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Lake Pflugerville Tri – I Participated!

My goal for Lake Pflugerville Tri was to participate, not race.

Even ignoring the fact that I’m far off my form already, I was just two weeks out of Covid fun. I’m going to actually keep this kinda short and sweet because there’s not a TON to say beyond the fact that I swam, biked, and run. However, I do like returning to these race recaps to remember the day, so I’ll commit a few more words to commemorate the fact that I did not indeed die, though my heart rate monitor might have disagreed with that statement on the run.

Pre race:

It’s both weird and oddly normal to wake up at zero dark thirty for a race. We slept pretty well, went through the normal coffee water english muffin try to poop three times rigamarole and arrived at the race venue in time to get good parking. It was open racking, so we set up our transitions together and did the normal puttering around one does before the start of a triathlon, including trying to poop three MORE times.


I rarely get into the water for shorter than a 20-minute swim these days, and I haven’t raced a sprint triathlon in three years. It felt short AF. Like, where was the rest of it? My garmin clocked it a little short at about 465m, but it felt shorter than that. I found feet, I tried to stay on them until they slowed down and did that again and again. My goal was to stay at a very comfortable pace slightly above paddling and I feel like I accomplished that, and in decent time as well. I’m more than happy with about 11 minutes for the swim leg, especially because that includes a beach start.


Holy long transitions batman! We had to walk our bikes out of the corral area, along the trail, out the driveway, and almost to the street before mounting. I understand not riding on the trail (it’s narrow and full of pedestrians) but not sure why I’m walking a bike on asphalt. 😛 I didn’t even bother running, I didn’t want to anger the Cranky Heel. It took 4:20 to complete my transition and lengthy promenade to the mount line.


I got going, sucked down a gel, and hooo boy, my legs just wanted to get after it. I toyed with riding my road bike to make it impossible for me to race, but I nixed that when I realized how much longer it would take me to complete 14 miles at the same effort. So, it was a constant fight where I’d start pushing hard because that’s what I do on the bike and it felt good, and then pulling back the effort because that’s not what I was doing that day.

Besides that tug of war between my id and my superego, and the fact that Lake Pflugerville streets are in pretty crap condition with all the construction (it was a constant game of “don’t find the cracks”), the bike ride was pretty unmemorable – which is great! I ended the ride at 18.1 mph. The last two races here have been closer to 20 mph but considering I’m lugging around an extra 15-20 lbs and my training has included getting on a bike and riding it at whatever pace I feel like, I’m super pleased with this.


Another very long promenade back to the racks going clack clack clack in bike shoes. I’m not sure what took so much longer than T1, except perhaps I was procrastinating the run, but it cost me a cool 5 minutes and 20 seconds.


Running and I are at odds lately. For all the reasons I’ve already mentioned, I knew this one would be a shit show. I headed out to circumnavigate the lake and a few minutes in, I was like, why is this so hard? I looked down at my watch and my heart rate was 197. Ok, that’s why. My heart is about to explode. Let’s have a bit of a walk, shall we?

I figured shoving my heart rate into the 190s and keeping it there for half an hour would be a recipe for disaster, so I did a run/walk cycle. I ran for a 100 count and then walked for a 20 count, which served to keep my heart rate between about 165-185, which was an improvement from before. I also don’t have a ton of memorable moments on this run. While both the swim and the bike felt too short, this run couldn’t be over quickly enough.

Even with the walking, I was still able to maintain about a 12:30 min/mile (36:36 total), which is by far my worst showing ever at this race (who needs walk breaks in a 5k? I guess me…), but completely expected for where I’m at right now. I had prepped myself for possibly having to walk the entire run and I didn’t have to do that.

I am pretty sure my 1:42 and change is a personal worst for me here by a minute or two, but it’s better than I expected.

After one last post-race treat of In N Out Burger, it’s now time to concentrate on weight (lifting it and losing it). I’m ready!

Ruminating my noodles

I miss writing.

Thankfully I don’t have to miss swimming anymore, can go whenever I want now!

Not just “journaling” like I’ve done as of late (I did this and now I want to do this next), but using my words to dance about a subject, exploring an emotion or three, splaying the contents of my noggin’ on the page for analysis, and coming to the other side of the exercise with some deeper understanding of what it is to be this particular human.

As you can see, I’m rusty at it (hi2u one run on sentence paragraphs), but I’m going to give it a go.

In 2018, at some point, there lit a fire inside of me. It hungered. It wanted to be more, better, faster, stronger, more powerful, more capable, more everything. I’ve always been competitive, but something about that year just took things to the next level. I found opportunities to practice confidence and courage in all facets of life over the coming years. Driven was an understatement. I didn’t just want to play. I wanted to WIN, even if there wasn’t really a win condition.

And sometimes, I did win!

I wouldn’t change that time of fire for anything in the world. I have made vertical leaps and bounds career-wise. I went gone from “someday it would be cool to place at races” to “this race sucked, I only got fourth”. I’ve packed so much useful knowledge in my brain the last few years, personally and professionally, and I fully believe I’ve become a better human. I’ve added a ton of hobbies to my overflowing arsenal of interesting ways to spend my free time that make me happy, some that really intimidated me before (painting, guitar). I became a human that was good at more things, which is something I truly enjoy.

However, this had a side effect I wasn’t too fond of. Before 2018, I would have self-described as a very calm, relaxed person. Yeah, sure, I’ve always been type A all the way, but I knew how to shut it off. For some reason, the switch just broke that year, and my brain just. wouldn’t. stop. I went from sleeping like a baby to often waking up in the middle of the night working through problems, hatching plots and schemes, and otherwise ruminating on my noodles.

It me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not laying awake just worrying about things, and I absolutely LOVE working through problems. It’s, like, what I do. Sometimes I’ve come up with ingenious solutions to what’s troubling me (I tend to put together VERY successful 2am notes and pitches). However, sometimes it just wastes hours I should be sleeping instead exploring every facet of a problem that ends up either being stupid simple or just going away. Either way, it’s not helpful to not be able to switch it off and relax when I want.

For some reason, this two-week vacation and then Covid experience has been enough time at lower mental taxation and then capacity – I think I’ve found the off switch again.

When I was away, the business continued to operate, and actually operated just fine without me. I’ve now given away the last extra hat I was wearing (user acquisition) to someone experienced and capable at it. I have the team and support structure in place where I could in theory go do something else for a while and the world would keep spinning. That’s a huge relief.

Pretty nice to be able to go somewhere like here and have backup so you don’t have to work from somewhere like here.

And it’s just in time. I’m on the precipice, should all the dominos fall as I predict, of taking the next leap career-wise, and the first that I won’t really immediately be thinking “what’s next” and working toward that. Maybe that’s part of the hunger quieting – it’s professionally satiated for a while. I will always be striving to be better, but once you hit a rung on the ladder you’re happy with, maybe it’s okay to hang out there and just enjoy the view for a moment.

Really focusing on work for the last 3 years has been incredibly gratifying, but it also created some chaos elsewhere in life. From the day we were sent home on March 13th, 2020, until January 2022, I gained about 25 lbs. I abandoned my writing projects first because “the muse left me” and then because I was so sick of typing all day in the new WFH scenario, I couldn’t imagine writing to be relaxing. My command of words has suffered greatly. I can’t really make them be gooder like I used to. For a long time, until I could put races back on the schedule, just didn’t do anything sporty, choosing to spend the time working instead. Beyond just the weight gain, I went from being ready to complete an Ironman to just barely limping through races since then, and tripping over a back then a heel injury, the latter of which I’m still trying figure out.

So, maybe the fire just went out because it finally expended all the fuel. I kinda feel it. I can’t even imagine the headspace to dig into the floor of my pain cave anymore and go HURT like I used to on the race course. I keep putting off things like speedwork, and FTP tests, and anything that isn’t just completing some miles or time, and I think I’ve expended all that mental energy elsewhere, and I don’t have an infinite well of “give a shit”. It’s a little disconcerting to feel content, simply because I just… haven’t much in the last few years, and maybe it’s just some level of mental exhaustion driving me there. However, even if it’s some false BS hiding underneath the emotion, I’ll take content. I need the break from being megamaniacial me for a minute.

Another possibility – I’m finally back on the downswing here. And we’ve established that I am a vain human who, for better or for worse, needs to be reasonably happy with her appearance to be the best version of herself.

Like, a really nice downswing, see? We’re at the point where my body looks and feels a little different and that’s nice, just in time to be living in about 6 different rotating swimsuits that fit a little bit better than they did when I went on vacation a month ago.

All of this progress is made in the kitchen, or more accurately, staying the hell out of the kitchen more often. Most days I’m eating about 1300 calories and that’s plenty. Besides ordering pizza one day when we were sick, I haven’t eaten any takeout until this weekend (and I was reasonably responsible with it). I’ve been drinking less alcohol. I’ve been getting full nights of sleep, averaging over 8 hours/night. Being sick broke some bad habits and I’m reaping the benefits now.

I made good on some of my activity goals last week, and not on others. I’m okay with this.

Ignore the 3 bikes on Sunday, none of which were right. I went 10 miles. 😛

I did something every day last week, though it was not always 30 minutes. I did not resume strength training until today. I almost grabbed the weights after my bike on Monday last week and decided against it, giving myself a little bit of time to recover after the workout. In that short time some unknown evil force tweaked my shoulder (getting old sucks!) and it hurt for days. Ah well, I shall resume this week, doing a little something every day.

I’m still in the phase where the doctor doesn’t recommend intense exercise. The last day of that ends on Sunday, which also is Lake Pflugerville Triathlon, for which I am slightly more ready than I expected if yesterday’s workout can be believed. I can definitely swim for 15 minutes. I’ll take a lovely, relaxed tour of country roads for 14 miles on the bike. Then, I’ll finish up the morning with however long it takes to amble around the lake in some combination of walking and running. I fully expect a personal worst and will be happy just to play triathlon and see some friends.

Can almost guarantee this won’t be happening unless everyone is out of shape as I am.

And that will be it for a while. I’ll spend 30 minutes moving my body each day, picking up and putting down heavy things at least three times per week, and keeping the calories in check. Hopefully it can continue to be just that simple. I don’t really need the fire and the flames alight for my goals this year, just calm patience and persistence, and perhaps yet again I know this subconsciously, and I’m becoming the human I need to be to achieve what I want to achieve.

Grandeur, Back2Back

My parents love to go on cruises. Like, a lot of cruises.

We do not hate them either…

They love the ships, the food, the entertainment, but they do not care about the ports in the slightest. So, they’ve occasionally just gone on back-to-back shorter cruises if it’s worked out for them schedule/pricewise even if they just visit the same places twice. They asked us if we wanted to go on a back-to-back as the family vacation this year, so we set sail on the Grandeur of the Seas twice last month!

If you’ve been around here, you may have read a few cruise recaps since it’s the family vacation of choice, so I’ll stick to the interesting and unique stuff about this particular jaunt to Mexico and then Mexico again.

The top is deck 10. Many ships, there’s a deck 14, 15, or even 16!

The Grandeur of the Seas is a VERY SMALL ship in comparison to most sailing these days. I do love the big floating cities with 20 different restaurants and 30 different bars and 15 different entertainment venues, but it was also nice to have some simplicity. You could obtain food in the buffet, the poolside grill, and the dining room. There were 6 bars open on the whole ship and probably about that many entertainment venues. It removed a lot of the decision fatigue. If you were hungry at noon, there were two choices (buffet or dining room).

Since we had more sea days than port days, we settled into our normal cruise rhythm. Right around sunrise, I’d wander out of bed and take some pictures from the balcony, then crawl back into bed and read/sleep until Joel was up too. Then, we’d head to the gym most mornings to do 30+min cardio and some lifting/stretching. It was a point of pride for us that we hit the gym every single day that we weren’t in port. It may sound laaaaaame, but we really do enjoy working out, especially when we’re not rushed.

A typical plate of lunch nonsense

I aimed to skip most breakfasts, occasionally I’d snack on something and Joel would grab a small plate of eggs. That typically meant that we were ready for lunch right when the buffet opened, so we’d meet my parents and partake of whatever goodness was there. I kept with my plan and started with a salad and then had no more than another plate of food. Wasn’t always the healthiest (e.g. one day that was nachos) but it kept the portions in check.

There was no card room, so we ended up playing in the solarium (adults only enclosed pool area) instead. I *LOVED* this because it wasn’t cold, it was right next to the drink station so I could stay full of tea, coffee, or water without having to go on shipboard adventures to do so, and I got to be outside instead of in an interior room with no windows. It was right next to the cafe that was open afternoons, and that meant an OCCASIONAL snack, but I resisted most days.

Sometimes, there’d be a nap or extra reading time in there, and sometimes when the clock hit 7 we’d go see the nightly show, but we played A LOT of cards – 14 games total over 9 days.

Hello lover

We opted for late dinner, which meant we ate at 8pm and with multiple courses, finished around 930-10pm. Again, my goal was to splurge here only when it was worth it. I mostly avoided fried foods unless it sounded OMG AMAZING MUST HAVE, stopped eating when I felt super full, and split desserts with Joel every night. I did fall in love with their French Onion soup and ended up with that and shrimp cocktail for many appetizers. Their simple chicken plate was actually REALLY good, and after a conversation with the Maitre-D about Indian food, we had a stretch of three nights where they made us tiki masala and magic wings off the menu (some of the best I’ve had!).

Occasionally, a beverage or two before dinner but always early to bed

With earlier wakeups and late dinner, we didn’t make it out to do anything after dinner during the whole cruise. I think we may have finished some of a bottle of wine on the balcony whilst reading ONCE, but typically we just crashed into bed with our books and fell asleep digesting. After talking with the fam, we all felt pretty gross eating so much so late, so we’re going to try early dinner again next cruise.

There were four breaks in the sea day routine – Costa Maya (Friday), Cozumel (Saturday), disembarkation/embarkation day (Monday), and Cozumel redux (Wednesday).

Costa Maya was a bit of a bust (well, as much of a “bust” as it can be with views like that). The seas were too rough to do the dive, and since we didn’t book our excursion through the ship, we didn’t find out until we got there. They did offer a snorkeling trip in a little protected cove area for really cheap, and since going in the ocean is always > not going in the ocean, we signed up.

The trip was not the best snorkeling of our life. It featured poor visibility, fighting strong current the entire time, and since we had to wear life jackets (for damn good reasons), there was no swimming down to get pictures. However, we did get to see two eels fighting and the bigger one devour the smaller one, so that was something, even if photographic evidence was pretty spotty.

Maybe I’ll be able to clean it up in the editing software but not that much…

With a storm rolling in, we weren’t too sure about our diving prospects in Cozumel the next day either. There wasn’t enough interest to do the official ship dive (it was mostly college kids), so we were on our own. We called our favorite dive shop in the morning as soon as we docked and they said dives were happening, so back to Dive Paradise in the Hotel Cozumel resort we went!

Right before they took it down due to winds…

We got two solid back-to-back morning dives in, though we both felt like we were swimming in place against the current at times. When we surfaced, the yellow flag on the shore had been replaced with the red flag, so the port was closed and no more dives were allowed for the day. Before we noticed the chane, we were debating between Dive #3 and a cerveza, and that made the decision super easy!

Was fun to see the ship super empty but also a trip how quickly they turn things around. Cruise #1 ended around 9am, Cruise #2 had people on board by 11am!

I wasn’t sure how it would feel to go on two back-to-back cruises instead of one single longer one. In some cases, it was a bit of a hassle – we didn’t get the same room for the second cruise so we had to pack and unpack twice. We still had to be up and out of our room by 8am. We had to do a very quick walk through customs and registration again, but we were one of 30 people instead of one of thousands, so it went super quick. Besides all that, it was kinda neat. We got to see two different groups of people enjoying the ship and each had a different vibe. We got two different “first days” of the cruise and the first last day didn’t count at all. Going to Cozumel twice in one week was sort of novel as well.

Speaking of, we had much better weather on the second outing, and two more phenomenal dives. Since we’ve been back to Hotel Cozumel and Dive Paradise so many times in the last four years, that resort just kinda feels like home away from home now. We did regret missing out on the beautiful blue open water you only experience from a boat dive, but there’s just so much to see right off the shore and tanks only cost 12$ each.

Disembarkation was so quick with such a small ship (we took our time and were some of the last people off the ship around 9am and were driving home about 9:30am). Our only inconvenience was a flat tire in Houston, but we were able to spend an extra hour reading our books on the side of the road and then roadside assistance fixed us right up.

How Friday started vs how it ended

After 9 days, we were ready for own bed, our own food, to set up the pool, and apparently for all of us… to get sick. I did see it coming. Masks were optional, which meant that Joel and I were one of maybe ten people on the whole ship besides the crew that were wearing them, and we didn’t wear them while working out. The buffet was self-service, with plenty of finger food, so pretty much if anyone had Covid on that ship, it was spreading. I’d prefer not to repeat the experience next time we travel, so we’ll have to think on how we can be more careful.

14 Days Later

Sometimes you make plans and the universe laughs at them.

Spending most of my days like this lately, could be worse.

Just ONE day after laying out this plan, Joel started feeling awful. The next day, my father tested positive for Covid, and the day after, so did my husband. While I tested negative at first and did everything I could not to get it (wearing masks in the house, sleeping in separate bedrooms), it wasn’t to be and on Wednesday night I got a scratchy throat and by Thursday afternoon I was just laid out sick.

Up until last Thursday, I was following my plan nicely, but after that, it’s been a goose egg, and that’s intentional.

Last Thursday and Friday, I really just felt low energy and brain-foggy to go along with my scratchy throat and decided to go to the doctor to ask about any options, and also to get a test for sure. She talked with me about the possibility of doing some medication and also an antibody infusion because I asked about them, but then didn’t recommend them for me (unknown side effects for likely no benefit for the former, and my risk factors were so low it was unlikely I’d get the latter). She sent me home with orders not to exercise for 10 days (and no intense exercise for 14 days after that), advice to take a multi w/zinc, 1000 IU Vitamin D, and 500 mg Vitamin C 3xday. She offered a prescription cough medicine, which I declined, as Nyquil has never not done its thing for me.

My goal was to aggressively rest/sleep through the weekend to get healthy as quick as possible, but my plans were foiled by a VERY painful sore throat to the point where I had no voice. I couldn’t sleep unless I was sitting up or – this is lovely – the snot would run down the back of my throat and make it feel like knives were stabbing me, so I was napping in 15–30-minute segments which is OBVIOUSLY not optimal for recovery. Or anything, really. NOTE TO SELF: always get the dang cough medicine, even if you don’t use it.

Was SO jealous of my lizard’s sleeping capabilities last weekend

We called back on Monday and got that rectified, it cost me all of 2.01$ to fulfill. I “went” to work that day (in my home office) and told everyone I had no voice and I was going to push off most meetings, which actually afforded me a nice quiet day to get some stuff done. I had no intention on staying the whole day, but I felt good, and it was actually relaxing to dig into work and put together a plan. I approached every day last week the same way, ready to bounce out if I felt bad, but I never did.

However, the brain fog was REAL. The lack of sleep inflated the problem, sure, but this was… bad. I had no choice but to play my league Bloodbowl game last Sunday and it was like swimming through mental soup to try and figure out how to even move the pieces on the board let alone strategize. I don’t lose very often these days, and certainly don’t lose 4-1. Monday, I found that if I could focus on ONE thing, I was awesome. The minute something else appeared in my viewfinder… first thing goes *POOF*. I am typically excellent at keeping a multitude of plates spinning. Early last week, I’d start spinning one plate, and then when I had to spin the next one, the first one just didn’t exist anymore. I was an interesting conversation partner, easily distractable, but hopefully at least amusing at my most “Squirrel” times. It all got a bit better later in the week but I’m still not feeling quite as sharp as normal.

It hasn’t been all bad though. First of all, I wasn’t able to eat much with the sore throat and was DEFINITELY not drinking during this escapade. Even now, I have very little appetite (because I’m not really doing anything) so the June trend line is looking… a verra nice.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png

Second slice of happiness: it’s been an excuse to slow the eff down. For the last week, we’ve been in the pool every day and started walks again on Wednesday – extra vitamin D to hopefully shorten our convalescence. Without the ability to be quite as megamanaical in all facets of life, I’ve just kind of given myself permission to do a little less this month, and that feels nice. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE doing a lot, but it’s a refreshing break to be okay with less for just a little while.

Lesson learned: anything can be pool food if you try hard enough. I present to you: pool chili!

So, today we are set to test again later today and that will determine how we proceed into next week. If’n we’re negative and resume all plans as schedule, it’s a busy one. We’ve got chiropractor and massage appointments and want to go back to the office and play in our D&D game and we’re hosting a family gathering on Saturday and we’re itching to get back to the gym and strength training with the trainer. If’n we’re still positive, then almost all of that drops off and life waits one more week. Whew, after listing all of that out… not sure which result I’m rooting for (obviously negative as I’d like to have the choice, but still…).

No matter what, the ten-day exercise ban ends tomorrow, and I’m ready for it. I aim not to overdo it, but I’m ready to get back on the bike (inside, at low intensity), continue walking, and make some use of the swim treadmill on the lower settings for short segments. I’m ready to get back to at least 3xweekly weights sessions even if I keep it a little light for the first week or two. I’ve spent so much time on the couch/in bed that I know my body could use some stretching so that will be on the plan next week fer shure.

More walks outside on tap next week looking at these beauties all around the neighborhood.

I’ve done a pretty bang-up job not eating like a complete jerk over this ordeal, and the goal will be to start tracking again tomorrow to keep it that way. I don’t want to starve myself because I’m still not 100%, but once I get back to normal daily life, I want to make sure that line keeps going the right direction as quickly as possible!

I’m incredibly happy that I was able to avoid Covid for about 2 1/2 years, and will continue to take precautions not to get it again as much as possible, but thankfully, my experience was mild. We’ll see what the long term effects are (fingers crossed for none!) but I’m thrilled to be over the hump of the sickness and on the mend. Now it’s my mission to NOT EFF IT UP.

88 days

Sometimes you know you need a vacation but gosh you don’t know HOW MUCH you needed a vacation until about halfway through.

#mfw I’ve been in the ocean for hours

10 days off – really and truly off – as in we didn’t even really talk or scheme much about work at all beyond poking our nose into work chat a few times to observe (and warm fuzzies about everyone handling things so well while we were out!). I feel like my patience and perspective have been restored. All the time away was very much needed, I had a great and relaxing time, and I actually worked on establishing some good habits including waking up REALLY early most days (6-7am), hitting the gym every day I wasn’t diving/snorkeling and doing strength and stretching sessions daily.

Soon, there will be a post about our vacation, but first I’d like to look beyond. #projectraceweight starts today. Yep, Saturday. This is how I roll.

I have had trouble prioritizing things over work lately. That is in and of itself a thing I need to work on, but for now, I’m just going to use it to my advantage instead of trying to fight against it. There’s a work thing that is more than tentatively planned for the end of August, which could mean meeting a lot of new people and likely some press/interviews. For many reasons – most importantly the confidence that looking my best gives me – there is now a work-related reason and a deadline for me to work on #projectraceweighttakefour

Also a chance to photograph something besides oceans, woods, and sunsets!

So, I’ve got 88 days. I’ve set a very ambitious goal of 20 lbs. This is a “shoot for the moon, end up among the stars” situation that I don’t expect to hit, but I’d like to approach. This is still a safe rate of loss for me (up to 2 lbs/week), though it’s aggressive. It’s up to my tolerance to push as hard as I can without cracking. Now that this is 100% my highest priority (ahead of training for races, even though I am still doing that), I shall pen a reminder to myself on what the next 88 days will entail:

#1 30 mins cardio per day (5-7 days a week)

The cruise proved to me that if I can wake up at sunrise and make time for (and actually super enjoy) 30 mins/day of cardio, there’s just no reason I can’t find 30 mins every day at home to move my arse. When this starts to sound hard, here’s a reminder to future me of all the things I can do to satisfy this goal without driving and/or leaving my neighborhood:

  • Swim treadmill in the backyard pool
  • Trainer ride indoors
  • Put on your shoes and run
  • Put on your shoes and walk
  • Walk to the gym and do a spin class
  • Walk to the gym and do the elliptical
  • Walk to the gym and run on the treadmill
  • Walk to the gym and swim in the crappy pool (and bring backup for something else if the lanes are taken)
  • Walk to the gym and use some other machine for ish and giggles (stairmaster? why not?)
Everything I need is right here. No excuses

This doesn’t even include riding my bike outdoors, swimming in the nicer pools or lake that are a short drive/bike ride away, or whatever other class/equipment options Lifetime fitness has. This here is my lazy list. I can be arsed to do one of these things for 30 mins a day. I *may* have some designs on using some of these sessions to get faster (let me whisper the word speedwork into the universe and see what happens), but the one and only REQUIREMENT is to do them.

#2 1-3x week trainer gym sessions (3x week lifting)

We paused our trainer sessions at the beginning of the year because vacation, then covid was rampant, then race training took precedence, then vacation again, and now FINALLY it’s time to get back to it. We’ll be going at least once a week starting next week, possibly more (depending on whether the sessions expire 1 year after we bought them, I am unclear on this), and aiming to lift whether it’s with our trainer or solo 3x week.

Back to doing this stuff on the regular

These strength sessions include, non-optionally, a stretch and roll. Stretching daily on vacation made my body feel so much better. It’s not hard, it’s just… haaaaaaaard to get myself to plop down on a mat after a long day instead of the couch. From my vacation-rested perspective, this sounds sooooo stupid. But I know how things feel when I’m knee deep in it. It would be neat to stretch daily, do some extra ab work on off days, and do other recovery things daily. However, at minimum, I lift, stretch, and roll 3x week.

So, if we’re at the gym lifting, absolutely no reason we shouldn’t just knock out the cardio at the same time if all we need is 30 extra minutes. This takes care of three sessions per week. Then I just need to figure out the other days. No problem, because I have my low-effort list above to reference. Worst case, just like the cruise, I alternate between the bike and the elliptical for a bit (just like on vacation).

#3 Food, and tracking it

Nothing revolutionary shall be said here, and if you’re getting sick of reading it, I’m getting sick of SAYING it. I just need to DO IT:

  • 4-5 days/week: 1200-1400 calories (1200+ a little bit more for exercise if needed)
  • 1-2 days/week: 1500 calories (a little bit more on days I exercise intensely or just feel extra hungry)
  • up to 1 day/week: up to 2000 calories (longer exercise/splurge day)

I’ll be tracking daily and aim that my weeks average out around 1400 cal/day.

Good thing the grill is going to get fired up more often for this sort of deliciousness

I’m not going to impose any other restrictions, but to keep myself sane/not hungry at this level, I need to employ all my dirty calorie-saving tricks like:

  • Eating spicy food usually satiates you for fewer calories
  • Abusing the hell out of salads full of veggies and lite italian dressing, vegetables, chicken broth, and pickles as very low calorie but super filling snacks
  • Being nitpicky about minor calorie additions (aka – my sandwich doesn’t neeeeed cheese or mayo, my salad doesn’t neeeeed croutons)
  • Lots of zero calorie tasty beverages like fizzy water, tea, and an occasional diet soda if I want something sweet with flavor.

I also need to remember that the next three months on the hunger scale, I should be aiming for a max of 5 out of 10 (no longer hungry) vs any level of feeling “full”, and that being hungry is not an emergency to be avoided at all costs, it’s totally natural. And yes, yes, I know complex carbs, green plants, and lean proteins will fill me up on fewer calories than simple carbs, processed foods, and fatty meats, so of course I’ll trend towards the former. But… not in any exclusionary way. Calorie count is king, diet quality is merely its squire.

#4 *Grumble grumble something something less alcohol grumble grumble*

‘Tis the last priority on the list, I’d rather clean up everything else about my diet before this, but I could probably do away with fewer empty calories that take the form of my favorite brown liquid-y relaxant, bourbon.

Up to 3 nights per week, when the mood strikes, I’ll have a few drinks. I’d like to cut that down to up to 2 nights per week as long as that doesn’t mean I increase the number of drinks I have on those days to balance the scales (cramming the “fun” into fewer days). I am lucky that even at 43, I can easily have some drinks a few times a week and still get up in the morning and get on with my triathlete and work life – it takes a LOT for me to have a hangover that impairs my daily functions. So, it’s rare that cutting down on it crosses my mind.

However, my tolerance also means I ingest a lot of empty calories without any sort of satiety or nutritional benefit. Also, let’s be real – while I can get by, I’m not at peak performance those mornings so maybe an extra day of being 100% raring to go per week will benefit me in other ways.

Here we begin yet again. 88 days for 20 lbs. Let’s do this thing once more with feeling, shall we?

I have done it before

It only made me go a LITTLE crazy

I didn’t (quite) kill anyone

But it definitely changed my headspace

So, once more, onto the breach, and let’s see how my life changes this time in the next three months.

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