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My Morning Routine

Today, I found myself wanting to blog, and started a pretty heavy, introspective thinky post.  I realized promptly after starting it that I have neither the mental capacity nor the time or attention to devote to it today.  Still, I want to write something!  Anything!  I still feel the need, desire, and drive to share a little piece of my grey matter with the internet.  So, on the prompting of livejournal’s topic starter for the day, let me share with you my morning routine.   Definitely ONLY weekdays, weekends are much lazier and longer.

7:20 am – My alarm goes off.  Note that I don’t say that I GET UP, because I 100% of the time snooze at least once (five times).  I’m not sure WHY the alarm goes off at that particular time, but it has since I started trying to get up earlier so there it stays.

7:40am (on a good day) to 8:30am (on a lazy day) – I actually get myself out of bed and plod to the other side of the master suite to the bathroom.  During the winter, I crank on the heater on a timer so I don’t freeze to death (our bathroom gets COLD).  I then do things in this exact order – I use the bathroom, wash my hands, brush my teeth***, put in my contacts if it’s a contacts day, weigh myself, and put on deoderant.  This takes approximately 10 minutes.  Note that I shower at night – I swear I’m not just a dirty, stinky hippie.

7:50am (let’s pretend it’s a good day): I turn on the TV which defaults to the 24 hour local news channel.  We got said TV on a super going out of business closing sale for way cheap, but since it was a floor model, it came to us sans remote.  We’ve never been able to get a remote that worked for it and it’s on top of a tall dresser, so now the step ladder lives next to the tv/dresser and I am just short enough that I have to climb it to turn the TV on (since the on button is on TOP of the TV).  Then, I go back to the bedroom to my side of the bed, on the floor, where I’ve laid out my clothes the night before.  If it’s cold, I do this right in front of the portable heater plugged in on the dresser.

7:55 (still a good day): I am no longer pajamafied or nekkid, so it’s time to apply plumage and sparkle.  I apply my lipstick first so it will dry (it’s one of those all day lasting types so it takes 2 mins to fully set), then pick a necklace, bracelet, and earrings for the day.  Then, most days I decide to not fuss much with the hair and just run a brush through it – but if I do anything with it, this is the time.  By now, my lipstick has set and I put the gloss on and spray myself down with body spray.  I actually have over 10 different little bottles right now of different scents (I love the variety packs) so I rotate them each day.  Then I kiss and hug my Zliten and head out of the sanctuary into the world.  By then, I have gotten a 10 minute cycle of news including weather, traffic, and some local flavor stories.

8am – I go to the coat and shoe closet and grab either a sweater or coat (or both, depending on the weather), gloves and a scarf if it’s cold, and the shoes for the day.  I own approximately 40 pairs of shoes – and I wear at least 50% of them regularly during their appropriate season.  I love shoes!  I also have way more coats than a person needs – over a dozen of different colors and weights (and we rarely get below freezing).  I love coats!  Then, as long as the outfit passes the full length mirror test (yes, I have gone back to change occasionally), it’s on to the kitchen.

8:05am – If it’s a gym day after work, I give a quick check to make sure my gym back is packed (I always do it the night before).  If not, I grab my other bag.  I throw in an oatmeal packet for breakfast at work and a piece of fruit for a late afternoon snack, make sure my phone is in my purse, and I’m out the door by 8:10.  If I’m out the door at 8:10, I’m at work and have my cup o tea by 8:2o.

If you can’t tell, I’m all about minimizing the morning routine – I’d rather spend the extra time in bed and do everything I can the night before.  The fluctuations in time are because my job allows us to start anytime between 8-10am, and work 8 hours after we get in.  While some days I do default closer to 10am, it is much nicer to be into work in the morning earlier, when it’s quiet, and out closer to 5 so I can get my workout on and get home to eat dinner at a reasonable hour.  Running also puts me to sleep earlier so it just works out well most weeks.

Wow, over 800 words on what I do in the morning… guess I did really feel like writing something.  Wanna share?  What’s your morning routine?

***EDIT: OMG, I realized you all must think I’m a dirty, stink-breathed hippie anyway because I forgot to note that I actually BRUSH MY TEETH.  Of all the things to omit…


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  1. Miz

    perfect post as I know at least *I* am always curious about how other people kick off their day.

    mine starts so slow but early…

  2. On getting to work earlier: I have found that I do my best work early in the morning, especially if few others are there yet. And regardless of what time I start working, I tend to lose steam around 4pm, so it’s best to get the work done early.

    Of course, I was raised on a farm, so rising/working early may have been conditioned into me from the start.

    Man, I’d love to be back on an early schedule. Tell my boss if you see him? 🙂

  3. Please do note that I brush my teeth in the morning! I swear! =) And glad it wasn’t a snoozer of a topic. Get it? Snoozer? Morning? Ah hahaha! (ok, I’m definitely not awake yet)

  4. Divinari

    I love the LOLCats for this post. 😀

    My morning routine? Pretty similar to yours. Wake up, possibly press snooze button any number of times, go to bathroom, start tea, weigh self, put on robe, pick out clothes, get tea, wash face, brush teeth, do hair (not much more than putting it up in a clip, usually), get dressed, finish any of the above that I forgot to do (takes me a while to really gain consciousness), sit down with Nic in the livingroom and finish my tea, grab lunch (and possibly breakfast) from the fridge then zip off to work.

    Not glamorous, but gets the job done. 😉

    I try to get out of bed between 6am-630am and out of the house by 7am-730am. Usually. 🙂

    I usually take a shower the night before, too. Otherwise my hair’s wet all day.

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