In light of the lack of updates this week, it’s time for the contiguously challenged post topic of 5 Random Things!

1.  My parental units (hehe) are in town and staying with me, waiting to close on their house.  Friday’s the day, and then their stuff gets here 0-10 days after.  Our friend T mentioned to Zliten that my parents were staying with us for 3+2d6 (for non table-toppers, not that I’m really one but I understand dice rolls, that’s 3 + the total of 2 six sided dice).  I liked the sentiment!

2.  I have a lot of serious, in depth posts rattling around in my head, but I haven’t been able to unearth them completely from my brain.  So, while I’d like to discuss the psychology of games and why I really want to lose the vanity weight, my brain just isn’t ready to let go of them.  So maybe this will be a light week of posting.  And maybe by acknowledging that I am feeling blocked, my muse (not these guys, though I do like their epic, histrionic music style ) might come to light and I’ll write in SPITE of that.  Who knows?

3.  My dad cornered me last night and said that I looked really, really skinny.  In a good way.  From the guy who berated me in public in front of the family a few years ago, it was good… I dunno, not vengeance, not validation… I guess just nice to prove it to everyone I was not a lost cause physically.  I didn’t have to be the fat daughter or the fat girlfriend or the fat boss or the fat friend.  A lot to read into a literally 2 minute conversation, I guess.

4.  I finally read through all the xkcd archives.  Existentialism and math geekery at it’s finest.  I just want more!

5.  I did my first “official” timed 5k on the treadmill yesterday.  Official, meaning I was running for the distance as fast as I could.  I did 3.1 miles in 32:20.  It’s not great, but it’s a start.  My goal is under 30 mins.  Since I never run on the pavement, I think I’d be happy with 35 mins in a for real race.  I’d say I’d train on it so I could get better, but it just HURTS me bad the next day.  Since I already have legacy gymnastic ankle injuries, I sort of consider myself lucky to be able to run and don’t want to press my luck.  Maybe when I have a bit less to lug around?  Until then, I love me the treadmill!