As you embark on your quest to reuinite the gang and solve a mystery, you ask Scraggy more about the other members.  They all sound like a fairly self-centered bunch, and after considering the options, you decide go incredibly literal.  Maybe Delphne went to a planet that sounded almost like her name?

As you saunter down the loading ramp, you see a cute, but nerdy girl in an orange turtleneck looking for her glasses, which are just out of her reach.  You start towards her to help, but Scooly pushes past you and licks her face repeatedly.

Scraggy shouts, “Jinkies!  It’s Vlema!”

Vlema.  On Daphne?  This is weirdly unexpected.  

Vlema finally finds her glasses and puts them on her face.  “Zoinks, it’s you, Scooly.  And Scraggy!  And… you’ve made a friend!”

“So, Vlema, have you had any more luck finding Frank and Delphne than your glasses?” Scraggy quipps.

She shrugs.  “Jeepers, no.  I figured this would be a slam-dunk, being that it’s almost her name, but Frank’s the freaky narcissist, not her.  I had another idea though… I hear that there’s a space tale about where men and women go when they fight, but geez, I can’t remember what it is.”

Do YOU remember?  Maybe that’s the next key…