It ended up being so freaking tasty and filling that we had a few more drinks and split a chicken pesto flatbread appetizer instead of foods.  The bartenders were super busy and it looked like the were way understaffed, but as the night went on and it got a little less crazy they were pretty cool.  Since the place had wifi we um… watched Olympic videos on youtube.  Because we’re huge nerds and CAN’T FREAKING WAIT for August.  The bar closed around 12:30, so we took our last drink and headed up to the terrace lounge.  While it was tempting to order their 24 hour bottle o champagne room service, we were strong and headed to bed instead.

Day 2 was a major milestone as I slept in until 10am.  Crazy.  No matter what I’ve gotten up to the night before nowadays, I’m up at 9 or earlier.  I credit the super comfy bed and dark curtains.  I woke up feeling pretty awesome, and it was time to head back into the sun for some pool and reading time.  We ordered a chicken caesar salad to split for lunch, and to be honest… notsogood.  We nommed on some jerky and nuts we brought from home to fill the void, and at 2pm we headed to the spa for our couples massage.  Oh, I had been looking forward to this since we booked it.  We got changed into robes, relaxed in the relaxation room, then got to go back to get worked on.  Of course, I picked Deep Tissue because I like the abuse.  Dude knew what he was doing.  He spent a long time on my neck and shoulders, probably 10 mins just kneading my back, and also did my extremities.  My legs are EXTREMELY ticklish and dude barely triggered my giggle reflex.  So, so good.

We hit the sauna after and then showered and headed out to late late lunch around 5.  So, dinner really.  We decided on Tex Mex simply due to the virtue of the fact that they would bring us chips and salsa right away and we were HUNGRY!  The first place was a bust (it ended up just being a burrito shop, and not what we were in the mood for), and then saw a listing for a place called Alamo Tortilla Factory, and heralded their amazing tortillas and queso.  Sold!  It may just have been our hungries, but their food was totally excellent.  I always covet veggie fajitas but need some meat in there – they had a chicken and veggie fajita platter.  It was the balance to the fact that we had taken down a boatload of chips and queso.  After gorging ourselves, we needed to settle our tummies, so we headed to the grocery store.  We picked up breakfast for the morning (fruit and yogurt for me, donuts for Zliten), sandwiches to eat later, and most importantly, some wine and beer to take to the pool.  We spent about 30 bucks on the booze, plus coolers/transport, and since beer/wine was 5$ per glass, I think we scored.

We spent the rest of the evening, from about 7pm on, feet in the water, reading our respective books, lounging either in a cushy cabana or nearer the pool, taking a few dips to cool off.   The pool lights were amazing – in the waterfalls and the fountains and even just in the pool, they changed from green to blue to purple to pink and back.  It was truly a wonderful, relaxing night.  When they kicked us out around 11, we headed back up to the lounge area and I read on the lounger until I started going cross eyed drinking from my “baba” (my insulated plastic bottle my wine was in), and headed up to the room and drifted off to sleep.

This morning, I slept in until 10:30.  Bliss.  I was so ingrained in my book  I woke up and immediately fixed myself my yogurt and fruit breakfast, decaf coffee (a huge treat for me), and read for 2 hours.  We felt a little slothy, so around 1, we found the weights room and did a nice 30 min lifting session.  It was a nice facility and cold and it felt wonderful.  We took a look at the indoor pool and it looked amazing for lap swimming, but decided instead on a nice 40 minute leisurely swim outside.  Zliten always has to drag me out of the water and today was no exception.  We took the quickest showers ever, got our bags downstairs and into the car, and left our happy weekend getaway weekend feeling super destressed and happy.

The trip home was uneventful, we grabbed lunch at Red Robin (again, it was 4pm lunch time so I went crazy and got a cheeseburger and fries and ate it ALL), ran a few errands when we got into town, and got home in time to feed the pets, do some laundry, and chill on the couch.  Best Memorial Day Weekend Vacay Ever.

Other things that happened this week:

-I started tracking again this week and trying to make a serious dent in the extra fluff.  I’m not entirely sure what damage vacation did, but I did pretty good last week.  Each weight I took was in the 179s, and 178-something on Saturday after the run (even after re-hydrating).  That’s better than it has been.  Even though the first day I was trying to be good my loving husband brought this into my office.  Sigh.

-Two favorite things foodwise this week: cilantro lime shrimp from Costco and vanilla maple Arctic Zero (the 150 calories per pint frozen desert).  The shrimp was an awesome, ez meal for a few days and snacks (and would have been a few more if we didn’t leave town), in tacos, on salad, with homemade cocktail sauce as a snack.  I will get them again when I’m in the mood for a shrimp fest.  The Arctic Zero – the other flavors range from ok to pretty yummy, and this one is AWESOME.  Its the creamiest and it tastes like pancakes.  Nomnomnom!

-The video game studio across the street laid off a bunch of their staff, and a day later, two huge studios shut down.  There are a lot of folks looking for work right now.  I feel bad for ’em, and very very happy to have a job, which seems to be pretty stead, which I enjoy.  The early part of the week was frustrating for me due to some folks and I not seeing eye to eye, but I’m just very appreciative of being gainfully employees right now.  Perspective, I has it.

-Last weeks workouts: Monday – 30 mins weights at the gym, 30 min swim after work, Tuesday – long trainer (27.25 miles in 1:34) ride before work, Wednesday – morning weights at home, evening triple brick (15 mins on the trainer at about 20mph, run 1 mile fast ~9 off the bike, repeat 3 times), Thursday – OFF (oops – tiiiiired), Friday – off (oops – was going to make up Thursday’s workout but work got in the way), Saturday – 10 miserable miles in 2:02, 1 hour dance lesson, Sunday – OFF.

This week I’m playing it by ear a bit, my back feels a little tweaked for various reasons, so it may be a run tomorrow, may be a trainer ride, and we’ll see what happens from there.  The goal this weekend is to do ~3-4 hours of swim/bike/run goodness at the lake, and I think the ratio will depend on what we get in during the week.  For now though – it’s bedtime for bonzo, and time to finish my darn book.

No more swanky vacations until August, however, we are going camping soon, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.  Question of the week: what’s your next vacation planned.  If you don’t have one planned, where would you LIKE to go?


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  2. Miz

    how did you know I have none planned?! 🙂
    Ill take Lake Austin Spa FTW!!

    • Quix

      That sounds awesome. Sleeping in both days (and actually today too – I will do a PM workout instead, oops) was soul soothing…

  3. “we slept in and didn’t get going until about 9:40” …not 9:30. Not 10am. At 9:40. LOL!

    your feet look happy. that’s a good thang. xo

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