Well, race day is tomorrow and the nerves are definitely coming into play.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m stuck at work when I would like to be packing, yoga’ing, and sleeping more (I had a small bout of the wakeup-then-can’t-fall-back-asleep fun last night and netted about 5.5 hours of sleep).  So instead of doing, I’m just going to type.

Things I am worried about:

-I’ve never run 13.1 miles before.  It still trips me out that training for a long race, you don’t run the full distance until you get to the starting line.

-I’ve put in very few miles this week.  I know you’re not supposed to, but it just feels wrong.

-Running in the heat.  I’ve had some good runs lately, but I’ve also had some miserable runs where I felt like I was wading, not running.

-My toe and shoe situation.  Monday’s run, my toe started bleeding for no reason.  My newest and best shoes fit me *perfect* so there is no extra toe room, and when I put them on, they hurt walking around so I wore my old-expired shoes.  My options are a) wear the new ones I’ve been training in and deal with any possible pain b) wear the old ones and gamble on my toe feeling good but the rest of my foot possibly hurting because they’re so worn or c) going to buy a pair just like my new ones in a half size bigger, and risk racing on new shoes (these had literally NO break in period, they were comfy from day 1 but still – not something you do on race day).  I’m thinking a), but I’m hoping d) toesies are fine tomorrow!

-Getting there.  We’re heading down this afternoon to beat traffic and relax and swim in the pool and get a yummy dinner, but I’m not sure how to navigate to the course/shuttles/whatnot.

Things I am confident about:

-Minus the intentional omissions while in Vegas, I followed my training program pretty much to a T.  While it was my program I concocted, it was after researching a LOT online.  I’m ready for this.

-I feel healthy and ready to push myself.  I’m not feeling burnt, I’m not physically exhausted, though I am surprised that I still have mild muscle soreness today having only done about 9 miles, yoga up the wazoo, and no strength training.

-The forecast tomorrow in San Antonio is promising.  The race starts at 78 degrees at 8am (feeling like 83) and ends around 83 at 10am (feeling like 88) with 15 mph wind.  The last few weeks I’ve been training in somewhere between “feels like 90” and “is actually 90” weather, and we have been strangely un-windy here lately, so I’m excited.  It will feel like the middle of winter!

Now, also, since I can’t be packing, I’m going to pretend:

Normal overnight stuff bag with toiletries, shower stuff, pajamas, swimsuit, a change of comfy clothes for Saturday after the race, my slippers just in case my tootsies are shot after the race (thanks for the idea, DietGirl!), a change of going out clothes in case we decide to stay down there another night (probably won’t, but…) and camera.

Body pillow.  I want to sleep as comfortably as I can.

Towel for the car so I don’t sweat all over it on the way back if we leave immediately.

Laptop with Sims 3 and movies to watch in case everything on TV sucks.

Running bag with what I’m going to wear to race in (and maybe a backup), vasolene (my version of body glide), my camelback (just in case I find out the water stops aren’t as frequent as I’d like), shoe wallet and safety pins (gonna pin sport beans #1 to the inside of my skirt, sport beans #2 going in the shoe wallet), both pairs of shoes JUST IN CASE (god I hope I don’t have to use my old shoes), sunglasses, timing watch, zune (just in case, I might as well see if everyone is showing up with mp3 players and ignoring the no-headphone rule), sunscreen, breakfast (fruit and a zone bar), water bottle (lukewarm water will be better than nothing if needed) hair ties, and chapstick.

Yes, I travel light.  Sue me, I like to be prepared!  Now, to finish the rest of the morning at work, have some lunch, hit the store for aforementioned fruit and water, and get to packin’!  Soon, so very soon, I’ll have the 4th race picture to add to these 3!